Our Vice President is Icing Sugar

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A long time ago, In a forum I belong to, I made some statements regarding powerless Christians in the face of the prevailing situation in Nigeria, and how the generation of powerless Christians was led by our very own amiable Vice President, (you know his name). I wondered about the genesis of his pastorship, his vice-presidential nomination, and his subsequent relegation to the post of a “commissioner”, and his total irrelevance in the scheme of things. 

I got a lot of feedback.

Trust typical Nigerians, a lot of it was negative. Nothing based on facts or logic, merely religious and blind arguments about “touch not my anointed” and all that crap.  A typical Nigerian will heartily join you to complain about anything and everything, the state of the economy, the rising costs of everything, from sanitary pads to foodstuff and other consumables. But mention a so called “man of god”, and your erstwhile partner in griping will turn and attack you with bared fangs.

I merely wanted to engage, and ask questions that I’m sure are bothering the minds of more than a few rational individuals of whatever religious persuasion you choose. Osinbajo is a lawyer, and I have a lot of distrust for that, from the start. Next, he is not just a practicing lawyer, he has a law firm, which handles cases for a lot of major corporations. Now let’s be honest here. Being a lawyer, and at that level, you can be sure that there has been a lot of fact bending and grey-shading along the way. Not to mention the shady dealings that go on in high places as regards the legal  profession


Then you consider the fact that he is a Pastor,which, personally, I find a tiny bit difficult to reconcile with  being a lawyer. And somehow, he got to be Buhari’s running mate. It was his inclusion on the ticket that got the majority of the Christian populace to vote, due to the fact that the Redeemed Christian Church of God, where he is a pastor, is one of the largest churches in Nigeria, and they have a habit of being blindly and fanatically devoted to their religious leaders. We’ll discuss that another day.


Back to the VP.

Pastor, Lawyer and now VP. Or shall we say “Commisioner”. We had a pastor VP candidate once, incidentally with the same General Buhari as presidential candidate. Pastor Tunde Bakare was once Buhari’s running mate. That was 2011. I can say without fear (argue in the comments section) that if Buhari had won back then, and Tunde Bakare had been his vice, things would not be like this. Tunde Bakare has made a name for himself as one who does not back down, and who is not afraid to name, shame, and blame. I dare say that if things had sunk to the all time low where we are now, special thanks to Buhari and his endless list of tactless comments, Pastor Bakare would have either been making his own counter comments, or would have done the honorable thing and resigned rather than being relegated to the role of a commissioner.


It doesn’t come as a surprise, then, when  people label Pastor Yemi Osinbajo (or Osinbade, as Buhari famously called him) as a lot of icing sugar: It is added to make the cake more appealing, but is carefully removed before the actual eating of the cake begins. This explains his total irrelevance in today’s scheme of things.

But it appears those days are drawing to an end. If the recent wave of things in the country is anything to go by, we  will slowly be transitioning from an era of ill thought out policies and pronouncements, fuelled by religious and ethnic sentiments, to an era where things are done properly. For the record, pastors have been saying things . Apostle Johnson Suleiman, founder of Omega fire Ministry, who  was very recently in the news for his comments about defending oneself from the onslaught of the Fulani herdsmen, in his 2017 prophecies,  predicted the attempted impeachment of Prof Osinbajo, twice, and also dropped a shocker: that God would humble Buhari in 2017. Also notably, the General Overseer worldwide of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, pastor E.A. Adeboye, said in his prophecies, that the year would be full of surprises, and that those people making life difficult fr the common man would be relocated.

Abeg, note the word “relocated”, and tell me which singular individual has made things more difficult for the common man, and where such and such people are now.


Oya, I don de go. If you say that Buhari, after leading the country into a recession that has made things difficult for the common man, has taken ill and relocated to the UK, with relocated being the key word. Abeg, talk your own for the comments section.

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