Leadership By Example

Oyibo dey call am “monkey see, monkey do. As Naija nor get time for long story, we dey call our own “copy-copy” and yes, we suppose sabi am because e dey our body.

Nah the same copy-copy wey make Lagos people begin feel say dem fit escape all their palava for inside lagoon we dey talk, but make we leave dat lagoon gist small for now.

As I begin watch politrickians for tee-vee since I dey for pikin; for my mind, na chair dem dey use win argument… anytime wen dem begin do argument for national assembly dat time, dem go begin fling chair. Infact, I feel say ‘Chairman’ na wetin dem dey call de person wey fit fling one chair make e hit plenty people one time.

Nor be say dem nor fit vex make dem shun o! infact, plenty of de time wen senators dey vex, you fit stand near am make you nor know, but dat one nah because say chair nor dey around am dat time. If you stand near any Nigerian leader wen dey vex for place wey hin hand fit reach chair, ya name nah sorry.

But our copy-copy yoots dey watch! I like Naija yoot because nothing wen our eyes nor dey see. Nah why if yoot vex dez days, dem too, go begin feel like to throw somtin.

Oya o!.. Idiat Babalola how market? So you feel say you go follow de experienced polithiefians to dey waka upandan abi? Dem go stand near chair, you go follow dem stand.

Yoot go stand near canopy, you go kuma follow stand. Yoot say make you shift, you no gree… you nor hear say person wen nor fit follow instruction nor go fit give command?

Governors wen done sabi de levels done select chairs wen dem wan give ‘close-marking’ you dey dia dey form slay-mama, dey look yinmu-yinmu!

I first wan pity de woman, but nah de same people wen she wan follow feel among by all means teach dez yoots how to throw tinz. De same yoot wen she wan represent as commissioner say dem nor want, madam just lockup.

Wetin dem nor tell madam nah say nah de same way wey “one go take pursue one hundred, make two pursue ten thousand”, na de same way wen one polithiefian go take throw one chair if e vex, nah de same way wen ten yoot go take throw canopy. Infact, dem go throw de chair wen una teach dem, throw canopy, plus stone, shoe, even orobo coke-bottle follow join body. If you think say na lie, go Katsina go ask Abu Ibrahim and him paddy Amiru Tukur.

Yes, copy-copy dey our body. Nah why dem say make leaders dey lead by example. As for any yoot wen wan carry copy-copy go lagoon for sake of say e nor wan pay money wen hin borrow, go ask Titi o! nah 500,000naira fine dey wait you fer dia, after pshckia test.

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