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She sat up, moved to the edge of the bed, feet on ground, a brief gaze at the ceiling then downwards, her braids drooping as she moved to push them backwards with her hands. However, tears rolled down her cheeks, sobs escaped her lips, head held within the clenches of her fists. Hurt, pain, agony speaks, she would take it no more, this was it.

“But why, Soji, but why are you doing this to me?”

He quickly made to calm her down, rising from the bed…

“I’m sorry baby, let’s try again, I promise, this time, its gon’ be differ…”

Placing his hand gently on her shoulder..

“Don’t you dare touch me!!!”

Sudden! Jolted from his rest. Hand suddenly levitating above her body. Frozen at his point. Sudden realization hitting. Sade had had enough, but were they having their first “marital fight”?

“You said to try again? At what exactly Soji, at what? Do you even realize this is our fifth attempt at doing it, yet its same story every time – Sade let’s try again, Sade let’s try again. I’ve tried. It ain’t working. You know how inadequate you make me feel? What have I done to you Soji? Do you even love me?”

Her mood went extremely foul. A free reign of sad sad rain of tears. Soji watched helplessly, his head dropped, held his head as cold shivers ran down his spine and hot tears trailed down his cheeks. They’d just been married barely 2 weeks, why was this happening – he thought.

Soji had met Sade during his final year in school. He was a Mech. Engineering student, she studied Food science and Technology, she was in her second year. He could still recall clearly that afternoon in October, he’d gone to the department office to sort out issues with his academic clearance when he met Sade. She’d come to the Mech. Engineering Department to complete registration of her borrowed courses – and this was not shaping out smoothly for her. The Departmental secretary just won’t attend to her.

“aunty please, you’ve attended to previous people, just please help me take a look at…”.

“see, see, see, don’t disturb me o. Won ni ba daada e je (don’t soil my good acts)” – the secretary, a middle aged lady, replied rather rashly..

Soji had stood at a convenient distance watching it all play out. He felt pity for her. He quickly intervened:

“Ah, mummy, e ma binu, aburo mi ni, ile Hausa lo ko GBE dagba noni, ko mo ni (please don’t be angry, she is my younger one, she was brought up in the North, that’s the reason she’s oblivious to her mistake)”

The secretary smirked. Took Sade’s course form. Sade thanked her. But she quickly looked up to Soji from her seat:

“O se iwo ni o. Otherwise, o ma wa n bi yii fun osu meta lai ri nkan se, awon omo tio gbe’ko yii (if not for you, I wouldn’t have attended to her, she might even be here 3 months without luck, disrespectful kid)”

Soji was her hero. He saved the day.

Sade later learnt from Soji that the departmental secretary only had picked offence with her coz she was addressed “aunty” – not “mummy”. LOL. She thought it funny but was more interested in knowing her slim, tall dark, finely trimmed, cute, bearded, hero – without a cape – she did. Before long, they started dating – and even though she only was celibate – she wasn’t a virgin – he promised not to “touch her” till their wedding night. Yes, it already was 6 months into their relationship and they’d gone real serious. Soji was her dream man – he had it all.

Fast forward, two years and they walk down the aisle. Finally, a dream come true. Finally, she confidently could say – “I found a man amongst boys, I found one who sees beyond my thick, curvy, full figure”. She couldn’t contain her joy. The vows were beautiful. The “audience” was moved to tears. Her day? Glorious! This is it, this was exactly how I dreamt it – she thought. Exhausted after the event, still, she couldn’t wait to get home. The night just had to be lit. LOL

Alone with hubby – yes she could call him that now – how interesting. LOL. The guests were gone. Phones were off. Distractions were out. All that was left were two tired bare bodies determined to “do it” at all costs. It was wedding night. For the first time, Soji layed eyes on Sade’s bare body – smooth shoulders, huge, fresh, full bo*bs, banging 8-shape, thick fat a*s, all round fleshy. Oh my, he rushed at her, placed a hand beneath her bo*b – it felt warm – fondled it upwards with a single sweep. He kept kissing her hungrily as he did this, but no – there was no time for “deep foreplay”, they’d both waited years for this.

