Mister Taiwo

Religion na sensitive topic, as in e over hot. You wan know why? Followers of different denominations don’t want you analyzing their church traditions, especially if na negative analysis. So people dey tip toe around am to avoid what happened in 19kpirigidim to repeat itself again.


Taiwo Olugbenga go find Catholic people trouble yesterday and they tear am into Asun pieces??


He wrote “They said that we shouldn’t eat meat (blood) today. I thought Jesus Christ died some 2000 years ago. Well, I’m not surprised tho, Catholics and their pagan ways.


Happy Good Friday to the Good People out there.”

(Eez eet ya pagan ways? Yimu??)

Anuforo Chuks M commented “Thats shallow” and Taiwo replied “Yes bro. It’s shallow like the well in my compound…?”

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Anuforo resorted “That explains… The well must be dry just like the post you just made”


And Taiwo mocked him “Yeah, it’s very very dry but I was able to fetch like six buckets of water from it sha. I actually used some of the water to wash the meat that I cooked sef…?”


Vivian Emily provoke ask Taiwo “What’s u guys business with wot odas believe in huh? Taking drugs in sum1 illness…. O yes u eat peppersoup, ND also ate cow meat hu it help?

Nobody care! Z ur business so leave d Catholic with dia business biko”


Chibueze Mitchell Odimegwu commented “Catholics and their pagan ways and you’re still wishing people Happy Good Friday, a Catholic invention.”

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Assumpta Ani Okafor commented “Stop mentioning Catholic concentrate on ur own church, who made u judge over Catholic”


Chukwuma Owuamanam told him “My guy, na cheap popularity you dey find.”


Amarachi Ezeiruoma Carina Vivian finish am “Rubbish.  Be careful with whatever you say…If you dont understand something.. It’s better to keep shut than to utter Rubbish….”


Chukwurah Juliet cautioned him “Even though i ain’t a catholic and i do not practice whatever it is they do, i still respect and revere their beliefs and doctrines. Taiwo Olugbenga you will not die if you turn a blind eye to their activities and quit speaking ill of them. They are not pagans, they are christians. Live and let others live.”

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Gakii Sharz commented “Am not a catholic,but God blesses everyone dispite of any religion.calling catholics pagans shows how shallow your mind is”


Naza Ezetoha commented “Attention seeker, nice try.”


Monica Tobi Nweke commented “I tried to understand your analogy without luck. Please help?

So because Jesus died 2000 years ago and Catholics don’t eat meat(blood) on Good Friday then Catholics are pagans?


Dumbest thing I have ever heard!”


Emem Isaac begin beg people on his behalf “You people should pity the boy small o…chaii”


Biko Ndi Uka, eez this what Jesus would do? Make una kamdan o??


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