Na Wetin Israel dey Find?

Catching all the fun in there

Because of his usual plenty plenty lies, one of them angry Facebook shild Isreal Ugwu posted “Call me a HYPOCRITICAL IDIOT if Buhari comes back today. Nigeria is ruled with lies”

Unfortunately for baby boy, Oga Ardesina was actually telling the truth this time. Few hours later after his post, Ancestor Bubu landed with a bang!!!
My people, Israel’s wall has been under heavy extra hot fire since o. His fellow angry shildren(especially bubu’s media shildren) are having a feast on his wall
Umar Haruna said ” Isreal Ugwu the new hypocritical idiot in the world…hahahahhaha”
Mallam Ibrahim Gumel said ” You are a hypocritical idiot Isreal!”
Abdullahi Olakunle Mustapha commented “Hey you monumental hypocritical idiot! Go get a brain”
Akinbobola Akinnwemoye concurred “Hypocritical idiot you are. See your life outside because of hatred”
Hassan Abdul come carry the matter for head like pure water seller, he called him “hypocritical idiot” more than 5 times
Petra Akinti Onyegbule commented ” Hypocritical idiot. Let it not be said wee could not honour a simple wish. I am only doing my but…In building the Nation”
Over 400 comments and counting! Shildren of ‘hanger’ weh dey find where to vent tey tey come see escape goat.
I know say he go dey where he dey dey chant “Chi m oo, Onye ziri m ooo?”
Bros me it’s well you hear? This sha pas too, no be Bookface again? Pele.
Honestly I don’t  blame the guy shaa o, who go believe say APC fit talk something and e go finally happen? Choi!
Ok bye.

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