Mr. Reynard: A Choice Between Love And Romance

love and romance

What else could be as immaculate as a male that possesses a special touch that possibly can transform a harmless handshake into some sultry cuddling; the slick sensualist that knows every last romantic points in the city; the male Isadora Duncan who “float-dances” you to amorous “unusual places” all because he just feels like doing it; a generous man that finds no ornament, vehicle or house as being too costly for the person he loves; a considerate male that understands the thing you want and are in need of before the moment you even start thinking of it; the lyrical artist that says how treasured you have been within him in so many sweet words; the swashbuckling warrior that offers to you the most irresistibly intriguing encounters in the whole of your adult life; the male that tells you to your face – “I’ve been in love with loads of women, but what we had doesn’t in any way come close to what I share with you. As for me, there can’t be another, you are my one, my only one. There just can’t be another, no, not even one more!”


Incase you missed it! Its never too late to learn how to handle men that struggle with OBSESSION. Act Smart. 


Like so many other humans, it exists in the inner makings of women to crave that palpitating and “heart-quaking” feeling and buzz of sensuality. However, the moment you wrap your values, emotions and needs in sensual idealization, the bliss of an illusory romance fuzzes the line separating the possible and impossible thoughts of a fantasy and romance

The possibilities that you would be dazzled by the Reynard bearing a crimson rose, who understands ways to manipulate your sensuous illusions, but not with feelings of love, are really great. For the Reynard though, what he does is merely an amusement, a seduction, a demonstration/story of his sensual nature and that of his artistic abilities. As soon as he is done interpreting the duties of this character to the fullest, he becomes uninterested and moves on in search of a “stir of the sensual” in some other place.

And in all that time you are nestled like a foetus in your bed, weeping your haemorrhaging heart out to your friends, Mr. Reynard doesn’t even feel an ounce of remorse. Why? Within him, he believes you have been duped by your very own illusions or the sensual illusions of another human.

I’m sorry, Mr. Reynard is absolutely correct!

We, as individuals were not birthed to bring to life other people’s illusory anticipations of us. For the most part, the moment the charm of “sensuality” disappears and you eventually behold the real individual, you are frustrated. But not till the time your wonderland illusions stop being the main driver behind your seeking for affection, you would keep seeking that unblemished sensual male – the one in those films and romance themed novels. Also, you would be a source of misery in the lives of the unlucky males that so happen to truly love you but are at a loss as to how to demonstrate it or simply just cannot interpret the roles of the “unblemished character” residing in your impossible wonderland fantasies.

Your “sensual yearnings” should be rooted in the real world. An affectionate man isn’t one that necessarily has to cut the picture of an “unblemished character” as seen in films and romance themed novels.


He is love and romancethat man that:

1. Identifies you, his woman, as his equal and, at same time, he sees your uniqueness too.

2. Loves and also admits, into his world, all that has to do with you – your good, your bad, your ugly, your scars, fat, everything.

3. Practically shows you, in unusual ways, how much he knows of you.

4. Doesn’t feel shame or fear in expressing what he feels – even his disappointments, worries over you.

5. Is quite simple to please; a warm-hearted male that carries so much gratitude.

6. Gives you his time, is gracious with his words, allows you into his space, grants you access to his possessions – and doesn’t restrict you from himself.

7. Thinks a ton of you – coupled with the fact that, if need be, he would do all he can to let the world see what he’s found in you – love.


Incase you missed it! Its never too late to learn how to handle men that struggle with OBSESSION. Act Smart.

love and romance

Should in case you are dating this sort of man, it might do you a lot of good if you give a second thought to the idea of dumping him for the Reynard with a crimson rose! Romance only amounts to a bonus – it can never be a replacement for a true, heart felt love, which is characterized by a substantive communion of both lives – and at times, by much down times and struggling when you are both standing through good and bad as a unit.

And, yes, should in case you still are in search of “Mr. Right,” please do not lose hope on your dreams, no, that ain’t my message, what I intend to pass across is, be wary of males that come bearing all the romance yet no love. Possibly, you just might not achieve all within your “sensual wonderland,” however, you would find yourself loving him that understands ways to love you.

Perfect isn’t always boring…at times, perfect is dangerous.

To be human is beautiful.

Dr. Cum

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