Ndi Igbo Vs. Freda Okarevu

Asiri lovers, get in here fas fas! If you no be Igbo, grab an Igbo fren cause you go need am o?. It went down on Oghenerume Freda Okarevu’s wall (it’s still going down till now sef). Babe wan show herself for Igbo pipu body and they decided to turn her wall into ‘Ogbako Umunna aa’?? as in the kind trolling my Igbo brothers and sisters troll that babe, I never see am before my life. Heygod!


Freda wrote “To the ibos, please when commenting on any of my post, don’t type in your language(ibo), type in english language that i understand. You all know i’m not an ibo girl, so if you must comment on my post, do that with either english or pidgin.”


Initially they were trying to correct her spelling of ‘ibo’ (she not spelt it wrong, she even put it in small letters!!!?)


Odira Odenco Aniefuna corrected her “Igbo my dear” and Chukwudera Michael Chiedoziem replied him “Thank you for correcting her. We are not ibo.”


Francis Okonkwo still corrected her “Please not IBO but IGBO” and Freda resorted “Whether ibo or igbo i’ve passed my message across. besides ibo is the variant spelling of igbo.”(imeanu ifea?), Adibe Adaobi Blessing replied her “simple correction you don’t want to take and you want us to take yours?impossible”


HrmChinwe Jossywendy Ebere commented “But we are Africans na and you are dealing with people from various ethnic groups..so long as they didn’t insult you,the highest you would do is ask for the meanings.. Some persons can’t do without their language…teach me your language Freda and I will be glad…” and Freda replied her “Asking for the meaning is a long journey, they can type it in english, or better still after typing in ibo they can translate afterwards in same comment if they really can’t do without their language. Besides some people here have insulted me with it.”


Chiamaka Anudu commented “Is there an English spelling of Hausa,  Yoruba or Efik? No there is not. It remains Igbo when spelt in English or any language. Thank you”


Chioma Queen Nwobi told her “To start with, ‘re-type d ‘I’ in dat ‘Igbo’ with capital letter, meanwhile we have freedom of speech not freedom after speech , onye ocha”


Iyke Onyepunuka told Freda “I think your correction is noted. But I also think you should gladly take the correction made by the people who say it’s Igbo, not Ibo. Nobody likes their entity tampered with.” And Freda replied “I call it ibo, so i type as pronounced.” Deon Dazy asked her “Oghenerume Freda Okarevu do you choose ignorance because you’re too egoistic to accept simple correction or is there something else you have with the Igbo people?”

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Hrm Chinwe noted “Funny enough,most of her fans her igbos..???” and Obiageli Uzoegbo asked “Fans kwa ???

Biko kedu ife nwa a na-emekalisi  ???” (Shebi una see the Igbo she wrote in? Choi!?)

Petra Alban commented “One should be able to comment in whatever language he or she feels like using… It’s not a must you must understand every single comment made under your post, or u can as well as the person to help u translate it in English. We have different people from different backgrounds with different ways if doing things”


Sampson Okore commented “You need to block all Igbos in your list… Rubbish post”


Deon Dazy asked “Who’s this girl? Elizabeth of England? You tell people the language to use on a social media? That’s ridiculous.”


They kept on ‘correctibashing’ her, yet she refused to change it to the right spelling ‘Igbo’, they now started to comment in Igbo and she kept deleting them. She ran and changed the Ibo to Igbo still they no wan leave am. They kept on sparking in Igbo. She commented “You are correcting me when you can’t take a simple correction, i just deleted 15 comments typed in ibo, and still counting… Issorite.”


Olisa David Aftatym asked “Who is this one……odiegwu….get me out of here if igbo freaks you” Ogechi Agu Udoye (she na conc Freda supporter) asked Olisa “Olisa David, do you understand German?” and Henry Don-Padre Obi replied her “Ogechi Agu Udoyeis Germany in or any where near Nigeria?” Ifeanyi Collins told Olisa “My broda, i tire for her o.  She wants to be a successful blogger with such sick attitude. Imagine linda ikeji giving her followers such run down.  I have watched closely to see if she will do the honourable thing correcting the spelling but she kept writing ibo.” And Victoria Okelewu replied him “Does linda Ikeji write ibo on her blog?” And Ifeanyi resorted “Victoria Okelewu, are u okay? Am talking about her followers and u blabbing. Go to linda ikeji blog, people comment with diff language and even insult her atimes,but she never for once reply anyone not to talk of sounding a note of warning to a whole tribe. If u love freda, tell her to ignore issues like this cos it doesnt end good. If u think Igbos shouldnt be writing igbo in ur comment section, wait until u see yorubas,cos they love their language,which is not bad.” (Erm, not cool though. You don’t go about insulting people because they deliberately refused to say shit about it)

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Treazure Akunna commented “Are u ok to tell me the language to use ekwe na ka mu kpooro gi umuada n ubochi afor. I just want to buy this case perhaps e fit be one of my Igbo brother na agbacha plug gi u are here talking about commenting on igbo”(agbacha plugia?Chei!?)


