2018 Npower February Stipends Payment and Latest Update Check

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2018 Npower February Stipends Payment and Latest Update Check

2018 Npower February Stipends Payment: N-power is a Federal Government of Nigeria programme under the social investment programme for job creation and empowerment initiatives. It is a programme of the FGN to help reduce unemployment by helping them to create jobs and engaging them in activities while unemployed.

This article gives you a complete information about the Npower February stipends payment and recent updates currently ongoing in the second year of its 2016 beneficiaries.


The Npower programme is a volunteer corp. and will last for at least 24 months for each batch of beneficiaries. Some of the excerpts are outlined below;

2018 Npower February Stipends Payment—

As regards to stipends, payment for the month of February 2018 will be paid sometime in March 2018 between the period of March 13th-March 17th. Those owed backlogs will be paid.

Other Payments

While the Npower team tries to fix the whole problem of payment, it cannot assure again if they will come at the end of the month but one thing for sure is that each beneficiary will be paid monthly and as at when due.

Those Owed Payment Backlogs

Those beneficiaries still owed backlog should please send a mail to the Npower support desk. They should cross check to see if their details have been spelled and matched correctly on the Npower profile. Once these records matches, be rest assured that Npower will pay all outstanding payment owed you.

Temporary Payment On-hold

For those beneficiaries who have suddenly stopped receiving their monthly stipends or have not been paid for past months, this is how to address the issue;

Follow these simple steps if you haven’t received your monthly stipends for a while now:

  • Login to Npower npvn
  • Check or Inquire if you have been placed on hold. This is usually a penalty against those who have missed their duties in sometime of the month or as a result of a mismatch in their beneficiary’s account details. If the latter is the case,
  • Visit your Npower office to rectify the issue OR
  • Send an email or complaint to Npower support team


BATCH A Device Collection

This applies to 2016 Npower beneficiaries. If you are ye to collect your device, please visit your state office and make a complaint.

BATCH B Device Collection

The batch B device collection has commenced across the various states. This will end by June 2018 so as to make room for the 2017 Npower applicants. So make sure you take appropriate steps to verify self and make use of the device.

NPower 2016 Beneficiaries

Some npower agro beneficiaries where put on hold in collecting the device due to their non-participant in the training programme as well as their attendance not taken at the training venue, so if you are affected, please visit your state npower office. You will be told in clear terms on the necessary steps to follow.

NPower Build Participants

Npower build participants have started their training building capacity across the country. Please note that failure to login to the n-build portal to fill in your bank account details will make you not to receive your stipends. Please make sure you filled in your correct information at all times.

NPower 2016 Creative Applicant

The npower team is aware and are making step to roll out the names of successful candidates penciled for the npower creative- n-knowledge. Stay tuned on all npower social media handles to get more information.

NPower 2017 Applicant Final List Of Selected Beneficiaries

Despite being shortlisted, all 2017 applicant verified in December should know that another list of final selected candidates will be released soon. So if you were verified, you may not be finally shortlisted and be accepted as a beneficiaries but the whole process will be announced soon.

NPower 2017 Payment, Posting and Deployment

Payments for 2017 npower applicants will commence as soon as they are posted to their various places of primary assignment. Posting will be done by their various state government through the Npower office and deployment will be based on rural areas needing urgent concern.

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