Only a Dancing Video

Asiri lovers get in fas fasly(e reach to gbagun on top biko?), who have seen Maria Udeh Nwachi’s ‘wereh’ dance videos? ??

(Una sabi am abi? Afikpo Chic? Retired runz geh turned Ebonyi State House of Assembly Member (babe is good mehn!?) weh advised h-anty with experience Linda Ikeji sometime ago about guys matter and Facebook h-angry pikins tear am in to pieces? I bet you don sabi her now abi???

If you haven’t seen those videos eeh, YOU ARE WRONG!??


Apparently babe was feeling herself for construction of the very bad road her influence made the state government to start off, as in she dey feel herself 3much and decided to do dance videos. She named them ‘Talk and Do (in honor of St Mary’s Road Afikpo Construction’


Babe was making some serious moves mehn, even break dancing sef, rotating herself and shaking her head vigorously like dem fall and die people ?(I no go lie, she was looking ridiculous in some shaa but hey! She was damn happy so…?)


Her Facebook friends and fans were hailing her and tapping into her happiness, people were sharing it vum vum vum. Na so dem share sotey Instablog9j reposted it and Naija Instagram community was on fire. They yab her sotey, I begin dey pity am sef?(ifihear?)

dammy_yusuph commented ” @yomioje this one is running mad nifa and pple dinnor notice”

beepmary said “The dress is so ugly”

shugaboo2 asked “What is happening please????????? did the circus come to town?”

suuperprince said “me I’m just thinking who’s got her phone number @djgunzee @cutekimani she needs some solid D… sorry, doctor… I mean, doctor… ?”

megzzz01 tagged her friends “Na so e dey start?? @geniiephar@saucepapi”

lewacosmeticsandspaIs asked “she on drugs??”

estelleonica asked “Are you sure she didn’t take something or is it that she bought a new car?”

anneamune said “See our lawmakers chai”

omofolahanmii tagged her/his friend “Lmao! Mad ones @kingvictus”

euchariaanajekwu concluded “The woman remembers her fat account in the bank of course what do you expect from her if not mad ness, l mean too much money can course mad ness to some people and she isexbi”

janemichaelekanem cajoled her “Her cook has mistakenly put his weed in her jollof rice.”

faflam019 asked “How did osogbo weed manage to reach Ebonyi? ?”(una wicked o?)

xaaixaai concluded “I think that she is dating a younger man and this is just to show the guy that she knows what’s up. Sadly na 1980 move she get. Naija!!! Next election I will personally push cossy forward. We need these people for comic relief. Naija sun too hot biko”


beads_and_accessories asked “What kind of (Law-Maker ) is this?May God help us.”(so lawmakers suppose dey frigid abi? Nigerians una never start o, keep electing them and be asking us nonsense questions fa?)

mr_swayzieA country get leaders it deserves.


Her defenders were doing a good job defending her wella?

One of them, altinibala said “Afikpo chic… she can do crazy things yet very focused and intelligent”

Another faithful defender, british1to4yahoocombritish1to4 commented “she is dancing bcs of her fulfilment to what she promised her ppl”

ohlue said “One thing people don’t know is Dat u just have to make urself happy. Some people may think shes mad. I can’t tell u she’s not. She’s just very happy. What’s making her happy… I dunno. I do crazy stuff to. Anybody Dat have dis attitude to life… Believe me u” (apt!??)

omodomo said “She is just a happy soul period! Maybe as a result of some fair sharing of the state resources you know it’s Monday; sharing day.”

iamodass said “Someone can not just be happy and dance the way she want …na wa ooo Nigerians and story”


Well no doubt, she is a very happy soul but Instagram pikins no ask you that one o. As in theh have no love at all, they h-angry pass Facebook shildren o, choi!?



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  1. Tolu

    Her dance was in poor taste please, very unserious set of lawmakers we have. Only good for comic relief. Tueh.

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