Man insists on Sex as Wife Fasts and Prays | Story from Nnamdi Victor

Dear People of Nigeria, please come to my rescue. I honestly don’t know what to say again.
Some people, some where on face book are already Validating Rape again in the confinement of marriage. Hmm.. Na wa, the message was hosted by a popular founder of a SEX Group on Facebook ‘ILA OTU’ named Nnamdi Vitor hosted a true story of this incidence.

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Please what would you do if you were in this

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it reads;

“My wife is a member of Redeemed Christian Church of God. Their church is presently under 40 days Fasting and through out these
40 days, she won’t allow me to make love to her, I mean a woman I married with my hard earned money. Every year, she always do
this and I’m getting fed up with it. I’m not used to Cheating but as it stands now, I have no option than to cheat. We are
married for 2 years and this is the second year she is coming up with this fasting thing.
Ben, how can I handle this family issue ?” I need advice before I will request for hook up abi fuck Up.?”

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As for me, wallahi I don’t understand why woman will not give her husband pepperi because she is fasting and praying? On what basis
kwanu? Is it because the Bible says it or she is just holier than thou?

Okay before it will be like I am talking rubbish, let us see what other Nigerians are saying…

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Tell us what you feel on this also.




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