Isiagu Brouhaha

Since Igbo men (supported by some women too ) on social media (Facebook especially) declared that Isiagu cloth is their sole cultural right to rock, Igbo women weh no get ear dedicated their existence into peppering them gahn🤣🤣

One of them pepperdem gang team member who happens to be a Facebook celebrity Eby Amanda Pius-Urum took to her wall recently to taunt them mercilessly and as usual they took the bait, came ranting and got taunted more by dem supporters club😩😂

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She posted with her pic attached


“The joy of wearing some Igbo men’s dignity in between your legs.

Ike Davies commented “Certain things are not meant for public stunt, it reveals so much about you”

Qt’omah Cindy replied him “E pain you” and Marian Mmili Onugbo Nwokolo schooled him “Certain public stunts don’t concern you. You are poke-nosing. You don’t dictate for a grown ass woman, what should be public in her life and what shouldn’t. It reveals so much about you.”

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Earl Vincent Emeka took a swipe at her “In between your legs holds your dignity too. So dignity covers dignity…

But what do I sabi?”

They kept it coming and got cajoled more and more

As for me I will keep chanting it just like Vivien Adaeze said, the real isiagu material is the one you get from the skin of a lion you slayed in the forest (we call akpukpo agu) so go into the forest, slay a lion, skin it, dry it and make your own original Isiagu and we promise not to ever near that one😂🤣

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Stop wailing all over the damn place saying Isiagu material is awa kooshur hence women shouldn’t be seen wearing it cause they will wear it the more and una go develop Bp on top o😏


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