Olaide and Arewa

My people, una don hear the latest one? E fit be say una never hear this because DNA matter come block space for this zone since but don’t worry, I got you guys covered?

Imilimious wosky stuffs dey happen for this country, shocking something. Some group of Northern Youths weh dey call themselves Arewa Youths talk say dem don tire for Biafrans, come give them ultimatum to vacate the North before so so date. They even threatened them join sef, then say any Igbo person weh dey see for north won’t be alive to talk wetin im see?


You know the alarming thing? Our Government is saying absolutely nada about the whole thing! Una sure say time never reach to run leave this country eeh? ?


People took to Facebook to register their shock and anger at the nonchalant attitude the government is displaying towards the whole thing, one of the people that shared their thoughts, Olaide Wangai Akin wrote

“So a group of Arewa Youths gave an ultimatum to the Igbos to quit the Northern part of Nigeria within 3 months or be forced to do so.


When I saw the news, I initially thought, “Fake News” but then to my greatest shock, I realized it was real.




There would be no way to differentiate an Igbo man from a Yoruba man if/when that time comes.


All non- Hausas would look Igbo then.


And only God knows what measures would be taken to force the Igbos/Southerners to vacate the North.


This concerns us all as Southerners.


Seriously, who would see me on the road and guess I am Yoruba?


I look Igbo.


It’s interesting to note that even with the call for Biafra, I have not heard any pro-Biafran group asking non-Igbos to leave their land.


#oneNigeria #restructure #truefederalism”


Stephen Kalu commented “Bunch of frustrated illiterates who don’t know what their problems are”

Bola Awe told her “Thank you. And people keep comparing IPOB to the Northern Youth. I know for sure, I never heard IPOB asking non- Igbo to leave. They ought to be arrested and convicted” Armed with Molue load of spite, Amina Umaru Miango  replied her “They did worst Sis. They were asked to kill every Hausa and Yoruba person they saw.”

Bola replied her “I know.Kanu incited people to kill hausas and Yorubas but he was arrested. My point is these threats should be taken serious like it was when Kanu made the threats and came to Nigeria….”

Olaide told Bola “Aunty Bola Awe thank You! We keep allowing such to thrive. We were in Nigeria when the herdsmen crisis thrived. Let’s keep explaining away real threats. Did IPOB ever call a conference in Nigerian soil and ask people to vacate their lands. The answer is no.”


Amina instead of shushing up already, resorted “No one is explaining away anything.  I have called for their arrest before now.  I was just making her understand that IPOB  has also made threats she wasn’t aware of”


Olaide fired back at her “And it’s good she highlighted how that threat was handled and I highlighted how that threat was in a secret meeting outside Nigeria. The Arewa Youths had the boldness to call a press conference and issue such a threat on Nigerian soil. Wow!!!!”

Ceo Onwubiko chipped in ”

In the Almighty arewa house which symbolizes the a decision making assembly of the North. And the think this is funny, now Benue youths are asking the Igbo’s to come and live with them.


Those ones now knew that the were used and dumped by the Nigerian government during the civil war.”


Olaide replied him “I was shocked that they used the Arewa House. That sent a strong statement. Ceo Onwubiko. I won’t compare this to some clandestine meeting that was infiltrated. Their boldness has to be investigated.”

Covered from head to toe with hijab like controversy, Lawal Ibraheem Olalekan Oponurized “But u heard Nnamdi Kanu asking the Igbos to sit at home to mark Biafra day in Nigeria when he’s not an authority .” This earned him massive replies from pissed off people, Jideofor Igbealina asked him “You got a problem with that?”

Oyeyemi Michael Fatunla told him “He used that peaceful means to press home his demand”

Lawal instead of stating his facts, oponurized “Jideofor Igbelina,IPOB and Arewa youth are jobless and useless . Nigeria is one and will always be.”

Oyeyemi went ahead to educate him “This administration has played into their hands by arresting KANU,they made him and his course popular the division of the nation is more apparent now than before”

Ceo Onwubiko lectured him “You said to “mark” not to fight or to force. He only proposed without a threat, did he say that if you don’t sit at home you will be killed or harmed?.


By next year, on that day, every Igbo Man in Lagos, Abuja, PH anywhere that supports that referendum will sit at home that day. Then you and others including the almighty pharaoh will understand that it’s time to let the people go.”


