Puppet Country

If you spend enough time on social media platforms, particularly Facebook, you may have seen any number of posts saying: “ignore this if you’re heartless” or “scroll down if you don’t love God/Jesus/your mum”… Why do Nigerians go ahead  and comment on or like such posts? Can it be fear and ignorance? Is there an unspoken understanding that such behaviour is normal or acceptable?

Why this particular situation bothers me is simply because it shows we have an incredible number of sheep in human clothing in this country. Zombie-like acceptance as the norm, of the most nonsensical innuendos imaginable reign supreme amongst us.

The thousands of people who react to such juvenile demands for attention are also voters. The same people who not only have, but insist on disseminating their uninformed opinions on matters of national interest. During elections, these are the ones who will always tip the scale in favour of whichever party propagates the most outlandish campaigns.

Nigeria is currently plagued with clownish ‘leaders’ like Lai Mohammed, Solomon Dalung, Dino Melaye, Rotimi Amaechi, Rochas Okorocha etcetera. The list is endless, and our entire leadership spectrum appears to be riddled with incompetence and ineffectiveness, even the usually revered seat of the president seems to be occupied by just such a marionette at the moment.

But why wouldn’t that be the case? We put these circus performers in office because some of us simply can’t resist the asinine urge to cheer at their theatrics… We have public servants who make their military security attachés, hold up umbrellas for them while still donning the Nigerian military uniform. Some polish these politicians’ shoes at public events, and for the rest of us, it only takes a handful of any foreign currency scattered into the air for our true grovelling mongrel nature to be put on display.

I am convinced we as Nigerians were never meant to gain our independence from the British at the time we did. We obviously had not been properly weaned of our Stockholm-like attachment to our slave masters when the Queen’s fleet began to set sail. Otherwise, please riddle me this. “Why do we consistently elect well known frauds”? “Why do we not insist on restricting the occupancy of our electoral posts to vibrant individuals with provable records of consistent productivity, integrity and maturity”?

Nigeria is currently bursting at the seams from being filled to the brim with putrid policies, lackadaisical leadership and backward bureaucracies, yet we celebrate our current crop of leaders like heroes, defend their antics, and cheer their theatrics. Pitiful! Truly pitiful state of affairs we are in as a country; It took me several fruitless medical appointments to realize I was actually quite the healthy young individual, just sick to the stomach with the charade called Nigeria

All because of what? Ignorance and fear? Fear and ignorance? Who’s to say we’re not worse off slaves today than we were under the colonialists? Atleast then we could claim to have been shackled by the “foreign white-devil” against our will, whenever we felt the need to entice pity as we are often prone to do; now in our present situation, whom do we apportion the blame to but ourselves?

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