Let Me Open All For You

Remember Victor Daniel? The 5k cold stone ice cream guy? He don carry that Tosin Ayo’s comment Blessing reposted on her wall, go his wall o

He wrote “If I love you, I will ask for sex. Forget that “if he loves you he won’t ask to get into your pants” talk. I’m being honest as I can. I’m sexually active and one of the ways I express my deepest emotions is through sex. Love and sex is connected and if you love someone, you will be sexually attracted to the person. Before I start any relationship with a girl, I make sure to let her realise that I am sexually active and sometimes I may seek sexual relief from her.

Stop downplaying sex. The importance of sex to me cannot be overemphasised. I will not enter a relationship with a woman simply for the sex. No. But if I fall in love with you, I’m also going to establish a sexual intimacy with you.”

My fellow ndi uru (I no tell una I dey this team before? I dey this team o, make una carry una open heart close skirt dey go biko?) where concurring upandan (uwa mmebi.. chayee??)

Zachary Zacking Justin commented “If you don’t ask for sex, either she’ll see you as a “mugu” or she’ll seek it outside.

Let’s get real here please…”

Uahomo Victory concurred “Once I love you, I kon enter relationship.

Sexual intimacy is inevitable.

Forget all those orthodox talk.


Solomon Buchi Barthlomew a team OHCS (chill you go see the full meaning soon?) corrected Zacking “The comment above mine is wrong.

Some of us ain’t enthusiastic about premarital sex and there are women who want exactly same. And see us as men not mugu.”

Abdulslimzy Maiyaki commented “Come out and say you want sex… Stop posting sex sex sex and be turning everyone on unknowingly…

It’s not our fault that those girls around you couldn’t understand that you are sex addict..

Write something like this and send it as a broadcast message…

Biko,  we can’t come and kill ourselves for your sex life ?”

Victor replied him, “Come you need to get laid walahi”

Benny Umoren replied him “Trouble shooter but who will be in a relationship without sex abeg. Me will even suspect u o

Abdulslimzy Maiyaki go get laid u will be fine????”

And Abdul told her “Benny I have been there before…  A relationship without sex and it wasn’t as bad as everyone thinks” and when Benny resorted “U guys agreed from day one be that”, he told her “Not really… I was already into it when I realize she’s not a sex type…  Then I couldn’t back out because I love her and not even a sex could change a thing”


Chizoba Miracle Emenaha for the ‘open heart close skirt team’ commented “then you go and marry naaaa” Victor asked her “Because of what” and she replied “if you’re sexually active like that get a wife not a girlfriend” and Ezeada Ezenwa said “Konji is a silly reason to tie the bulk of your life to someone.” (Yasssss!?)

Another OHCS team member Ayanfe Adewura carry long epistle h-enter, she wrote “I don’t know if I want to deviate or I want to buttress. Lemme say or ask this

I think this sex of a thing has been overrated.. It’s scale and measure is of great magnitude, seriously.

Even when we want to form good people (boys and girls), that urge wouldn’t allow we youths of nowadays.

Personally, with talks I’ve heard, sex is a kain thing.

Even when there was no relationship or when there is actually, if sex is welcomed

The girl, lemme say female tends to suffer more. Simply because females by nature are emotion carriers.

In the same stance  few guys tend to understand this.

A lot of em guys, that moment, tend to loose it… Like, love is lust ??”

Blizzy Adegoke commented “Hummn.. Kk .. so if she doesnt agree to d sex part…wha happens?”

Victor replies “Simple. We remain just friends or we part ways.” And Blizzy asked him “Lol …and that’s supposed to b Love?” Victor resorted “Love alone cannot hold a relationship” fellow Onye uru Zachary Zacking  Justin replied Blizzy “We need oil to smoother the bits…

Call it OYEL in Igbo tongue lol”

Chi-Chi Mmuo commented “Na platonic level better pass oo. Who sex EPP?” and Victor replied her “Me”

Endurance Abuka commented “No sex before marriage simple ?” and Victor replied “Says a non virgin “(hmmm, oga how you take know biko) and when Endurance told him “ Don’t be so sure”, Victor swore “I’ll put my head on a gulletin and swear with my life on It”(eeh! U fit lose your head o). Endurance replied “Then be ready to lose your life?” and Onyeuru Folu Iyanu Segun volunteered to do the checking “I am volunteering my self on  behalf of all doubtful Thomas, to run the test.” (Lookat this one o, who no wan volunteer biko??) and Endurance informed him he has to come pay bride price fes??


Anyways, na una sabi. All man get wetin e want, so make we kuku find our kind and face our front. Case closed!?

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