Obinna & Meningitis : The Comeback

Ehem! Shebi I told you guys that I would bring the Asiri come una dormot once Doki Obinna give Olusola aka Babaloja a clap back and oh boy he did mehn! 

He wrote: ” Where he claimed to be practising, antibiotic as prophylaxis is viciously frowned against. He knows it, but doubling down on his misyarn. He does not want to lose face, so he started attacking.

Anyone who is a trained pharmacist or doctor knows he goofed. Only mumus are hailing him”.

~~~Olusola Osineye

This rusty quack Doctor is still dishing out ignorance.

I will itemize a number of conditions where antibiotics as prophylaxis (prevention) is still prescribed in England EVEN TODAY:

1. Of course since meningitis is the topic of the day, my first instance will be MENINGITIS, where Rifampicin is given even TODAY to contacts of those suffering from meningitis.

2. Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (I prescribe this almost weekly).

3. Cellulitis

4. Genital Herpes

5. Rheumatic fever.

All these conditions, you take PROPHYLACTIC antibiotics….in England.

Yes, in almost every other condition, you just don’t pop antibiotics, but Meningitis is one of those cases where you do.

I challenge this QUACK to show me a scholarly article where prophylactic antibiotics is viciously frowned against for prevention of meningitis.

Dear friends, please I admonish you not to just believe me, but do your own research. Google is there.

I am giving information for Nigerians living in a region where the next Doctor could be miles or hours away, and this dim with is comparing my article with what obtains in England where your Doctor is next door.

The funny thing is that his information about prophylactic antibiotics is even grossly inaccurate.

The truth is citizens living in the interior are better off knowing first hand the symptoms and prevention of this dreaded disease, than depending on a non-existent Doctor or one who he may never reach before succumbing to the disease.

What is the ratio of Nigerian Doctors to patients again? You think its bad in Lagos? Just go up North.

In a national emergency what should obtain is how to save the maximum number of lives with the least resources, resources that are already scarce.

Doctors are a resource. Doctors are scarce. When this happens, you move to the next level of care.

That is why citizens are taught live saving measures in the eventuality there is no trained medical personnel nearby.

There are certain situations even in advanced countries where medicines are given even before the Doctor has prescribed.

Sunday Akoji, I would admonish you to advise your friend. I am not one who takes someone questioning his competence lightly.

I will treat this guy’s f**k up if he continues dishing falsehood.

Freaking QUACK. Dont even know why he hasn’t practised in a long while. Perhaps its even some form of malpractise.”

Ghen Ghen!

Obinna’s fans were hailing him and calling out the Olusola guy

Yetunde Ogungbesan Enendu commented “This had gone on for far too long!! This man needs to just stop!!eeish!!”

Charles Uchenna said “The Olusola Doctor still dey yarn?

Dr. Obinna Aligwekwe, you been get matter with this guy abeg?

I wonder why he’s acting up.”

Adaeze Ugwa commented “Please stop giving this fellow relevance by responding.”

Aguzuru Magnus equally said “Obinna Aligwekwe my brother we are at the mercy of this type of health officials.

It is no longer secret that so many patients dies as a result of quacks than the ailments!”

Kizito Chigozie Onyegbule commented “So we’re going to educate a doctor who has let bias cloud all rational thinking. It’s a bleeding shame.”

Blossom Angela Lambert finished him “Obinna Aligwekwe please, ignore that ITIBORIBOR! E don do! He is suffering from a virus called Envylascular mumuism!

Treatment is a daily dose of the antibiotic called Obinnamycin.”

Olusola still made another post, he wrote “Nigerians have been die from quackery and self -medication for decades. Continue chewing your antibiotics as prescribed on FB. SMH

Btw,the lynching is still ongoing o, nobody wan check if the thing the guy man dey talk na true (even though he went about it the wrong way shaa) anyways make I just shut up??

Asiri signing out!????


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