Open Your Heart & Not Your Skirt

This our generation eeh, we don spoil finish. As in we don rotten kpata kpata! Remember back in the days weh sex na heavy sin? Days when our mama dem dey warn us,

if you make mistake touch man (even if na only finger you take touch am o) you don carry belle be that? Those days weh we no dey fit discuss sex for outside without biting our tongue? Days weh we dey guilty finish after sharing one kiss (not to talk of doing the real do?)? Those days don waka fly pass window and waka away o


These days we no dey shame at all, in fact we dey beat our chest say we dey do the do(no time jare?)


Blessing Mary Ochiedo posted a comment made by Tosin Ayo on a quiz themed ‘Describe what you think love is’ and ndi uwa like me came gun blazing?


She wrote ” This made my day:


“If he is in love with you, he will draw peace, not pierce, he will open your heart, not your skirt, he will savour you, not labour you, he will take you to the altar, not to the slaughter, he will visit your house, not open your blouse, he will open his pockets, not his zip, he will nurture you, not rupture you.”

By the erudite Tosin Ayo”


First commenter K I Jago commented “LOL.

I open my girl’s blouse, open her skirt and open my zip all the time. I still love her like crazy.


All dis kain talk na just to form rhyme.”

(Inukwa rhymes icheno nke obere a?)


Blessing replied him with a laugh and said “This message is too deep for your carnal mind jor??” And his fellow ndi uru came calling, Nnayi Elugo replied him “”Not ‘piercing’ her?”

I’m sorry, but how are y’all gonna shag? But you do know that the post is just word salad, right?”


Another Onye uru Emmanuel Olutimehin also replied “Opening of blouse, skirt and zipping of trouser is what Ayo used to spoil. They are also part of loving. As soon as I came to the part that had all that, the whole thing became tasteless.”

Vahyala Kwaga also said “KI Jago just yarned sense. Mr. Ayo’s post is some kind of word salad as Nnanyi Elugo has aptly pointed out. It might be true for Mr. Ayo but untrue (and misleading) for others.”


Chukwurah Juliet commented “Well i adopt Ciroma chukwuma Adekunle’s: I will open her heart and her skirt.

I will savour her and we will labour together and enjoy together.

I will visit her house and open her blouse.

I will open my pockets & my zip.”


Mavis Ishanqueen Michellini chipped in “All this na talk. The guy that does all of this in the friendzone.” She further said “Women are just as sexual as men. A man who loves you but doesn’t make moves to fuck you is and will remain just a friend.”

(Women, how true is this bikonu?)


Victor Daniel commented ”

Well, I love my girl, and I still love to have sex with her. I wonder why people believe when you love someone you won’t ask for sex, when in fact love is a motivator for sex.” Blessing replied him “I don’t think the post is against sexual attraction jare”


Ajifa Raphael told Blessing “Blessing Mary Ocheido if the post had said ‘he will open his pocket before his zip, he will visit your house before he opens your blouse, he will open your heart before he opens your skirt… ‘ ehen, I would have agreed with your interpretation of the post o.(And this can still be argued sef)


But when he uses ‘NOT’ then it totally brings a different meaning to the message in the post.”


Jhon Essien provoke “Leave them let them be forming chaste.


I make it a point to tell you from the very start that sex is a big dea forl me.

If you’re one of those people who does that, “so you just want me for my body” clichés, then it helps me know not to waste my time early enough… Nonsense and ingredients.”


I wan know when we spoil reach like this bikonu? Chayee????


Ble Ble e be like say na only you waka come eeh?


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