On Southern hospitality and the Biafra question


I know it sounds odd, but I have recently taken time to read, or perhaps I should say, re-read, the so-called “marching orders” given by a ragtag collection of lazy brigands of northern extraction, to Nigerians of igbo extraction living in the north, and the document is both funny and unfunny in multiple ways.  There is no greater joke, and no more laughable argument than that which the bunch of lazy dimwits presented: That the persistent agitation of the igbos for a biafran state was allegedly constituting an impediment on other people’s rights. That is funny. So if people shut their shops, protest peacefully in the streets, or put up flags, that constitutes an impediment? Perhaps I don’t understand what an impediment is. Or perhaps they don’t understand what it means to constitute an impediment.

Once upon a time, in a northern city (I will not name), I entered a keke, a tricycle, on my way from point A to point B.  Somewhere along the way, a muezzin in a mosque we were passing began a call to prayer, and that was when the surprise came. The tricycle operator,(maybe a driver , a rider, or some hybrid of the two?) parked by the roadside, completely discountenancing the fact that we were passengers inside his vehicle who had paid with our hard earned money for the service of locomotion, and went into the mosque.

I stared in a strange mixture of amusement and outrage, and resumed pressing my phone. I was at the mercy of the tricycle operator on that day, out in the middle of nowhere, perhaps calmed down by the calmness and sangfroid of my co-passengers. If I was heading for a timebound appointment, that tricycle operator would have cost me the appointment, and whatever money I was supposed to have earned from it. Properly defined, the actions of that hausa muslim vehicular tradesman, on that hot, sunny afternoon in a state in northern Nigeria, constituted an impediment.

buhari and igbo elders



So when  a ragtag band of disgruntled misfits whose only claim to relevance is sheer weight of numbers and a bloodlust that is matched only by their laziness and ineptitude begins to issue threats and accuse ndi igbo of being an impediment by virtue of their agitation for a biafran state, it becomes obvious that something is wrong. It is worthy of note that the leader of the ragtag band of brigands, a certain alhaji who is more of an elder than a youth, but obviously doesn’t know his place in life, was on Channels tv,  mouthing off and talking about how they were going to carry out their actions, and this was barely a day after their governor allegedly issued a statement denouncing their action and calling for their arrest!

And when they claim to not have the backing of the northern elders and the political elite, but still manage to be seen dancing around with impunity after the executive governor of the state has claimed to have ordered their arrest, then the igbo nation should be very worried. The igbo men, wherever they may be,  are popular, notorious even, for being traders and businessmen. They have always thrived in whatever environment by the sheer business skill and financial acumen that seem to be genetically built into south-easterners. So when the igbo men, who enjoy healthy patronage from their hosts up north, are suddenly accused of abusing the hospitality of their hosts, it becomes eminently obvious, even to the non discerning, that someone is spoiling for a fight. The igbos may be masters of tapping and touching ladies when they are trying to invite you to come and buy their wares, but I am very sure they keep their fingers to themselves when they are in the north.


Again, I have neither spent that long a time in the north, nor been female, so if you experience what we would call Sanusi-Eze-Araseharassment by igbo traders trying to get you to buy their wares in the north, you may come here and say so, I will appreciate the feedback. But we must not neglect the fact that it is the northerners who have the stranglehold on the abuse of hospitality. We would do well to remember the case of Ese Oruru, and her abductor/boyfriend/husband, one Yunusa, who got her pregnant and spirited her away from her family with the use of charms, only to claim that she was now Habiba, or some other trumped up name, and was now a converted muslim girl, and was now married to him.

I am completely certain that even if an igbo man had a chocolate penis that ejaculated money, he would never try such in the north. The backlash would be instantaneous, complete with burning of shops and mass murder.

So now my question is, why are these agents of hate still walking free? Does this not imply a kind of tacit support for their plans? Are we going to pretend all is well until the mass killings begin again?

A word is enough for the wise.

What say you?


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  1. Viv

    I gave up when they said Igbos parade as herdsmen to commit crime. Deep hate

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