Mummy is in the Kitchen Cooking Rice, Daddy is in the Palour Watching Film

These days eeh, any post is scrutinized. In fact people will tucha your post and poke holes into it that you be wondering wetin you post sef??

A Facebooker Miracle Odinaka reposted a post on her wall  “Mummy is in the kitchen cooking Rice, Daddy is in the Palour watching film”.

Did you sing this in nursery school.

Our problems really started from Nursery school.

-Chinaecherem Ugwu”

Innocent post abi? Not in the eyes of the Anti feminists o, one of them, Ibrahim Salahudeen attacked her immediately, he asked ” So where do u want daddy to b?”

(Oga should be doing the dishes mbok???. Make una no come for my head o???)

Another team opposers Rich Adeyinka Arifalo came for her head, he commented “Really? Some teachers taught the kids based on what they know.

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When you are in the kitchen cooking rice,  where do you expect your husband to be? I just want to know ni o.

If she expects me to be washing dishes when she’s cooking, then she must be ready to share all other responsibilities with me from paying the school fees, rent, electricity bills, even washing and maintenance of our cars. 

No double standards here. Let everyone be contented doing their roles.”

(Yes sah we haf hear you o, we wee be content you hear? Yawns widely???)

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To this comment, Ajuzie Precious replied “Most women share bills at home now. As a matter of fact, 95% of us are breadwinners at home.”

A fellow man like him o, Ugwu Chinaecherem replied him “Sir, if your wife earned more than you do, (many Nigerian women do) and contributes more money… will you then be in the kitchen?

Should men who earn less go to the kitchen?”

Guess his reply? Let me give it to you. He resorted “Ugwu Chinaecherem, it’s not about who earns more. It’s about assigning roles.  I do cook and help in the kitchen in my own home even when I don’t consider it my role.  She may earn much more than I do, but her role is to cook for the family. There’s nothing wrong if I help out to do some chores, like cleaning etc. But we must realize it is our marriage and the responsibilities belong to the two of us irrespective of what we earn.”

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Una don see the oponu this Oga dey yarn now? Shebi una don see how #wifenotcook war dey take start? People be showing us how they actually treat their wives at home, Choi!???

Mbok ayam tayad of some Nigerian men o

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