Married On Saturday, Complaining On Sunday

Una sabi de type of babe wen I wan talk about. Everybody sabi dem nah! Na dem dey upload selfie every Monday to Friday for Facebook and Instagram and if you show late, space no go kukuma dey make you fit to press ya own like join. Nor be doz yeye pikin wey dey call demself slay queen o!… de one wen I dey talk about na doz correct babez wey learn to pray for dia pap house, with beta home training but all dat one na before dem turn to internet celibirity.

If you like, post say ya office don hammer you award based on say you just find the melicin wen fit to cure cancer for dogs and pussycat body this early morning and na human being own remain for ya pocket! worse worse, ya mama and those ya cousins for village wey dey ask you for textbook money since last semester go press like for ya matter; but wait make these babes pose for one mirror inside the toilet for Eko hotel Ebelebe! 1 million likes! Na today?

The levels dey swell head sha, no be small. E no dey teh, dis our ogbonge babez go begin to feel say na them sabi man pass man. Them go look man-pikin wey dey hustle him own jejelly, come begin to yarn say man wey never buy jeep as e reach 25 years, dat one na man? some go say man suppose done build two-decking inside him papa yard for village before him clock 35 years others go come yarn say kpomo-men of nowadays no dey try oh! Na to dey like all my pishure for Instagram dem sabi, but their mate dey build estate for Iyana-paja.

Toh! E dey vex you? De last time when I check, melical students neva graduate by 25 years talk less of to buy jeep. Pilot wey dey fly for better airline no dey collect enough salary to build two-decking by 35 years. Accountant wey dey work for better bank still dey pay rent by 40 years, but wetin I sabi? Babez wan make we all begin do Yahoo-Yahoo, leave beta work and our guys wey dey try to make we country beta dey busy dey vex.

As for me, I go tell anybody wen wan hear true-talk say na dem sabi. Until de babe begin to tackle ya rent or de day wen one go donate 25 litre for ya generator ministiri, make e dey e own lane. I don go plenty wedding on Saturday go chop dis kain babez wedding rice for where dem dey marry yahoo-yahoo boys fresh from Malaysia; and I no dey miss am bikos, de early Sunday morning wen e go shele, dat rice dey give man-pikin power to separate fight.

Bobo wey comot Nigeria without safiticate by 23yrs, come show back with jeep by 25 years begin build two-decking for Ikeja by 28yrs don try. Wen dem go dey marry our good good rotten girls by 30 years, nah dat time dem dey try pass. Wen dem begin play the away match wen dem take hammer, na dat time dem try finish.

Bible wen talk for Zechariah 4:10 say make we nor vex to start life jejely no get sense? Dis Babez go see man wey dey face e hustle jejely, instead wen dem go face front, dem go wan fall him hand. Oya nah! You don pose from Monday to Friday, de kain man wey you dey find don show! Una don book this Saturday for una wedding wey go close de whole town abi? Una don cook rice? Bikos we dey come whack our own share Afterall, when ya Americana go use next Sunday to burst ya head, dat rice go help us come settle the matter. We wen nor build two-decking nor dey fear to enter centre of fight, so shaking nor dey! Even if ya oga; Mr. hammer, burst our head join as we dey form defender of the mumu babez, na only our mama and dos cousins wey no dey tire go notice us wen we pose for hospital mirror with our bandage; Pata pata 7 people go press like, we go come go give testimony for church.

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