Pastor Suleiman

Nigerian Facebook na one week one wahala, something must happen and person must trend. Drama toh sure gahn??

We still dey flog Kemen for messing up and fiam Apostle Suleiman decided to fall his blokos or not…i no know

One Canadian up and coming artiste cum stripper accused our Pastor in dalaud of several atrocious things ranging from promising her marriage, facking and getting her Preggy and trying to force her to take concoction that will terminate the pregnancy. She even sue the holy man for deceiving and trying to kill her

As usual, Pastor and his flocks will try and salvage what’s left of his damaged image and of course they swong into action fas fas. Holy man claimed he was only helping babe financially and to convert her from prostitution to working in the vineyard of the dalaud. He even said baby girl is blackmailing him…akuko

Stephanie Otobo was not having any of that at all, and sharp sharp she released screen grabs of video call session between her and Pastor fireman and employed the services of controversial APC lawyer; Festus Keyamo.

Ghen ghen ghen…..

Trust the Judges and Jurys of Facebook naa(dey no dey ever disappoint at all), they swung into action and as usual, group was divided into 3; the Christian group, the atheist group and the neutral group????

Pastor and his team said its photoshopped (photoshop haf suffered in our hands for this kwontry??) and the Christian group concurred ‘oscus’. They even called her all sorts of degrading names like ashewo, olosho wowo, kro kro body, ezi etc.

One of them Nnanna Oketa reposted on his wall “Chinenyenwa Ibeneme wrote: Those strippers in Caramelo clean pass that Canada pass olosho nah.

400k for a night! Odiegwu!

For that kind body if na me,  I will just buy her pepper soup and small stout..

If true,true  Pastor paid her 400k, he over paid,  he should go and collect  his change abeg”

Are you surprised? Don’t be o, our gods of men are saints and can never do wrong???

We still dey swallow that one and Pastor wife, Dr Lizy Suleiman uploaded a video on the Facebook page of the church, defending her husband and calling Nigerians ‘gullible’ people ???

Atheists are enjoying every bit of the show cause according to them it reaffirms theirdecisionss of not believing in God and gods of men.

Uzoamaka Keke Ezeonwurie, a hardcore atheist wrote ‘That moment a pastor’s wife says “the problem with most Nigerians is that they are so gullible, they believe everything” Olooololo! Uratta ekwuola! Belief 0-1 Evidence ???????”

Another member of this group wrote “My concern is simply; Why would a man who collects N5 and N50 from millions of poor people decide to use that money to fund a stripper in Canada? Is the stripper’s soul better than that of the poor congregants in Nigeria? Even Jesus intervened on behalf of the prostitute and that was that; he didn’t hang around to give her money, he just intervened and went his way. Apostle Suleiman has once again displayed the recklessness with which Nigerian pastors handle public donations to their organisations. It’s bad to mismanage church funds by gifting people money for the salvation of their soul”

Meanwhile, the neutral team are busy doing undercover sturvs to determine whether the screen grabs released are fake or not

Ugonna Ufere na member of this group and he posted “The breasts…where did she keep the breasts before appearing in court???
Are they the same lady?” This was followed by some pictures showing different sizes of babe’s brezz; both the size seen on the screen grabs and the size seen on her chest at the court???

Another member Mike Ikem Umealo commented on one the Christian bashing posts ” No one has blackmailed Pastor Bakare and no one has blackmailed Bishop Oyedepo. No one has also blackmailed Father Mbaka. Why? They all spoke against the Fulani Herdsmen long before Apostle Suleiman. So why didn’t anyone blackmail them? I will tell you. No one has anything on them yet? ”

As usual we dey dey wait to see the end of this tori or another one weh big enough to take over

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