Malaysian – Nigerian Abroadas

Its only Nigerian men that believe that there is nothing like Friends without benefit with the opposite sex.

It’s either they want to fuck you, or they want to fuck you!

Now, bear it in mind that I am almost generalising.
Yea, I am.
Bad as e be, comot 10%,the remaining 90% are savages looking for carcasses to devour.
They must want to have Sex with you, even if it is 1teaspoonful. Just that one , tiny little sex and they are very very okay.They will feel they have achieved something big and laudable.
A Nigerian man cannot give you money and not loud it that you ate his money.
Even if you eventually have sex with him, he will still feel that he has the utmost power!
“Yea, I gave her 1.2million and still fucked her sideways, Snake-in-monkey-shadow-ish,  clap for me, I am the man, add laurels to my wooden crown”
(oshey baddest, #yimu)
There is this story that went around on Facebook, about a guy, he stays abroad, he gave his fiancee, a girl of 21 whooping 1.2million naira for her upkeep and preparation for a traditional Nigerian introductory stage of marriage. The introduction was on 7th January 2017, then by 6th February, he was spilling her brown beans on her own Facebook handle.
Guess the part of the abroadian that he was coming from? MALAYSIA!
Thank you.
Number 1: The guy, owning from his Facebook profile that I peeked, he might be a graduate but he is still a first class illiterate and Buffon.
He logs into her Facebook account and starts publishing her inbox messages that he claims she exchanged with older sugar daddies, writing on her timeline that the girl is a whore. That she goes about, “chopping” guys money on Facebook. Whether she is a whore oo or a Highway prostitute, it’s not his business and his act of tarnishing her image online is not justified at all, his scraggly ass should be sued!
Hey, the girl didn’t put bomb to his head and forced him to send the money!
Now, back to Malaysian-Nigerian Abroadus Men! I am not understanding at all
I don’t know if its something in their air, land, water, veggies or stratosphere but honestly, they breathe differently in an irksome manner
They are always on the defensive side of the football pitch. Always ready to defend themselves and put it to you that they are coming from a good place and that they really worked hard for their money. Odiegwu!
Unfortunately, I have met some of them and it wasn’t a pleasant experience at all.
Like I said, only a few of them act normal which by the way I am still yet to meet.
Now, I solely think that the August guy is really pained that the girl dumped his sorry ass. From all the darling-darling pictures I was able to peek from his Facebook wall, it can be said that there was a time all was extremely blissful and going good for them. He should suck it all up, take a deep breathe, breathe out. and go get a solid LIFE!
This E-Money as he is called by his friend is  sour taste and dirge downgrade from the soft and calculated E-Money Okonkwo of 5star music that I know and have come to admire a lot more.  (smug face)
These our Malaysian-Nigerian Abroadas have an unhealthy obsession with making money and staying relevant. Which has lead to many rumoured stories that we have heard. We know what you go through
But, Biko take it easy
Uwa by ofu mbia (You Only Live Once)
Thank you!∂∂

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