Chimdi Okoro told her “Just hit on Igbos ……… good or bad, then you are on your way up. Now, that you have your 30 minutes of fame, just pull down this post. It’s completely senseless.”

Jude Francis commented “Mike Ejeagha! !!story for the gods”


Diadinwa Onuoha told her “OK nsogbu adigi, jisi ike muo ya ndewo”


Edu Gideon called her “Isiaki”


Onyeoma Da-Kadinal asked “Oshi nini???” and Ikekwem VicRoyal replied him “Lol. a ka na ekwu maka general Igbo, gi eburu asusu owerri bubata.”(as in eeh?)


Chukwuzubelu Nzube commented “Igbo amaka oooo. Biko subakwa nu Igbo.”


Alexander Ikechukwu commented “Odiegwuooooo.. Ana akonu!Hahahaha you made the heinous mistake of using commanding tone while addressing igbos.. So let me assure you that igbos must integrate Igbo language with English here.. Ekwuchakwam!”


Sophia Favor commented “Oge ozo ina  etiye akwukwo enyi, biko buru uzo juu ese onye ebe mmadu bu. Maka odika asusu Igbo na agbaka gi ahu!!! Onwebeghi ihe ihuru!!!!” And Amonu Egondu Onyekachi replied “Next time before sending a friend request ask of the person’s state of origin since the language annoys you. You never see something.



Kingson Nwabueze Osuji insulted her ” Time erugo eji aho beans aja..oke na ngwere go from nowhere, Igbo do them this, Igbo do them that, Na we be the only tribe in Nigeria? taaaaahhhh. Amadioha come and se Oooo. I don’t even know  when and how we became friends here on FB! Lele alika, common carry your beef waka! Nonsense! Must you warn only Igbos? Seeking for notice??” (you could have said what you have to say without the insult shaa?) When Amarachi Rufus replied him “Oga ikwesighi ikpowa ya alika na”, he resorted “Just negodu Onye nka! nga akpokwanu ya gini? Ngwere? Amarachi biko gaa shie ofe mgbede?” Amarachi replied him “Hehe he

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Obuzim ga ebuna….a Nam agba mbo izochitere nwaanyi ibem Biko. Jiri ya nwayoo nna” (igwatalu ya ofuma)


Kenneth Chizoba D’Oracle commented “Anakogheri…anom n’ulom bia tiem ihe”


Macpele Anyanwu commented “Ndi-Igbo Kelenu, no soul can order me not to speak or write in Igbo, kamkwagi, some people are ashamed of their tribe simple, when next you want to write Igbo, the ‘I’ should be in capital letter please to avoid nsogbu”


Amarachi Rufus commented “Ndi Igbo kwenu

See as una dae represent una selves here ooo

Nkea atom pieces” (yes o, time adiro biko?)


D’Alfredo Giovanni Onuoha commented “Lekwa anu nkea…Otorotoro.

Biko nye efe dia.?”


Mmafuruaku Golden commented “Bia, nwata  nwamgboho a, isi adikwa gi nma? Ina anyi ara? Onye siri gi kwuo udiri okwu a, mpia gi utari, ahu nike anuru gi oku, idi isi ka Mbuhari”


Euphemia Udanoh commented “Anyone that wants to be noticed will always mention Igbos…. Just that this time, yours will be 2mins fame metchewwww. Nne biko, ubochi ozo ichoro iwu ewu, anwakwala-anwa akpo ndi igbo aha, inula ya?”

Daisy Ify commented “Hehehehehehe!

Anyi anula.

Ngwa  bye bye.

Fichapu Ndi Igbo nile gi na ha bu enyi ebea!”


Ugonna Ufere commented “Ana eme ?”


Yuddie Princess Egwuonu commented “Kimberly Ada Biafra bia tinye onu na okwu a and Kimberly replied “Mention igbo or biafra in a negative way, your not so popular wall will become popular for a day. A good marketing strategy. LOL” (odikwa ka obu eziokwu o)


Chigozie Onuzulike commented “So akporo anyi ogbako Umunna ebea. Umunnem na Umunnam ndewo nuoooo.” (Chayee! Unu di egwu o)


The thing got so bad that she got tired of deleting comments and kuku abandoned the post for my people (this one na take and let me be o)


Erm Ndi Igbo, okwa emesia unu asi na you people are Hated? Ngwanu leenu ya ebea o, Cyber bullying on fleek!??

But truthfully, I shaa had fun o(I no wan make Asiri gods knock me for doing body like say e no sweet me?)


Igbo Kwenu!??????


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