“Portia is a scammer” wails a frustrated Nigeria weh she scam

The way dem dey take open nyash these days for Facebook don dey fear me, as in dey do with careless abandonment…woosaa style🙆🏼‍♀😂


Everybody sabi Facebook celeb Portia abi? If you no sabi am make I give you small BIO; She is a Naija Deltan, one of core GEJ dem political campaigning peeps dat year. Some time ago she pulled one crap for wall ( Click Here >> Burnt driver story ) which turned out to be LIES las las…smh🤦🏽‍♀


This time na one bobo with vexing spirit dey call out for im wall, read him 👇🏽


“I have people I respect on Facebook even though I’ve not met them and I’m not sure I want to. This people must understand that respect beget respect.


If you know that I respect you on this platform, please reciprocate back or I’ll shove that respect in your nose😡


Uncle in my inbox writing “give Portia time, she’ll pay. I’ve just spoken with her” and all the ‘gilberish’ should biko leave my inbox o..


You people don’t know this woman had started her scamming business since ages past.


She is a scammer.


Oga, ask her if I did not ask a mutual friend to call her in the past that I want to visit her blind people community to donate my token directly to them and she said they are scattered all over the places and that I wouldn’t be able to locate them.


This was few days after she wrote about  just paying rent for her blind people and was raising money for building a home for them so she can stop paying rent…


Help me tell madam to be ready with the receipt and description of the land she bought with the money she raised from this same Facebook o..


She will take us to see the stage the charity building is now.. we will like to give her the accolade she deserves.


At least I have people who donated for that project ranging from 5k to 200k. Some she had also blocked.


You think they don’t want to know the progress of what they donated their hard earned money for?😏


When we are done with this whole issue; we would have opened a can of worms 🐛


Shebi, you want to be stupid. You want to eat your cake and hav it back. Shebi your creditors can kiss Buhari’s ass ni??


Let us be practical with stupidity.


I no get job. At least not yet😎


Ndi Asiri ibem, carry mattress land for their commenting and ‘mbopering’. Tagging members weren’t left out kwa, na the job we dey do for this place be that😂🤣



Ever since that fake burnt driver tori stunt weh she pull, I come dey take corner of my left eye dey look am.😒


We die here shaa, I must see wetin she wan talk for defense

Till then…kam biakwanu🚶🏽‍♀🚶🏽‍♀

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