Rape and Jungle Justice

People are vexing, ‘bloods’ are ‘hoting’ anyhow anyhow, all because of what? Same rape issh

A Facebooker Olajumoke Agbebi re-posted a thread made by a friend of hers on her wall.

She wrote “Olayide Sparrowsparks Funmileyi wrote:


Today is one of the happiest day in my life!

We mugged a rapist!

He raped a 7 year old girl!

He was chased and caught.

He was beaten to a pulp. A woman suggested grinded pepper, i was so happy to volunteer to buy it.

He was held by some men, his dirty penis was incised with blade and sprayed with pepper.

He begged and cried until the Policemen came for him.”


Many people were jubiliating while some didn’t find the ‘mob justice’ thingy funny. Some were also torn between being happy that he was caught and disgraced, and frowning totally at jungle justice


For the jubiliating group, Adetutu Alabi commented “So much joy in my heart reading this. ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️”

Jennifer Awirigwe chanted

“God help me! This just sent me to cloud nine!!!”

Patience Ekonyohe sang “Omo, see me see orgasm ooooo….  Choi…. I love this news”

Hymar Idibie jubiliated “Mehn,  see as happiness wan wound me for here”

Ogbonna Chioma asked

“Hope the pepper was mixed with tatash, black pepper,red pepper,fresh pepper oh hope the used razor to give him some openings before adding the pepper,cos all I know is that the police have released that fool by now.” (This one weak me chai?)


For the ‘happy but sad’ group, Nkechi Bianze displayed her full blown common sense

“I’m torn between my emotions and being objective.


I don’t like jungle justice. But I HATE rapists, most especially pedophile rapists. I think they deserve slow and painful deaths.


But then, the problem with jungle justice is that it often times goes against the “innocent until proven guilty” principle.


Jungle justice is more prevalent in lawless societies. For as long as rapists don’t get the punishment they deserve by law, this is just the beginning of jungle justice for rapists in Nigeria.


I can’t condemn those who did this to him though, because I don’t trust myself not to kill anyone who rapes my 7 year old.


A person who kills a rapist who defiles a 7 year old can get a partial or full defence (depending on the relationship with the child) in law  by proving provocation or temporary insanity due to aggravated provocation. The law understands that raping your 7 year old child is more than enough to provoke you to kill.”


Odobiara Ada also shares same views with Nkechi


For the Lamentation group, Ogbeni La commented “We like to pretend we are civilized ?”


Francis Anyacho lamented

“How did we become so twisted? Even women who are supposed to have tender hearts have become even more heartless than men. Women who have lost love and compassion, raising children who grow up to live a life of atrocities influencing their kids to live the kind of lives they live when they grow. Who will break this cycle? I see this trend going awfully wrong and taking us back further to the era of barbarism. I only hope and pray that those who rejoice at the misfortune of jungle justice would never have a personal experience on anyone close to them, and not have to learn the hard way of the evil that befalls us.”


The ladies where not having it at all so they came for him;


Odobiara Ada sarcastically asked him “Tender heart? On top rapist? Who raped a female child? ?????Brah you play too much.”

Dina Dasom with her plenty sense, lectured him a lil

“He gave her jungle justice, definitely injured her , he was served the same thing. My question is, why can’t they remove the penis so future children will be safe?”

Uchechukwu Loiusa attacked him “Instead of addressing the rape case, you’re here speaking turenchi!”

Francis retorted “Are you ladies really okay? ?” (Why would they be when you are using emotional kini to twist things up?)

Omobonlale replied him

“When you see too much evil, you become very ” unokay” and you are willing to fight the ” unokay ” evil with ” unokay ” methods .  Although I don’t support them incising his  penis and putting pepper sha, that’s painful.  Me thinks they should have just sliced it off instead.”


Francis still refused to back down, he chanted “You cannot fight evil with evil. Nothing makes you in the mob different from the culprit. Unfortunately the repercussions is on our dear land some people still have hopes in.”


And Odobiara tried to clear him “You’re not getting it. This is rape,the child was female. Although I do not buy that tender heart crap, you do not expect a man to sympathize with a man who chopped off another man’s penis do you? Jungle justice is terrible,but please don’t play that emotional card with us. Most females will not sympathize with a child molester.” (As in eeh, the emotional kini digodi 3much)


The one no do Oga Francis, he still went ahead and lamented another one


The plenty lamentations obviously didn’t go down well with some people and they vented about it


Opara Felicity vented

“All these people talking their rubbish jejely,let me ask u.if its ur sister or daughter that was raped,will u wait for the law to take its course ? Just try to pinch urself and know how sweet it is.they even pitied him cos if i was there i will make sure he doesn’t use that penis again for anything.”

Olajumoke chanted “If it were your 7year old..

Please be civilized.

The mama even try she no comot him balls with her teeth.”


Blezzed Abraham provoke join ”

Jungle justice crap!


I have imagined and fantasized worse sef. I will do worse.

Police that will come and take him, release him a week later. Courts are shit. Rape cases are not taken seriously.

Touch my sister, i will flame the area to go cannibalistic on you.

Keep your civilty for your pocket”

Other vexed people also lent their voice

They kept sparking their plenty grammar, Asiri carry her nyash waka away jejely whistling, because she sabi say only peppering the penis no go do assuming say she dey there when the thing happen fa?

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