Olu Bunmi Vs Online Trolls

What is WAKA PASS? Waka pass is the ability of someone to hold him/herself from commenting on a post contrary to his/her opinion and jejely be on their way to avoid oponurizing and causing unnecessary drama(s)


Is waka pass a virtue? Oh yes it’s a ‘virtue’ because it requires a serious strong will and ability to mind your business to pull it off


Does many Facebook pipus lack it? Freaking YeS! In fact 90% of Facebook peeps lacks it in all ramifications and they are soo chill less eeh that you would feel like giving them better sense resetting slaps?


Another chill less individual pulled that stunt on Olu Bunmi and got served, as in they pound am finish, use am do ‘Nkwobi’?. It turned out it was a fake akant sef, mtschew


Olu Bunmi wrote “Facebook – Smoke and Mirrors. Facebook- where people preach what they don’t believe just to get likes. Follow at your peril”


Friends/fans were agreeing, some where just hmming (in affirmation or not, I knoweth not?), then out of nowhere, one hanty Folake Omotosho with zero waka pass virtue, fired at Olu Bunmi “You just give a definition of who you are. I pray your followers learn from this. Make-believe stories, make – believe life. That’s why you have more sycophants than friends. Mtchewww…”(egbami o, wrong move sis. Abort mission!?) This earned her rapid responses from people (before nko, who no like Amebo worth something?),  Bubu Tamara rebuked her “Too much bitterness bottled up in you….loose some and be free. #Christ did not die for such e-pulling down.” (Preach!??)

Joyce Ngozi Ozoagu asked her “Like seriously??????? What do you mean?” (This one na amebo queshure shaa, eez that the rebuking you would rebuke her??)

Ibinike Dolapo lectured her “E pele Madam Christian Life Coach. She’s not this kind of person. A lot of us have interacted with her on and off this platform and we know who she is. I feel sorry for you sha. May God heal your bitter heart.”

Bubu Tamara replied Ibinike “Amen Ibinike Dolapo Taiwo-Fajolu Spewing such hate comes from a bitter place. #soo deep I pray she heals on time, I sincerely  feel bad for her”

Olu Bunmi landed and put her in her place “Eeya… so, you feel this way about me yet are following me? Can you not see that you are an eleriibu sombodi? We are NOT friends so, you sought me out to come to my wall to rap shit ba? Pele. You will be alright.Olu Bunmi Vs Online Trolls


Thank you sisters Atim, Bunmi, Bubu, Joyce, Ibinike”

Joyce snapped out of her ‘amebotic stance’ and replied Bunmi “Some people can’t help themselves so they just try to destroy everything and everyone. Just clear definition of FRUSTRATION. Sis Bunmi of life! The Love you have from us is too deep that u won’t be able to detect any hate that emanate from any quarter. ???”

Bunmi packed the love weh dem dey baff am with, with shovel and declared “Thank you jare my sisters. Go to the person’s profile. Obviously fake. They set it up to troll I am sure. They must be REALLY bitter. And stupid. And sad. They went to the effort of opening a fake profile to troll. How sad is that? Folake Omotoyosi, pele ehn? You better seek joy in your life.”

Other people came and showed support and epp cure the bitterness weh dey worry the troll (insert all the screen shots here)


Yet the troll refused to borrow sense, she lashed out still “Do i blame all of you sycophants? Nayyyy!!!! Olu Bunmi goddess of shades and subs, Mama Zuckerville, your followers will soon know scores. Maa Jo lo, mo n wehin re… So it pleases your followers when you sub people but can cry foul when you are being attacked? Awon wereeeyyyy…….” (shuuu, Yaba left be calling some pipus?)


This time nobody even answer am, who get time to dey answer faceless troll? They kuku rested and allowed her to troll till she tire ni?


You see how jobless people are? As in you create akant to dey insult people? Tueh!





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