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Coded something is going down right now on Facebook, if you put your nose abi ears to the ground, you fit decode am. But if you can’t, don’t worry Asiri got you covered! Just buy chilled Kunu drink with dodo cum siddon. 

So earlier this year, a Facebook Philanthropist cum Celebrity cum DV victim cum mother of two Children that resides in Canada got married to a handsome never married before boo (he equally resides in Canada too so nope, no be green card marriage). Her story was inspiring, her traditional marriage was the talk of Facebook and many blogs carried her news, everybody was soo happy for her.

Everything was fine until a supposed friend of hers (they used to be close but somehow somehow something went down; tori for another day and their friendship turned sour) Neme Love attacked her one of his posts on how she is allowing her friends to be bad mouthing her ex husband, he said all sorts against the babe and vuum! All hell broke loose

Nora wasn’t having any of that and she went on a rampage on her wall. She called him out(called his name even) and told the world how he was doing amebo on her trad day (she actually said he wasn’t invited but amebo no allow am stay on his own, he had to come and see the mansion she built in her hometown) and was asking Nora’s friends ‘so this house belongs to Nora, eeehe’… smh

Her friends joined in the fight and finished him, Facebook was on fire! People that knows him and his bragging cum ameboish character made serious fun of him and Neme went on a blocking rampage(it’s expected shaa)

Eventually the news died down and everybody went their separate ways, friends and foes were made and each party don’t hesitate to throw shades at each other

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Now to the main gbese happening now, Chinenye Lauretta Ufearoh (Neme love’s faithful close friend/business partner) posted on her wall (with engagement pictures of Neme Love and his babe Rain) “Are you ready to take the next step with her? Do you want to get  her an engagement ring and you aren’t sure of what to get for her, the taste she would love?

Well search no more as I will be rendering my – Engagement ring picking services ( ERPS) It isn’t expensive.

All you need to do is pay into my account, give me her profile and pictures and I would help you pick out the best ring online or  offline she would love.

Feel free to inbox me.

Omo them no dey stand one place watch masquerade. Any legal avenue to make by the side money, I will do it mbok.

We have clientele of satisfied customer.

Eg. Rain Chiemelu just said yes to my bro Neme Love.

When I pointed the $8000 ring, Neme was like – For what ?

Me: She deserves it

Neme – Yes she is my queen, anything for her.

Ring bought and paid no dulling.

Meanwhile, Neme pay for my services as she loved the ring. Am Not joking ???

Yes she said yes to us – wedding  loading”

8,000 gini? Jesu??????

Apparently Nora’s camp didn’t believe this gist of buying #2.7M engagement ring (yes o, am an Igbo girl so I have to do the conversion??) and started trolling Neme right left front back and center

Gillian Chikaodi Nwangumah for the Team Nora’s camp made series of posts, she wrote  “Marriage proposal 101: When hubby and I were dating I used to jokingly tell him what I wanted in terms of marriage proposal. I remember telling him that I wanted a quiet proposal, a proposal in the house with just me and him after which we can just make love and cuddle.  We laughed over it but funny enough that was exactly what happened.

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When I became pregnant for Bella my engagement ring and my court wedding ring became very small for me so I stopped wearing them. After Bella came wedding preparations was seriously in gear, someone told me about this website that sells pure gold and diamond rings so I decided to check them out. Got to the website saw this three set white Diamond rings and fell in love with them. The sale price for these rings were 7k and it included the engagement, and the two wedding bands. I started thinking of how to convince hubby to buy those rings because obviously with all the wedding preparations 7k was tight.

I called hubby one night when he was at work and talked to him about the ring he was like babe 7k is a lot now can we order it at the end of the month I was like no this ring is on sale and the sale ends in two days. So he asked me to call them the next day and find out if we can pay 2k and do payment plan for the rest. Guess what that was how I got the wedding ring and engagement ring of my dream.

What is the purpose of my story? Dude if you want to propose to me, take pictures, do videos, and show the whole world but please do me a favor and dress cute, secondly propose to me in an expensive and classy setting and don’t broadcast how much the engagement ring cost. Give your Facebook friends the honor to figure out the price. We don’t want any BFF, brother, or sister coming on facebook to tell us the price..”

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She went ahead and made another post “Please how much did they say that engagement ring cost again? And the setting looked like an Iya Basira joint. What happened to Obudu cattle ranch? Abeg let me come and be going joor..I don’t know who send me enter Facebook this evening…

A big shout out to all the screen grabbers on my list una well done oo. Apparently that Iya Basira joint is a 100k a night hotel that’s good oo. Please can any good Samaritan find out the name of the hotel for me so that I can stay there the next time I visit naija. I can already envision myself staying in that 100k hotel.

Imagine waking up in the morning go downstairs and eat Iya Basira rice, beans and dodo with pure water then at night I’ll head back to my room and sleep in my posh bed in this 100k a night hotel room. Chaii life is good oo. Uwa wu pawpaw mehn..let me go back to my sleep and keep dreaming…”

Heheheheehehe Ochi atogbue m???

Amanda Chisom, another team Nora member posted (with a plate of 2 wraps of moi moi and a cup of garri and sugar) “I bought this moi moi for 8,000 naira. A whole 8 thazzzzzzzzzannnnnnn. I know you will argue but where you there when I bought 8,000 naira moimoi?? The ijebu gari is customized too and you know how expensive garri is these days so I asked them to customize the garri..”

This people o???

Neme Love is yet to say anything, likewise his camp too but anyhow shaa, Asiri is roaming and be rest assured that once it lands, aga m ekunye unu ya HOT!???

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