Emmanuel Udoh asked him a very crucial question “Lawal so someone decided to sit at home is now a problem to Arewa?   Why can’t you guys just say no one should buy from igbos?   Than threatening violence.” (Epp me ask am o)

The controversial being still refused to back off, he went off again key again “Read my comment @ Mr Emmanuel , I was saying that IPOB and Arewa youth have brain cancer. Don’t u know …..IPOB always want to separate from Nigeria and Arewa said they should vacate their Land after all ,they found oil and other treasure in north now. That’s why I called the both group useless”

The thing no gree Ceo hold again, he clammed down on him hard “Lawal reduce your smoking capacity, its affecting your reasoning, especially that one you buy from Uromi.” (Chisos?)

Ifeanyi Biose called him out “Lawal Ibraheem Olalekan have you told all those from Chad and Niger to vacate the North because they are not Nigerians. I want to have my country does not mean I want to be your enemy, just like other non Nigerians, from Niger, Chad, Cameroonians have their own country and do business in Nigeria and also Nigerians like Dangote are not from Niger or Chad but do their business peacefully in those countries so also Biafra wants their country and do business wherever they want peacefully.

They pay taxes, abide by rules of the country where they live and do business they bring infrastructural development, they will obtain international passports and visas if need be, if they stay numbers of years and want to become citizens they will go to your embassy to apply for the permit to stay.”

And Olaide jejely put him in his place “Lawal Ibraheem Olalekan I don’t recall a sit at home being a violent protest. Protests is a human right. Didn’t you know that? They said they will use any means to evict none Igbos and you say it is not a crime? Tell me how the holocaust started again? Do you really think through things Lawal?” (The guy dey reason through the anus probably?)


People like Lawal came to downplay the whole Arewa youth threat kini and of course they were put in their place and educated very well

Then one unkle with too much experience came to show himself, he left what was been discussed and started misyarning. He said “So but for the fact that you may be mistaken for an Igbo and so mistakenly affected you don’t think it should concern all Nigerians? This is what is wrong with us, we so narrowly define what affects us. If something is wrong it is wrong regardless of how you may or may not be personally affected. The story is told of the catholic in Germany during the 2nd world war at the start of the holocaust. When they came for the Protestant, he said they are not catholic it does not concern me, when they came for the Jew he said I’m not a Jew it does not concern me, finally they came for him there was nobody to hear his cry. If they successfully throw out citizens of this country from a part of this country on grounds of ethnicity the throwing out of the rest cannot be too far behind. This is why we should all be concerned. I hope the government recognizes this for the threat that it is before things truly degenerates.” Oliver Nwankwo called him to order “Mr Nwokolo I will suggest you read the post again with a straight mind maybe you will understand it better.”


And Olaide offloaded him wella “I went to your wall and saw not one word from you on this issue. Yet you are Igbo. Define the word “hypocrite” and come back to this post. You can point fingers while you do nothing. And condemn people who chose to risk it all and speak up!  Alex Nwokolo” (well said girl!??)


The Unkle refused to let it go, he resorted “I’ve given time to think about these responses. I’m no hypocrite just that on this occasion I don’t agree with you. I don’t think that the sentiments you expressed in that single post characterizes you either but I took the opportunity to address those who may more strongly hold the sentiments you expressed.  If in doing so you’re offended kindly do accept my apology. It is your wall. But you did accept me as a friend and that at least to me implied that I may sometimes differ with the thoughts expressed even if on your wall. Sorry if I’m mistaken in thinking I’m allowed to disagree ” on your wall”.

That said I’m a firm believer in this country and what is possible if she was truly one country.  See Lagos as an illustration of this view. So you won’t find me promoting or republishing statements by people who I consider misguided. Where it is published as on your wall I’d usually if permitted join the conversation to provide an alternative viewpoint in the hope that in doing so I give a chance to those who share a similar sentiment to come out. Walls like yours also affords me the opportunity of seeing the limitations of my view. Once again I’m sorry if you felt offended by my comment. It was not my intent to offend.”


Well Olaide wasn’t planning on letting him have the last words either, she lectured him “There’s a difference with having an opinion and then questioning my motives. That was unfair! You implied I’m only making these post because I look IGBO. If I used that to get people’s attention to a real problem how have I done wrong. I have noticed something in social media. People attack you and then call it opinions. There is a difference and I know that difference. Alex Nwokolo”


Hmmm! No be all this biggie biggie grammar una dey spark be my concern o, my own na the ultimatum weh dey dash Biafrans soo. Which way Naija eeh??




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