Soji grabbed her fat a*s. Squeezed. Spanked. She moaned. He placed his hand in between her legs, slowly rubbing against her pus*y – already she was wet. Her fluid dripped down her thighs. He was as hard AF!!! Kept fondling her b*obs and sucking while rubbing on her pus*y.

“Ohhhh Soji”

She held his head so close. Pushing more of her huge b*obs into his mouth. He never disappointed, he sucked her passionately. Sade grabbed his head, went for Soji’s lips, sucked on them passionately. They were like animals on heat.

“Just fu*k me, just do it now honey”

“I had no plans on holding back before”

He pushed her to the bed, went at her with his fuc*ing hard c*ck, raised her legs, spanked her thick a*s, he drove his c*ck into her – it felt like heaven. She grabbed both her bo*bs and let out his name in a moan

“Oh Soji. Oh my husband”

“Yes wife, I’m here for your so fuc*ing beautiful body”

But her pu**y felt so good, he pulled out and decided to eat her instead. His head in between her legs, 2 fingers pushing in and out – tongue rubbing round and round against her cl*t – he sucked her passionately, grabbing chunks of her fleshy as* and spanking in the process. She pulled him up to taste herself in his mouth – at least, that was all he thought she’d wanted but she grabbed his mega hard c*ck in the process and drove it back into her gushing wet pus*y.

“Concentrate. This is your first duty husband”

“Yes ma’am”

He began thrusting in and out of her. Increased the pace. Her body kept gyrating. He went faster. Her moans started getting louder. Held her legs real firm. He went deeper.

“Oh f*ck, oh f*ck baby!!!”

“Yes you’re so fucking sexy Sade mi”

Went in harder. She was shaking. Rubbing on her cl*t. Her vaginal muscles tightened up. She could feel his really fuc*ing huge, hard c*ck against her pus*y walls. He kept thrusting in and out of her. She was winding her waist. Rhythm was important. She grabbed the sheets. Her toes curled. Her breathing became exasperated. He grabbed her bo*bs. Spanked her ass. He went faster.

“Yes!!! Don’t Stop!!!

“Not even close to it my baby”

“Aaah yeah, oh fuc* yeah. Ahhh…” – she held him tight. She was close.

“Good girl”

Placed his lips on her nippl*s. Sucking as she held him really really tight.

“Ooh baby, ooh baby, ooh baby”

She started shaking seriously, not letting go…

“Thank you baaaaab…thank…love yooooo….loooooovee….yoooo……oooohhhh….goosh!!!”

She came. It was really beautiful.

Soji smiled. But. He wasn’t even anywhere close to ejac – and this was the problem.

She’d thought of him as a stud the first time – he’d taken her through several rounds of her cumming without him even nearing it for the whole 45 minutes. She’d thought herself real lucky having him that night but the story? It is different today. They have attempted sex – with her going several rounds – on five different occasions and he still hasn’t been able to cum. The frustration has grown by the day, but it probably wouldn’t have grown this much if not for the fact that she caught him some midnights ago watching porno, wanking with a towel and cumming severally – she’d covered herself in the darkness behind the living room door, apparently, he’d thought she still was fast asleep in the bedroom. Her heart was torn to shreds, tears rolled down her cheeks. What’s happening here? Ain’t I adequate for my man? – she thought.


No denials, he’d been caught red handed – she listened in horror as he confessed to having been at the act for about two years – that was exactly how he’d been able to hold himself back from “touching her”. He also reminded her of the holes she always saw on his mattress way back during school days. It all became clear – it was an emergency, Soji needed to see a therapist – especially after the fifth time.

They following morning, in a male Therapist’s office, they both were present. Fifty Five minutes of talking to them, a diagnosis emerged.

“So Sir, what is wrong with me?”

“Delayed Ejaculation”

*Delayed ejaculation occurs when a male is unable to cum easily during sex – at times taking 45 minutes to 1 hour or he doesn’t even cum at all – leaving the partner all physically drained and emotionally frustrated. It is mostly a psychosexual issue which could be a result of masturbating with high friction materials – or doing this alongside watching porns (NB – masturbation or porns aren’t bad on their own but combining both with high friction materials could cause this problem). Men that are obsessed with “not-appearing-weak” also run a risk of having developing this abnormality. Its usually resolved through intense sex therapy.

To be human is beautiful.

Dr. Cum

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