Northern Agenda

Hello and good morning to those of you realistic people who believe that the Northern elite in Nigeria have an agenda. The rest of you can go and collect your own from the illusion of one Nigeria that we have been spoon fed by unrealistic people.

In case you haven’t understood me, I will be sharing a few facts, any of which are independently verifiable, with you here, and when I am done, well, that’s what the comments section is there for. You know how we do, right?

Okay, let’s begin.

You know the Fulani folk, right?

A nomadic tribe, largely Cow herders, carriers of sticks and staffs, used for beating the cattle to take them where they are meant to be. Their women alternate between very petty trade in minor items and begging. They are harmless, right?

Wrong. They are now bearers and wielders of sophisticated firearms, killers and maimers. In case you doubt me, just go to Google, that friend of the common man, and type “Agatu Killings”. That stands for the Agatu area, in Benue state, where Fulani herdsmen who are supposedly nomadic and have no real need to settle anywhere have now had a portion of the area ceded to them, plus payments made for damages. This after killing scores of people, burning houses, destroying properties worth hundreds of millions, all because they allegedly had one or more cows killed.

And if you, my dear friend, are done with your research on Agatu, you can then proceed to the next one: type “Southern Kaduna killings” in your Google  browser, and hit the enter key.

It may take a while, as there is so much to see, but trust me, you can make it to the end. Read about churches burnt, people killed during service, shops and houses in a predominantly Christian quarter of the state burnt and looted, security agencies turning their backs and claiming it is a minor civil disturbance. What is even more alarming is that the governor of the state, whose silence had hitherto been deafening, a man a lot of people have described as Nigeria’s de facto vice president, who is himself of Fulani extraction, had gone on twitter, at the news that Christians were planning to defend themselves from the onslaught of the Fulani Babarians (the misspelling is deliberate, the legendary Baba of the Sai-Baba fame, the Boo of Harry, is also of Fulani extraction, so Babarians can simply mean Baba’s people) and posted one tweet:

“Anyone who kills a Fulani man is taking out a loan repayable in no distant time”

This, in a country that claims to be a secular state, and recognize the non-superiority of any religion, value system, belief, or creed over the other. The really smart guys on  twitter quickly saved screenshots of the infamous tweet, before beginning to bombard him with questions. What if the Fulani person is killed in self defense? What if the Fulani is the one doing the killing? Obviously uncomfortable with the tweet and the backlash, the governor deleted the tweet. A bit late if you ask me, since I got a copy here.

The part that is beyond shocking is that the governor had earlier insisted that it was militants from the Nigeria Delta, that hotbed of misguided and often violent activism, who travelled to Kaduna and began to kill and burn villages while masquerading as Fulani herdsmen. (If you believe this particular story, please contact me by email, I have an airport in my village I’d like to sell to you).

But we are not done, no, far from it. Let’s just go to… Jos! The capital of Plateau state has been the centre of one of the most violent clashes between Hausa Fulani Muslims and Christians, over all sorts of things, over cattle, over land, from Dogo-Nahawa to Kuru Karama, there has been looting and pillaging, and Muslim youths once set a church, filled with worshippers, on fire.

The north of Nigeria is gradually becoming the center of a cleansing campaign that definitely has religious undertones, but most of you prefer to turn a blind eye. In 2011, at a lecture in Harvard University in the US, the Sultan of Sokoto, among other things, stated categorically:

“I do not recognize any Nigerian constitution, and the only constitution I recognize is the Holy Quran.”

Now join me to imagine a scenario where any of the several prominent Christian religious leaders in Nigeria says something along these lines. Picture the kind of outcry and backlash that would have accompanied it, but nothing happened when the most prominent Muslim cleric in Nigeria publicly denounces the constitution in favor of the Quran, and in a secular state. Recently the nation was awash with the news that agents of the department of state services (DSS) were after a popular Nigerian pastor and evangelist, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, over comments that were said to be inflammatory and inciting. The pastor had simply told Christians to defend themselves if attacked by any Fulani herdsmen, since the government was doing precious little about it. The vice president, who was used to smooth Buhari’s rise to power and quell rumours of a plan to Islamize the country. But now, a cursory glance will reveal that all the security agencies I the country, all the military and paramilitary bodies in the country are helmed by… guess what? Northern Muslims, and it seems perfectly okay.

I had wanted to ignore this part, but let me just say it. How many people in t he predominantly Christian south east have been killed because they were protesting for a state of Biafra? Did they have guns? Did they have machetes? Did they have catapults? So how can we justify the Governor of Kaduna state claiming that he is paying compensation to the Fulani men in order for them to stop killing?

Does being from any tribe, culture or religion make a human life more meaningful? Or more valuable?

Oya, I don de go. If you say that Buhari, after leading the country into a recession that has made things difficult for the common man, has taken ill and relocated to the UK, with relocated being the key word. Abeg, talk your own for the comments section.

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