Ogbanje Vs. Mark

The drama trailing this Ogbanje Chronicles group isn’t stopping anytime soon, as in people keep throwing one jab and another against the group and the founder.


Today na Mark Anthony Osuchukwu’s turn, he lamented “#2943. The CEO of nakedness ogbanje group and whispers branch removed me from her friends list.


She has been a good friend until she removed me .


I will call her this evening to ask her about her dreadlocks and cowries.


I will ask her about her coconut bag too


Finally, I will ask her why she removed me .


Life is short to be doing nonsense.


Mr banks!”


People that were removed from the group came to do bashing kporakpo meeting on top the post but guess what? Members of the group have it to them hot!


Victoria Schirmer, Chairlady Association of Bitter former OC group members commented “That group is not even interesting, it’s boring and monotonous” Juliet Chukwurah replied her “Well it is for many people.” Victoria replied her “Juliet I removed myself from that group” and Juliet told her “Victoria Schirmer it’s okay if you removed yourself from the grouo but it is certainly not okay when you speak ill of it. Many people there enjoy it.”

Victoria resorted “Juliet they remove people from the group , it is bad and the group is actually of no use to me . It is fact . That group is superficial , if you start saying your sexual fantasy they will just remove you , that’s wrong on all counts , people should be free to express themselves without fear or favor. I don’t like the group it’s on a superficial level” Adiaha Mma attacked her “Liar liar pant on fire.

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Babe, you weren’t removed because you were being yourself. Check yourself well before laying accusations.


And for those who make posts after being removed, if it doesn’t pain you, you wouldn’t actually make a post. Ya’ll will just let it slide like it’s nothing.

But NO! That group is fucking important to ya’ll.”

Queen of the Coast, Chioma Amaryllis Ahaghotu asked her “Why are you going on and on about it though?!”

Victoria told Adiaha, “lol Mma I belong in better groups here in Europe , more advanced and they’ve not removed me Mma and as I earlier said I removed myself from that group because it’s of no use whatsoever”

Adiaha replied her “Oya clap for yourself now.

You’ve achieved the master key to heaven’s gate. Wehdone.” (No be small master key?)


Okafor Slick Okechukwu another bitter ex member oponurized “I removed myself a long time ago..  Even deleted her serf….  She’s weird” Chukwurah Juliet asked her “Is your comment not weird? Clap for yourself!”

Mojisola Omoyemisi Akamo Ekun told him “Shes beautiful and true to herself. You on the other hand are an hypocrite.


Adiaha Mma replied him “And you that is spelling ‘self’ as ‘serf’ is not wierd o”

Chioma Amaryllis asked him ” And you that is spelling ‘self’ as ‘serf’ is not wierd o”

Helena Nelson said “This one needs a slap ?”


Victoria Schirmer commented again “Mark  there’s absolutely nothing to loose in that group, it’s good riddance and totally useless”

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Rhamcee Munah asked her “Why does it give you so much pain?”

Chukwurah Juliet also replied “Rhamcee my sentiment exactly! You removed yourself yet you feel more pained than the poster.”

Victoria resorted “Rhamcee i am just being factual. Can they do group sex In that group ? That’s the least fantasy you can think of” and Rhamcee educated her “They can do that. Thing is can you? There are a lot of crazy people in there, people also want to come in but motives are different. A group where people want to come in and honestly relax, have fun and talk about their sexual fantasies, share nudes and all, but then there are moles, who want to get in the news for leaking nudes, the holier than thous, who do the most in secret, but when they come in public are sanctimonious, even more than the pope, those ones… Those are the ones that are flushed” (Gbam!?)

Chioma Amaryllis Ahaghotu asked her “And two comments in one post. On the scale of tears and Atlantic Ocean, how salty are you about this?!!!?????”

Victoria instead of keeping kwayet still ranted “Rhamcee Munah i didn’t submit My achieve to you , no I am not interested in group sex I just mentioned it as an example. A lot of people can theoretically do a lot of things, but in reality they  can’t, that’s the true definition of the group we’re talking about” and Tergun Bonginkosi told her “Victoria, trust me,  you’re useless  to the group too… Nobody noticed you were gone sef. Relax,  you’ll  go to heaven.”

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Andy Akhigbe told Mark “Anger Management. You’re angry she removed you and you want us to know since you have no clue how to deal with this even though you can give her a call. Amazing!” And Mark replied him “If I was angry she removed me, I won’t make this post.

Smh. Carry your anger management certificate to hell”(e pain am?)


When the defense became much, Mark commented “The third and fourth line would have thought all of you questioning me what sarcasm is. Smh” and Adiaha replied him “If your sarcasm has to be explained then it’s not sarcasm. It’s normal for people to come on this post with varying views. It’s only normal.

I know you’re cool with Ogbanje hence my suprise when I saw this post. But whatever mehn, sarcasm or not; you people should carry your wahala and create orgasm.”

Tergin Bonginkosi also commented ” Oh…  He said its  sarcasm?  Smh.”


Mark further said “Dear all of you arguing, I don’t have strength.

I called precious to ask watapun

She said “fuck you”

So, don’t worry oo.

I’m a loser. She has won my people.

Let me go back to sleep

I’m traveling.

??” (ok Precious haf vex! E reach to vex shaa, they don too bash her biko?)


All I have to say be make una leave Ogbanje Chronicles, the founder and the group members o. Wetin an adult dey do with their body no suppose dey give una headache naa, hian!

Ayam going joor?

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