Of: Colours, Clothings And The True Nature Of Sexiness

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Ever wondered why you dress so sexy yet your simple looking friend always seems to get the better catch? Well, I’m wondering same thing too. LOLOkay…

The other day, a question was asked somewhere online:

“what colour of clothing is the sexiest?”

I saw a whole lot of diverse comments on that post…

…most ladies chose PINK, most guys – BLUE, I saw a few REDs, a few special (weird peeps…LOL) typed BLACK and there were a handful of BROWNs and PURPLEs amongst GREENs and WHITEs…

…hmmm…so, again I ask – which colour? which colour is the sexiest?

Alright, here’s my own opinion:

…though its gradually becoming more generally accepted that RED is the sexiest colour (for females) – even on most social networks, for instance, guys respond MORE positively to ladies that wear RED in their profiles compared to ladies that use other colours – yes & for males – BLUE is gradually being considered the sexiest; a man in a blue fitting shirt usually appears CONFIDENT almost all the time – you know, this is a great turn on to most ladies, right? Good!

But then…

…aside the way a piece of clothing suits a person’s body parts, I’ll have to say…

…true sexiness isn’t really a function of colours and clothings, true sexiness comes from within – just like BEAUTY does.


I remember – back in school days – there was this girl I so very much wanted to date; yes, I always complemented her ass (it was the best I ever saw…LOL). She was sociable, she liked dancing (just like me – cool quality), she was simple and fashionable etc…but all those traits were just ARTIFICIAL – what really KEPT MY ATTRACTION to her?

SHE WAS REAL, ALMOST TO A FAULT! Let me explain – she was clean BUT her wardrobe was always disorganised; I always had to make sure we folded her clothes in neat piles each time I went visiting, she didn’t use to cook – yet she’ll keep making jest of herself, attempt to make a meal, quit half way – while we’ll laugh over it like we were at a bar…LOL. She’ll always run outside as soon as she notices rain clouds – she loved playing in the rain like a kid…just imagine o…hehehe. Now, SHE NEVER USED TO HIDE ALL THESE FROM ANYONE. No one! Now, that is what I call, BEING REAL! And the outcome? THE VERY THINGS THAT WOULD HAVE TURNED MOST OTHER GUYS OFF ABOUT HER WERE THE EXACT THINGS THAT KEPT ME ATTRACTED TO HER. Call me dysfunctional, but to me – THAT IS REALLY SEXY!

The truth?

To become a truly attractive and magnetic male/female, you have to practice presenting yourself with no other intention than to be fully seen – not to impress, not to influence or deceive but be open and let your sexual being-ness be seen.


You might put on all the RED and BLUE “colour blocks” you can – but if you’ve got a closed body language or your true personality does not match what you wear – YOU WOULD END UP LOOKING LIKE NOTHING BUT A PAINTING OUT OF A STORY BOOK. Or – you probably might succeed at attracting few people for a while then, KEEPING the fake ones for so long – TILL ONE PERSON GROWS UP and leave the other feeling “empty”…*Sorry*.


Now, picture – for instance – A TRULY SEXY LADY – one that doesn’t try to impress – one that DOESN’T HIDE HER FLAWS nor try so hard to CREATE AN IMPRESSION – *imagine her in a RED FITTING DRESS…hmmm. Yes…EVERYTHING starts and PROGRESSES NATURALLY – she glows, her personality shines through her smile and actions. The NATURAL ride of her bursts, the gyration of her hips, her chuckles – even her tears and her naughtiness – are MOST ELECTRIFYING, and when she talks to you? Oh my, you almost could see yourself smiling…LOL – see, that isn’t just a woman my friend – THAT IS A SEXY WOMAN! And, believe you me – only the BEST MEN get such women…*winks*

My Point?

What we wear should not determine our value; OUR PERSONALITIES SHOULD GIVE OUR CLOTHINGS VALUE and not the other way round…*its deep but, you can figure it out*

To be human is beautiful…

Dr. Cum

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