R.I.P Young Blood

Over the weekend, news broke out about a military man, Lieut. Kal that murdered the girlfriend Shomzy Shomzy ( a fellow officer) cause she was unfaithful to him. According to rumours flying about, he said his anger was that she cheated on him with a mere civilian.

He made several posts on his Facebook page, before and after executing the heinous devilish act. On one of the posts, he wrote “My last night as an airman….ask about me later and hear my story… You wud be surprised…

In another he wrote “RIP young blood… I wish myself dat….”

He made a third post and wrote “4:36am” people are saying it might be at this time that he pulled the trigger that shattered the skull of his girlfriend

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Facebookers are finishing him on these posts (I wish he could be crucified if possible) and some silly devilish humans are busy siding him and asking us to stop judging him.

One of the efulefus by name Viktour Newton Joe commented “ Girls ain’t loyal. Nobody is talking about the fact she cheated. I blame the lady for not being a loyal gito friend.” This senseless bigot received several backlash from facebookers, one of them Ify Johnson replied him “As mad and a murder as your devil called a friend, may your sis or daughter meet this kind of man who has not paid her bride price and want to claim her even you will not be able to talk to him to leave your daughter” the anuofia still went ahead to reply, he said “kindly go through the Lieut Kal’s Timeline and see for yourself. The nigga night was madly in love with the girl, he was obsessed by her, every post he made was about her. He didn’t deserve to be cheated on, if am in his shoes, I would kill more especially when he caught em in the act. Lieut Kal, thanks for your service. Long live NAF” He further said “Ify Johnson. I feel sorry for the deceased, at the same time this is a lesson to you girls. Mind you God doesn’t answer this kinda prayer. My sister will never behave like a whore let alone my daughter when I have one. If you are the type who ducks around, you will meet your waterloo one day. Everything happens for a reason, it’s her fate to die by his bullet. RIP to her.”

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OH LORD! What happened to humanity? This is so sad, I’m in pains.

In a sane society, this animal Viktour would be tracked down and arrested but well, we are in Nigeria were nothing is working! This animal needs to be chained before he kills someone too.

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