Misis Chioma Powers

Ok, who else have noticed how people you call friends on social media, that can’t call you out to your face but will rather take you to their wall to be massacred and littered by their friends? 

All they need is to talk about you on their wall and fiam, their followers will take it up. Those that hate you for no reason, those that jealous you cause of reasons best known to them and those that….well just want to talk for talking sake

Agha Egwu did exactly this to Chioma Powers on thursday


Chioma Powers, A woman I respected so much and saw as a true feminist took a position on the Apostle Suleiman and Stephanie issue which I found rather disturbing.

She had listed 4 types of stereotypical people she felt was supporting Suleiman. I decided to respond because the unthinking support of Stephanie undermines the wider work and responsibility of apostle Suleiman in Southern Kaduna.

Until Chioma’s position on this issue expressed in her recent post, I have never associated her with talking arrant nonsense and tittle tattle – belittling gossip. In fact, I have always seen her as one of the great, truly feminist amazons on Facebook.

I do not fall into any of her 4 categories yet I wholly support Suleiman.

1. I am not a church goer. I have no religion.

2. I am not a perpetual Buhari hater and will not go against Buhari simply because it is anti-buhari. I was one of those that pushed for APC merger but rejected Buhari because he is an old General and an Islamist. I reject him for commonsense reasons.

3. I am not a chauvinist. I am quite pro-feminist.

4. I am not a married female with patriarchal mentality. There are many people like me who support Suleiman. People like Portia Emilia Anthony – a highly liberated, married woman who has no time for gossip.

This is why I support Suleiman. From the little I gathered by looking at the story of the woman Stephanie,  her story is totally irrelevant to me. I do not know if she is a bitch,  whore,  stripper or not. I don’t care one bit. I don’t also care if she is an angel. But the more she talks the more she sounds like a sexual fantasist. There was no crime. Just soft gossip and lascivious tales between two consenting adults. It is a PRIVATE matter. I am disappointed with Chioma, whom I have had so much respect for, that this is even an issue to her.

The Chioma Powers I had come to respect would have behaved like Portia Anthony who would have rejected this story and tawdry affair and dismissed it as irrelevant. It is not the business of a true feminist to engage in peddling rumour about sexual misdemeanours. A true feminist would not be engaged in this story at all. It does not do womanhood any good or bolster respect for women. But whichever way, it is irrelevant because it is a PRIVATE matter.

Did Pastor Suleiman have sex with this woman or not?  It is non of my business. Perhaps because I have no personal interest in religion it does not bug me whether a pastor is a dog in heat or not. From what I know of Christianity it is a matter for him, his God, his family and his congregation to whom he is a father.  End of matter. Any other person who is poking nose is an irresponsible, lascivious voyeur dedicated to gossip and tittle-tattle.

Let us understand this, Mandela, Martin Luther King and Gandhi were great men who fought against injustice but also had well-known affairs, yet it did not prevent them from achieving their great purpose on earth.  Martin Luther King was a pastor yet yielded to temptation.

What do I support in Suleiman. His outspoken defence of the Southern Kaduna killings. That is number one issue and number one priority and the only thing that should matter to any one who truly calls themselves a feminist and a humanist.

Besides the atrocious slaughter in Kaduna, a man and a woman’s peccadilloes, as a diversion from the real story of death and destruction is a cardinal sin?

If there was no other machinations behind it but just a woman feeling that she has to get something out of Suleiman, I will merely focus on Suleiman ‘s crusade against the Fulani fighters, the hordes of death in Southern Kaduna and leave tales of randy ladies and randy pastors where it belongs – firmly in the privacy box. Only people who cheapen themselves will read such titillation and feel it is an issue worth discussing.

To now discover that first, Suleiman was arrested for speaking out and then arraigned before the DSS, and then the sex scandals follow, seems to be quite obvious that someone was trying to tarnish the image of Suleiman for his crusade against El Rufai and the Fulani fighters killing in Southern Kaduna.

To have that conspiracy exposed, and they manipulated this poor lady to be the tool that they use to attempt to destroy Suleiman,  is truly shocking. They want to shut up this man so they can continue killing? The mind that thought this up is truly evil. Destroying and defeating that mind should be the single most important concern of any Christian,  feminist or true democrat.

Any other thing is an incursion into myopia, misogyny and misadventure.”

Chioma wasn’t having any of that and she took both him and his chief concurrer Egbeama David to the gutters. She wrote “These are the 2 IDIOTS I fought on the same trenches with for Gej… all they do is find a strong woman to gossip about and pull down…And you erroneously believe that it is only females who gossip.

These are the same gaping fucktards that can’t gather a few sentences to make strong arguments for or against an intelligent topic.

These are the same fools that only do a one-liner on various Fb posts cos they can’t wrap their heads around gathering compelling and persuasive thoughts on any issue.

These are some poor woman’s husbands, someone’s fathers and plain simpletons parading on social media as adults!

These are just IDIOTS!!!

Next time any of you, AGHA EGWU and DAVID EGBEAMA want to become relevant, keep my names out of your FUCKING mouths!!!

I am none of your wives nor sisters so your b.s opinions are irrelevant to me. And I will have any opinions about any issues as I very well damn want to!

Old idiots that can’t make correct sentences in English calling someone else deficient in any area at all is beyond me. @David Egbeama, pls stop masturbating over my pictures!!!


The last time I gave a fuck abt the opinions of what anyone thinks abt me, how I live my life, what I say on FB or abt any of you two nincompoops was way back during the Gej campaign…If any of you try to talk trash abt me again, I will personally make sure I send someone down to your various abodes. Try me again if you think I am bullshitting.

I won’t do the “ignore” and “waka pass” the haters thingy ‘cos it is not working for me today, so I will come down to your petty levels.

Thunder fire your mothers.


The ‘Otu Nne unu’ got me in stitches.

You see how this shildren of hanger pack insults for their hinnocent mothers? Chayee

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