Ogbanje Vs. Victor

Asiri lovers, oya get in here fas fas sharperly (when I never I add this, make una know say this my gist gobble okponge one) Who among you have heard of a new group trending on Zuckerville called Ogbanje Chronicles? If you haven’t, you dey dull o. Ife n’ile na eme na the place, kinky sexy sturvs you know. The group was created for those that want to be free with expressing themselves sexually without getting judged but trust holyweje hinnocent Nigerians, they sabi scatter everything. People have been condemning the group, starting from the name down to the peeps in it(how what an adult wants to do with their body and time is anybody’s business, I really have no idea. Well?), even snitches in form of group members save pictures and screen munch stuffs from the group to go mock them with on their timeline.

Accusations started flying from upandan, Ogbanje Precious Amarachi Ugo the founder of the group was doing all within their power to find the snitches, another secret group Whispers was even created just to curb the snitching, still ife na ebe akana ebe! People accused of being the snitches started putting up disclaimer posts on their walls bashing the group and equally saying they weren’t in the group in the first place so they should be left alone. That was how one of them Facebook celebrity, Victor Daniel ( he was very close to Ogbanje Precious as of few months back)  went ranting on his wall.

He wrote “I was never in the Ogbanje group. I was never added, because there is a long lost love between me and Precious, the owner of the group. When I made that post about leaving a group because I did not enjoy an environment where sex is over sensationalised, I wasn’t referring to the Ogbanje group. But I digress.

I’m not an inch moral. When I made that post I made sure to not sound condescending or judgmental to people who have the right to be in any group they want to. What I do not get is why someone would take my post as a sub post about the group, and of all groups I could be talking about, the person in his infinite wisdom felt I was subbing the Ogbanje group specifically.

And then it gets even more peppery to think that I made a post on my wall about an anonymous group and someone shared the screenshot on the group, and then somehow the owner of the group, with dada like dirty mopping stick, decides to make it a point to reference my post as some charade to get attention.

But then it’s good to know the only place my name will come up in that context is in a private group which reduces it to a mere gossip.


I don’t like to sub. Stop dragging me into your Web of malice.” Comments were flying in from left, right back and center, some hailing hailers were doing their job, while some were just doing amebo(like me?) but one comment made by Sobrams Awah got me thinking, he said “Awww, few months ago, you and this same person went on road trips with pictures all over your page and hers. Wow!  To think the relationship degenerated so fast in months. Online friendship? So so unstable!” (Who else noticed this? I have seen friends doing lovey dovey sturvs on here turn to sworn enemies within a twinkling of an eye. Nawa!)


Well Ogbanje Precious Amarachi Ugo wasn’t having any of that, she was obviously pained by the ‘hair like mopping stick’ insult Victor gave her. She resorted on her wall “I am going to go out of my comfort and goodness zone and make some person really really really PAY and I’m going to enjoy every moment of it and also enjoy the consequences that follow it. This promise I made to myself tonight with my tears. I will ruin that kid so he will have more sad tales to talk about.”(Eehyaa️)

And Victor fired back “Nonsense and small talks. Seeking sympathy over a line you crossed yourself. And then idiots who did not consider that you started talking shit about me will buy into your pity party and start to rub your head over what you started. Talking shit about “friends that pull you down to gain cheap points”. Don’t give what you can’t take fam.

Na when una get problem dem dey remember say you be small boy.

Nonsense and small talks.”

Hmmm! Ok o, my Asiri heyes are roving. We will see the end of this drama, that’s if they wish to continue with it shaa. But seriously, we judge way too much on here mehn, way too much!?

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