Olu Bunmi replies Hanty Joy

Ghen Ghen! Asilovers, Olu Bunmi haf fired back at Hanty Joy o and guess what? She called her ‘Joyless’ in the sub ? ( Shebi una don see say no be me formulate the name?)

She wrote “Apparently, I have been subbed over my posting of rape stories. I did not know I had been till someone told me to go and read some joyless person’s wall. I did not go at first but when I read that she subbed me, I said let me go and see.


This is what I said in Picture 1.


This is what some joyless person claims I said in picture 2.


As long as people continue to give me the honour of being their mouthpiece, I will continue to be that mouthpiece for them. I don’t take that honour for granted and I feel humbled to be the recipient.


If I am not doing anything, what stops you from doing anything? Abi is there only one route to the market? I hope you were there at the demonstration held yesterday at Alausa.


I am in England doing my best in my little way while you are on ground in Nigeria. Go and move  mountains for rape victims na. Am I stopping you?


Infra dig oshi. Kmt.


Not every time ni o need lati wa nasty just for nastyness sake sho gbo? You came to my wall to read and go back and write trash about me. Am I your ‘goddess’ ni?


I am constantly ashamed of YOU.”

Olubunmi replies Hanty Joy


Her fans and lovers had a field day on the post; those applauding/encouraging her for her works were doing so, those that gat zero love for Hanty Joy were also there calling for her head


Eniola Kadiri commented

“They say pride comes before fall when some one becomes too self absorbed they begin to exhibit the  highest level of stupidity. I  have read rhe misquoted post may she not be raped but just a little mishandling and am sure she will be more objective in thinking. A month ago Olowogbogboro was her problem today rape some body is doing her own little to help humanity let her too contribute her own in peace and free other peoples live’s.”


Anne Nebedum narrated

“Do you know what Piss me off about this said ”joy”?

She loves to criticize BUT HATES being criticized!

She throws insult ”calling it intelligent” conversation or argument!

But once someone calls her out and gives her doses of what she spills!

So she Cry’s blue murder!

She dey sub now she dey  beef E dey  sweet am…


Her followers won’t see this now o… Mtchewww… KMT”


Adeola Ajoke chanted “Who is this moron?”??


Olori Ashebi encouraged Olu Bunmi

“Don’t think everybody will like your hard work n relevance o aunty Bunmi, some people have 5,000 friends on fb n can not get a 100 likes n 50 comments n you’re here pulling d crowd n getting all d cheers n you expect there wee not be bad belle pipus? Who told you that? Even Jesus christ get pelzin wey dey beef am. Aunty biko leave that thing, put up another post let’s cheer you again jarey omo baba JOPA! God gat yah back sis! Let anybody that has got water in their eyes keep crying it has not rained in my area since yesterday. Next lesssooonnnnn!!!!”


They kept on firing at her, not even one person came in to defend her (well anybody that tries that even if it’s subtly, would be CHOPPED into tiny pieces??)

Olubunmi replies Hanty Joy Olubunmi replies Hanty Joy Olubunmi replies Hanty Joy


Their own na to sub, my own na to write. Asiri issa do hanlele to the next sub??

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