Oya o! Come Collect Ya Change

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One early morning, we Naija people wake up decide say we wan go vote. We done look round, come see say this slow and steady rubbish wey the former government dey do don tire us… CHANGI! CHANGI!! CHANGI!!! Oyibo dey call am “exercise ya right” but them no tell us say we fit exercise our wrong join… how we for take sabi na?

That early morning, some enter sun while others enter rain. Some travel, some dey house. Fear no gree some comot house while others wear clothe comot go exercise their right And wrong for Mama Iyabo joint.

When we finish dem tell us say Baba Buhari don win the election, dem say na him go be our new Presido.. some people vex, other people happy. Some people celebrate, other people cry.

Election no sha easy o! Anywhere wen you support that day you don try. Right or wrong no be your wahala again, why? Because all the politicians wen contest don chook hand for sand, lick am, point go heaven dey swear say na their party go help we country pass. If na lie how you for take sabi?…

Una no hear say One Naira go turn to One Dollar?

Una no hear say Nepa go dey give light nyafu-nyafu?

Una no hear say everybody go get handwork? On top that one, them talk say insurance cover the people wen no see handwork do because government go dey share money give dem?

Who no like better thing?…

Change don come!

Baba no wait make dem announce say na him win finish before him travel go America, Germany, China, Saudi, help me remember the remaining abeg… Abi na for here e go dey equalize Naira and Dollar? Go ask people wen dey watch oyibo action film na, everybody sabi say oyibo sabi do ‘jazz’ pass Naija na. Na true say na we get ‘odi-eshi’ but that one never reach the kind jazz wen Jet Li dey take fly for him film na, so Baba need to travel make e fit help us buy the machine wen dey give other countries their nyafu-nyafu light.

As we dey wait, we don dey ask ourselves different different questions wey dey make person vex. Some say “Baba no dey work”, the others say “e neva tey wen him start nah!” some other people again just siddon dey look.

As we dey house dey wait, money dey dry for we people pocket, food dey scarce for we market, even we family people wey dey come back from oyibo land no kuma dey share dollars like before… some of us say “e better like so; na to show say change dey come”, some other people done suffer soteh them no get power take do argument again sef. Meanwhile, where Baba? E don travel again?

Anyway, maybe this time around e go bring professional ojuju from Russia because him get bad plan to finish boko-haram once and for all, bury all of them one hand. Na so!… some dey happy, some dey fear, plenty civilians dey busy dey die from accidental discharge. Those busybody civilians sef! Mtcheeeew… as them hear say Baba don land with the ojuju wen him carry come dem no sabi say dem suppose clear road? Leave dem sha, make we talk about better better things wen Baba dey do.

Baba swear say him and corruption go chook leg for the same trouser… Infact, him talk say if e catch corruption? Heeeeeh! Hmmmmm!! Grrrrrrrrr!!!

As you can see my brother my sister, Baba no just wan carry ear hear say anybody dey do anything wen resemble corruption. Even him ‘body language’ don do make corruption pack him load cross border… so as e be, some politicians dey take N270million to cut grass for camp where refugees neva see food chop, Vice President dey mount gate for him house with N250 million, one senator dey collect salary wey fit train him whole village for nursery, primary and secondary.

Na true say people no dey fit happy too much again or celebrate anything sef, but how ya happiness go take help fight corruption you ungrateful ingredient? People dey busy dey try  change we country, you dey busy dey complain say you no see food chop, you no fit carry ya pikin go hospital, thief don plenty pass people wey get kaya, school fees no dey, fuel too cost, light no dey, freedom of speech na for ya pocket, this and that!… complain no good if you no know.

As e be, Baba dey work day and night to bring ya change, so close ya mouth and collect ya change. When another election come, maybe na ya balance you go begin find, na you sabi.. anything wen we Naija people want, na hin we Naija people go get. Oya come and collect ya change.


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