Mista Bala

Shebi i told you people the other day that Facebook have a way of bringing people leg outside? It have happened again on Mubarak Bala’s wall. Yesterday he made this post “My sister wanted to adopt a little 5yr old Fulani girl a few years ago, from a far off village in Kaduna. We were all in support of it. She would be schooled. We do this to many over the decades.

She (my senior sister), left for studies abroad, came back, traced the contact, and the family and the village.

Found the girl is divorced with a 2 year old kid, already.

We (my family) are all devastated. And it is normal to many. The problem is still; religion. But only that no one saw religion all over the problem. All except me.”

Come and see comments naa, his Muslims brothers dey attack am right left front back and centre

One Abubakar Musa Ahmed commented “Because you were the only one with WRONG eyes!” This this of course got him some lashing, Andy Kaggwa Obeya resorted “So u can marry your adolescent daughter out? You think that is right and your religion approves you sleep with an adolescent? Smdh”

Another of his friends, Aminu Khalil commented “Because you are deluded and need urgent psychiatric intervention”. This got him a question from Nimit Bantaru Heggade, he asked him “Are you a member of boko Harman?” Aminu replied “You are very stupid for thinking like this” and Nimit resorted “Aminu Khalil im not stupid. i have seen on the news. those boko rams look like you. or else why would you say Mr Bala needs treatment.”

Hehehehehehe, this Nimit na im fit all of them biko. Inukwam akuko

For the Twisters Association of Facebook(una remember what they mean naa? Those pipus weh go leaves wetin post dey yarn and begin yarn Oky) Shuaibu Alkali commented “And you also fail to understand that the good things that your family has been doing is inspired and fired by RELIGION which without it,you would not be raised let alone to help others.

Without religion,the union that produced you and your siblings wouldn’t be possible.”


My mouth never close since, make una help me beggam make e close naa before flies go enter o

O Chim!


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