Queens and Paupers

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This man and woman sontin ehn, sometimes, I find it hard to understand why some women deliberately shortchange themselves, choosing to be paupers instead of queens. It is almost as though they enjoy being second class citizens.  Something very heartwarming happened on twitter sometime in the course of the yuletide break. A twitter user whose name I shall not mention, not because I do not wish to give you complete gist, but because I do not remember. the guy posted a pic of his family: himself and his wife plus their two sons, all wearing Santa Claus caps, and then captioned it:

“Merry Christmas from my family to yours, the heir and the spare, Madam  Prime Minister, and me, the Ceremonial Figurehead.”

The picture was so fine, the boys so cute, the madam smiling so radiantly, you could tell that this was a family that had joy and love in it. the picture got quite an impressive number of likes, and more than a few retweets. I personally loved the picture.

But in much the same way as God created everything and it was good before the Devil and his cohorts showed up and began to spoil it, so also was this picture good and fine, and spreading warmth and love to all who saw it, until some stupid fellows jumped on  the tweet and started yakking, bla bla bla…

The first idiot showed up in the guise of a man, (this time, twitter handle redacted) and told him he was being foolish. To quote the idiot (my friends who think I am a smart person should forgive me, biko):

“God forbid, how will my wife be Prime minister and I will be a ceremonial figurehead? What kind of nonsense is that? I’m guessing she may be earning more than him, or come from a wealthier family background.”

Brethren, I reeled. If not for the grace of God that ensured that the particular car I want to buy is not yet ready at the factory, I may have been driving that fateful day, and that is how I would have had a nasty accident, because I closed my eyes for a full one minute to allow my brain process the information it had just gotten. But God’s grace is like better elastic, e no de slack. And that’s how it happened that I have no car, and the place I was had seats, so I quickly sat down. It is not every time that idiocy knocks me off my feet, if you know what I mean.

I was busy trying to craft a suitable response to the person’s tweet, when the world stopped.

Are you still there? I said it stopped. Finish. Kpom-kwim!

Why are you still reading? Did you not hear that I said it stopped?

Okay. Ask me what stopped it.

A lady tweeted in, and said the man was dethroning himself in his matrimonial home, that he was going to hand his destiny over to a woman to trample underfoot.

But before I give you guys the gist of what I told them, let us ask a few questions:

In the house, by this I mean in the family, who takes the decisions?


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    I will find time, and I’ll keep reading as you write. Keep shining

  2. Amina M-Jaji

    I know you get this compliment a lot, but all the same, “you’re smart and talented, you’re awesome too and kind and I’m sure many other beautiful things.” Your writing says it all.The world is beautiful because of gifts like you, that’s another one… I think you’re a gift to this world

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