Rape Can’t Be a Joke Please

Asiri haf wakad upandan, front back and centre, yet she no see Asiri weh she go knack her lovers apart from Hymar-Ivan-Hymar’s loyal friend’s non-stop drama. 

So I decided to beckon on the Asiri gods to come to my rescue and fiam they answered their loyal daughter and directed me to where it’s happening


Guess what? Another psychologically messed up monkey in this jungle  suffering from Mouth Diarrhoea haf use im hand to expose himself o. Sensible people are schooling him while his fellow senseless monekys are loving the post and hailing him. Waraheavymessmehn?


Sheyi Sheyor wrote “She thought am nice, not until i raped her. ??

Odun odun o larinrin ??”


Etzy Nikky Perry hailed “Bad Guy ??”

Hardeyholar Hardeyfarey told him “Haaaaa daddy Oga o”

Decimal Bmj Lee told him “#lol u diz Barister nah bad guy!”


Ahmed Oyisa Nafisah asked him “So, you’re a rapist?”

Omotunde Blessing Tolulope told him “You will soon trend  and your own will finish very well in kirikiri.  Rapist.Hands joined together,  let’s send him where he really belongs,  “prison”#notorape”

Tayo Bankole said “Social media has unleashed and exposed a lot of deranged homo sapiens…FYI Rape is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE which you have just admitted to Folake Oyetosho….I am too aghast and upset to engage this moron…


Were you to be in saner climes you will be in your way to languishing in prison”(gbam!)and Folake Oyetosho replied her “This scum probably never heard about last week’s uproar over Ifediata. He’ll be minced meat in the coming days.”


Folusho Oginni Liasu commented “Thanks Folake Oyetosho. He and his cohorts will be behind bars soon and the idiots hailing him will see their doom very soon. If raping a girl is seen as a joke. They will laugh loud when they face the wrath of the Law. Bunch of imbeciles”

Adaobi Okolo Paschal cursed him “You are such a mad and stupid boy for writing this.

You think you can come on Facebook and spew rubbish?

Irresponsible idiot”


Femi Omoyeni commented “Esther Ijewere … I am shocked that criminal elements like this still walk the face of the earth …. This might interest you ….”


Petra Akinti Onyegbule asked “What are people liking on this post?”(I follow ask, psychos full this place” and Omotunde Blessing replied her “The fact he raped or isn’t in prison yet,  I still don’t understand why they did.”

Anne Abidemi Akinagbe told him “Congrats. Thanks for the voluntary confession. Now let’s get you to jail where you belong.” (You gat it girl!?)

Nneka Ibe observed “What I can’t find the nerve to stomach is the thoughts of the 200 people who like the trash. So we are at this level now?”(it’s indeed sad?)


Nneka Obani told him “So you raped someone and you dare to come online to tell the world that you are a rapist, a pervert. I’m sure you must be a junkie else you wouldn’t be bold enough to advertise your stupidity. Who the hell is this animal?”


Even Joy Isi Bewaji made a post about him, she wrote “The unenlightened man with some form of education is as dangerous as a terrorist.


Men who believe sex or the acknowledgement of sexual pleasure by women makes them less of humans/ worthy of humiliation, are many.


Lie, if you wish. But if you have tried to shame an Ex with sex, then you fit the bill.


I have had one Ademola-thing who threatened to share our chats… because I kicked him out of my space.


He was nothing to me. Not a past. Not a present. Nothing.




He sought revenge. And since sex  didn’t happen. Not even a kiss, he thought a two-year old chat would do the trick.


He searched  under the earth, tortured himself to think up a shaming device. When nothing sufficed, he turned to chats. Anything to humiliate his generation. Definitely not me.


And you wonder: what is this obsession men have with humiliating women sexually?


Even when sex dosen’t happen, they scrape the bottom of their misery to  find something – anything.


E.g: Mere chats.


Now the question is: Why would he think chats would humiliate me but not him?


Why would he threaten me with chats  that we both had and expect that I should be the one humiliated…and he, applauded.


I can never wrap my head around these things. Certainly not at my age should anyone think their attempts at shaming me can ever be more important than the things I have done or can achieve.


Men like Ademola are far gone and deep in the doldrums.  There’s no hope for these ones.


But we can save the boys and younger men, hopefully.


These ones who brag about raping girls in school and in their neighbourhood.


This Sheyi Sheyor.


I threw two of his kind in jail. Last year. One Ikotun case.


They raped a girl. Made a video. And the next day, buying cigarettes at a mallam’s shop. Just around the corner of their deed.


The audacity.


Just like this Sheyor matter. To brag about rape and get people “liking” the post.


He will grow up believing that when he cannot sleep with a woman, he can at least  shame her with chat history.


Like that Ademola-thing. Sewage of a man.


I am amazed how low we keep sinking as human beings. Animals treat their kind better.


Let’s talk about how we can re-educate boys/younger men about “sex and women”.


I’ll be on Happenings Radio by 12pm today.


Call to participate: 0706 163 976. Log in: www.radio.happenings.com.ng”


Seriously I dont know the one that baffles me the most, the hediot that made the post or the morons that liked/loved it! Even Asiri gods are still in awe, a lot of people are sick on here. Very sick and they are roaming.

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