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This people will not kee me on Facebook, any small thing na fight. Wetin kwoncern me kwanu, ayam enjoying every tiny weeny part of eet???

A Facebooker, Imoh David made a post yesterday, he wrote: “All men are not equal. All women are not equal.

All children are not equal.

In boxing, we have the light weight, middle weight and the heavyweight. They don’t carry a light weight boxer to fight a heavy weight match. Even in soccer we have under 21, under 17 and so on. Why?  Men are not equal.


Even in the military, one is a General, another is colonel, another Major and lieutenant. Because all men are not equal.


Buhari and Nnamdi KANU uttered words of similar proportional aggression. Even Asari Dokubo uttered same but he is good, but Nnamdi is in custody facing trial for treason, but Buhari is now a President. Why? Men are not equal.

President Buhari was sick, he was taken to London for treatment with tax payers money. You that think everyone is equal? How much has the government ever paid for your medical bill? Even ordinary panadol, have they dashed you? Now let your state governor say he has headache; I’m sure he’ll be treated like you.

Men have never been equals. Our IQ scores are dissimilar, our fingerprints are not the same, our mental and physical capabilities are not the same. Equality is a fantastic illusion. We humans know this; but we only want to recite erotic social flattery to ourselves. Poetry maybe good but in the end, it remains poetry. Reality will always wait you at home.

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All children are not the same. Akpabio’s Children can never be victims of money rituals and abduction, leave such sickness to the children of Mama Akpos and co. Equality ado okay!

Even in your Churches, one is called Bishop, the other deacon and in the end, one man takes all the offering home.

The justice system even mocks us further. Why should one person even deem it fit to judge people and sentence whoever they feel guilty for punishment? I thought we are all equals? To take the mockery further, they call one supreme Court judge, another magistrate court judge; are they all the same?

People are homeless in America but Trump and his family are on constant vacation. You think that is equality? You people make me laugh.

Visit Germany today, nobody hears it. Trump did and it was everywhere in the news.

Oyedepo slapped someone on camera and nothing happened; can you try it yourself and see what will happen?

Equality shege! Adiok ano equality! Equality idad!

Equality and yet you cannot make friends with everyone. Do you treat everyone the same? Do you value everyone the same?

Humans are jokes!

I’ll believe in equality the day Dangote will queue in the bank, Obama’s luggage gets checked and ransacked at the airport like every commercial passenger. All Muslims are equal but a Saudi Prince will never be embarrassed at the airport as a terror suspect. Equality is a joke! For now let me stick to the rumour called equity and fairness. You people can keep entertaining yourselves with the poetry called equality.”

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E be like somebody don vex am o, but that’s not even the koko sef. The koko na the comments weh follow im post??

Godswill Vesta Utong, a pro equality activist commented “I’m tempted to think this is sarcasm of some sort. But in the event that it isn’t, you have a weird conception of what equality is.


All you listed point to the fact that humans are not THE SAME. not that they’re NOT EQUAL. Different fingerprints for instance show that no two people are the same. It says nothing about equality.

I find it weird that you’d mention public service jobs as a symbol of superiority. ??. A magistrate court judge can become a Supreme Court judge, given enough time. Heck, you can become a Supreme Court judge, given enough time too… Anyone can be a president of a country. That exactly is what equality is. Anyone can become a General in the army.

You even betrayed your meaning when you said “All children are not the same”.

The same. Equal. Two different ideas. They don’t mean the same thing.

“I’ll believe in equality the day Dangote will queue in the bank” ?. You tie equality to very superficial things. It’s as hilarious as it is befuddling. Equality isn’t Dangote queueing in the bank. Equality is giving everyone an opportunity to be a Dangote… No. Equality is giving everybody an equal chance to make a name for themselves.”

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To this Kizito Chigozie Onyegbule, a feminist/equality activist replied “Kizito Chigozie  Onyegbule

It’s not sarcasm jare!

The ridiculousness of the position went through the roof.

He made a long post that was filled with elementary logic jumping.

Maybe we should refer him to Selah.

They’ll be happy together.”

Shioor! You sure say Kizito and Imoh no get beef before? Abi na the post just dey make an vex laik this?

And of course, Imoh wasn’t having any of that on his post so resorted “Kizito. It is okay to disagree with the subject. But if you ever try provoke me with personal insults I will show you in physical practice that I am not Olakunle Allison you people abuse. This is the last time I am warning you. Disagree with me, if you like, but if you ever make provocative passes at me again, I will deal brutally with you.”

I understand his anger biko, who go happy when dey liken am to Selah dude? Me go vex o (but e be like say this Imoh guy na Selah dude fan shaa???)

Anyways make dey keep throwing jabs at each other, my own na to buy Popcorn and Fanta siddon dey watch??

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