Mixed Reactions on MKO Abiola: Yusuf Fires Out

Chisos! Some people don high finish for this zone, as in e be like say na “soak-away” pipe them dey smoke eeh cause this highness don pass Kwale weed own?


Yesterday being June 12th, the Yorubas celebrated the remembrance of MKO Abiola, the president elect that was assassinated back then in Prison and one unkle weh don high finish, Yusuf Abubakar decided to use that opportunity to take a jab at the man.


He wrote “June 12, the day God saved Nigeria form an evil man tagged as MKO” (shiaar?)


Funny enough some people were concurring to the nonsense he just chanted, one of them Godwin Obue commented “”WHEN I REMEMBER JUNE 12 WATER RUN AWAY MY EYES…AYE AYE WATER RUN AWAY MY EYES”

– Rex Umukoro”

Benny Umoren chipped in “I learnt he ordered a truck load of Bible to be thrown into the river in Lagos you could be right but what do I know sef?” (hanty be hearing o?)


Another concurrer, Abdulrafiu Yusuf commented “ITT international thief thief, international rogue… Na Fela talk am o :p”


Atsar Gundu Jr chanted “MKO Abiola was he accuser of the brethren.”


Then an opposing figure trooped in, trying to call him to order.

Mike Akamune-Bello told him “@ Yusuf Abubakar….Please delete your Post.  MKO good deeds surpass any Evil ITT contracts misdeeds.

Moreover  MKO is my nephews Grandfather.

You will not like anybody to abuse your late Grandpapa.”

Wisdom Ekpo asked him “Did you ask Fela or Femi Kuti and Seun to recall the music Fela sang about Abiola and Buhari?” And Yusuf replied him “Mike Akamune-Bello I cannot, 2 choices, you have yours of him and this is mine of him.My grandpa if evil known to me I will say so to him. I will take Buhari 10 times over MKO” (why won’t you? Efi hausa?)


One Igbo brethren decided to go carry the matter for head and they came for his head

Another opposer Olusoji Zion Oseni dared Yusuf “If U can’t state why he is evil then u are a COWARD.

Anyone that takes your word serious is DUMB.

Globally, MKO’s name is forever written in GOLD. His global citations are more than that of any Nigerian Dead or Alive.


Yusuf resorted “Coward on Facebook Olusoji Zion Oseni, when hear Facebook made one Courageous too? Who gives a shit on a name written in Gold? I was not paid to post but will be happy to get paid to tell why.

Let me if you will”

Joseph Okpolunwor Henry stated his observations “It is because of post(s)  like this and its’ attendant comments that causes ethnic divisions amongst us. Truely, Nigerias’ deluge of problems is persisting today because of the UNITY OF THE ELITE, AND THE DISUNITY OF THE MASSES. Just 5% of the population manipulating and syphooning the collective wealth of 95% of the population. And most persons are still aiding them to preserve such a shameful polity.”(well said brah??)


Emmanuel Amaeshi attacked him straight up “Yusuf Abubakar u are so ignorant that it smells from a distance. If MKO is evil then mumuhari is a demon. U Northerners are vampires and terrorist!” (See vex??)


Some people tried asking Yusuf to state the reasons why he made such statement against MKO and he and his minions couldn’t even say any single reasonable facts


Me ayam laughing in swahili with my Igbo accent, shebi una don dey see how stupid it was lashing out on Biafrans when they were remembering their fallen heroes. First to do no dey pain, na second to do dey pain pass??

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