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So now they say they’ll take away the free perks of data subscription like Whatsapp video and Skype, start charging huge sums for making bank deposits and even larger sums for withdrawals, sack six thousand more workers, and all this on top of the present sufferings we’re presently trying to endure.


Wallahi I hope this is just an April fool’s joke in the making or else, EFCC needs to arrest the man selling these people otapiapia in the name of marijuana…


Kemi Adeosun and Emefiele or whatever that one calls himself, together with Osibanjo need to realize that Buhari’s absence is their best chance to think smart and make some good policies.


For instance, repeal all those bans and limits set on international transfers… you’re not stopping the looters, you’re forcing the average man to hoard cash which should be liquid. When you remove that fear of the unknown, the average man stops hoarding and our currency comes back into circulation. Yes, including the dollar.


Another one, DO NOT pump foreign currency into the FOREX market from our foreign reserves, Nigeria does not have enough money there to tip the scales. That money would be better spent granting loans at 0% interest in sectors like Agriculture,  Manufacturing, Export and Construction to name but a few. Where has it ever worked that someone made their problem go away by literally throwing money at it? You have to be creative about it… how many times did you throw money at a beggar and then he let you have peace of mind? Don’t they always return a few moments later with their kinsmen?


Also, try to stop putting up obstacles for new and existing entrepreneurs. I know as a Nigerian OGA your solution to every problem is to make the poor people suffer for it, but we are more in number, so if we the poor masses who dominate the private sector cannot grow, we can’t have money to spend, vacation overseas, etc… bottom line, no money in circulation. No matter how much you stuff your fat wallets, you can’t spend more than our 200million small small spendings here and there. After all, you people don’t even spend yours, you just bury it all in bunkers.


Again, low interest loans encourage private sector entrepreneurs to borrow, invest, make profit and spend. See where I’m going with that? More money comes into circulation, thy people hail thee. Abi am I lai-ing?


And finally, stop trying to raise money from the populace, you’re not Robin Hood… it’s called robbing Peter to pay Paul and you can’t run a country on MMM principles.  We are the ones who need a wealthy economy, so instead of looking for creative ways to replenish the Federal Reserve from our pockets, stand down with all these plans to tariff everything the masses spend money on. If we have nothing left, we have nothing left to spend. Simple!


This government should stop operating like ritualists. Seriously! If the Nigerian masses become completely crippled by your inept governance and policies despite our struggle and hardwork, whose citizens will you place higher tariffs on? Ghana? Chad? Cotonou? or Cameroun?


How did these people even pass economics in Secondary school not to talk of being ministers of finance and governors of the CBN? Are you kidding me? Abegi, stop trying removing your dirty fingers from our pockets and start being creative, stop trying to save the economy by crippling the populace, we have it tough enough as it is. Just STOP!!!


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