Disclaimer: I have never stayed long in the north. Whatever opinions I may give in this post are the result of my observations of northerners in my own (mostly southern and western, and a few other) locations.
So, without meaning to sound cliché or over drumming the issue, this is me again, reviewing the (not so) little matter of a quit notice handed down to ndi Igbo by a coalition of northern youths under various umbrellas.

While on one hand, I partially agree that they are just a bunch of lazy scumbags who are afraid of the Igbo people thriving despite the persecution in their cities and states, I also understand that it can be due to the indoctrination they have received over the years from their older ones and that most devious of animals known as the northern elder.

I have had the privilege of interacting with some northerners, and I can tell you that what they feel for those of southern extraction is not exactly hatred, it is a sort of “otherness”, a kind of “they are not like us” which is similar to what a three year old boy experiences when seeing a naked year old girl in the nude, a kind of shock at the difference. But I digress.

On the heels of the quit notice handed to the Igbos living in the north, a new twist has popped up in the tale: a number of youth organizations in the niger delta have come out to demand that the federal government revoke the ownership of the oil blocks, a number of which are owned by a number of northerners.


Apparently, they have gotten wise to the fact that “Igbos” is not definitive of people of the south east who speak any of the various dialects of Igbo as a first language, as far as the Hausa are concerned. One does not need rocket science or arcane theology to know that a man from Delta state will have a tough time explaining the significant differences between his Ika, which they say is not Igbo, and the Igbo of a man from across the Niger, to an angry mob. In the day of pogrom, the minor dialectical variations will not mean the difference between life and death. there will be no Shibboleth for the ika man, or the urhobo man, or the itsekiri man for that matter. All will be lumped up, and the cry of “ina nyamiri” will lead to them being pointed out and lynched.

The Niger Delta Watchdogs, Niger Delta Volunteers, Niger Delta Peoples’ Fighters, Niger Delta freedom mandate, and the niger delta warriors, among others , have issued a joint statement to the effect that they intend to declare a republic of the Niger Delta by the first of October, which is the same deadline the northern youths gave ndi igbo.Image result for IGBO QUIT NOTICE

According to the statement,
* They see the statement issued by the northern youths as one which the northern elders, traditional leaders political elite, security heads from the north and the northern governors are all aware of.

* They are demanding a hundred per cent control of the resources.

*They also demand that the Federal Government should hand over all oil blocs owned by northerners to Niger Delta indigenes.

*All the companies operating in such oil blocs/wells should vacate within three months

Hear them Roar:
“The Federal Government should immediately relocate NNPC and all the offices that have to do with the oil and gas sector back to Niger Delta states and immediately replace the Group Managing Director with an indigene of the Niger Delta.

“All northern indigenes working in NNPC and any other board that has anything to do with the oil and gas should be sacked with immediate effect.

“We demand an independent and sovereign Republic of The Niger Delta. We are tired of living with the North under Nigeria. We are tired of the President’s sentiments against the Niger Delta people.

To be frank with you, this is the best time to be the recipient of a scholarship, and fly “to the abroad”, or someplace else similarly safe, where I can order a continental jumbo size popcorn, and an entire sea of Zobo and Kunu to last me while I watch the situation resolve.

I confess to being more than amused with this situation, and I patiently await the government’s responses (if any) to this latest development. But this is not all, far from it, stay tuned. We will catch up!

What do you think?

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