Rape Enjoyed by Victim: A Case study of a Nigerian Family

Asiri lovers get in here fast fast, ife na eme o. Did you hear about the man that sent his wifey packing cause she was moaning when armed robbers were raping her at gun point in-front of her hubby? The tori haf been wakaring around zuckerville and the ladies and gents are at loggerheads in justifying whether guy man was right in sending her packing or not

Ifechukwu King Ifey Muonyili posted;

“Imagine my wife, instead of her to cry for help, she was busy making some funny sounds, an indication that she was enjoying the sex, even in my presence.”

He finally sent her packing for moaning during a non-consensual sex encounter with three armed robbers.

I mean, they just got married and they are just trying to settle down and all of a sudden, she is getting divorced for ‘making  funny sounds? LOL.

It is funny anyway.

The fact that you are married to a lady doesn’t mean she cannot  be sexually attracted to anybody else again.

We all have someone who we love, but then sexual urges and attractions are just as common as hunger pangs and the need to eat food.



When you have tied the nuptial knot, mind you, you haven’t tied your libido. it will still yearn when it sees something it likes, but then SELF CONTROL is what you need to defeat your  sexual urges.

I read a funny story a few years ago of an American man who divorced his wife after they went for a ‘swing party’.  I am sure you all know what they do at a swing party….LOL

You just swing.

Swing parties are for married people. they just go on a swinging spree with other married people, burning pent up sexual energy  they have stored in them…LOL

The man and another man exchanged their wives and they had sex. it was meant to be fun , but the man was also not happy that his wife really enjoyed sex with the other man.

the relationship had to end.


Incase you missed it: Powerful Tips to learning what triggers your partner. What to know about DESIRES.


my people, aren’t humans amazing?

In my mind, I am just saying…

“The lady this Nigerian man sent packing might be the type of lady that has  very strong self-control, but because she had to yield at gun point, she let down her guards and enjoyed the hell out of the sex…LOL. I mean she didn’t go looking for sex, they threatened her into having sex and  she gave it to them. Well the question is, did the man do the right thing by divorcing his newly wedded wife?

Can you enlighten me on why she needs to go?”

The usual fights broke out between the ‘the man is wrong’ and ‘the man was right’ group

For the ‘wrong’ group, Anastasia Chidimma commented “I don’t think the man did the right thing.

Because the wife didn’t go out to search for a man to have sex with but rather she was threatened under gunpoint so she had to surrender in the process, her genitals was stimulated & she started enjoying it…

To me, the man really didn’t do the right thing..

He could have understood that she is human & she expressed her sexual satisfaction”

Ifey replied her;

“Just wait till you see what some men will have to say..lol”

and true true they came o, Ugo Ezechi in his oversabiness commented

“If u can analyse other rape related stories where victims cry and beg for help despite having a 12 inches pipe that is enough to stimulate anyone, and they expressed themselves by kicking and shouting to register their displeasure, and another person was making sounds which tends to increase the criminals urge only shows one thing. She need to go simple”

Ana resorted;

“Wait lemme tel u, the way Mr A will respond to that situation might not be the way Mr B will respond.. Ppl differ. I don’t see anything wrong with it. The husband could have fought the robber’s and prevented them from having sex with his wife na”

Ugo refused to back down, he vented still;

“Anastesia Chidimma Odinko would u have said this if role was reversed. Yes human are build to respond in a particular way e.g. A woman can get horny when touched in a particular way but doesn’t indicate she wants sex , but here involves the sounds she makes and simple this was how she felt at they moment. Her response shows she enjoyed it , argue It anywhere… and it is the man’s decision to know whether to keep her or not, after all we were not there to ascertain what the man saw.”

Full of wisdom, Hannah Afefia chipped in

“There have been rape cases where the victims actually enjoyed the incident against their will, part of the reason they develop self hate and feeling of unworthiness, filth and guilt..”

(You know this girl✌)


Incase you missed it: Powerful Tips to learning what triggers your partner. What to know about DESIRES.


Ana concurred “Hanna Afenfia…. Exactly… You just said it all…

Sometimes people enjoy rape unknowingly..

Its not her fault”

Just when I was thinking all is well, one aunty Omodunmiju from nowhere dropped her opinion

“Sex is from your mind… It stimulate some hormones… My point is that the woman didn’t do well… At that moment shes not suppose to enjoy the sex. Am not saying what the man did was right the medically sexual urge came from your mind”

Well they took out their time and educated her properly, Ijeoma Chinonyerem told her “Omodunmiju Olamojiba you don’t know what you are talking about at all.”

Hannah agreed “Leave her. She think say mind fit control stimulated hormones”

Sanya Olatunji asked her;

“If sexual stimulation hormones are product of firm mind. How come people get aroused when they use certain drugs. Was their mind on sabbatical leave then? This post needs contribution from sex therapist (if there’s is any on this platform) and matured mind please.”

Another team wrong member Quinn Dammy vented

“I’m sure the stupid man didn’t say ‘peem’ when the armed robbers were around

Shameless and Buhari



He should stop accusing the woman abeg! Let him go and face the robbers for f*****g the hell outta his wife ?☺️”

Ijeoma Chinonyerem also lent her voice;

“Flip this. I force a man under gunpoint and arouse him. His body betrays him. He hates me but he can’t help getting an erection. I rape him. He also ejaculates. He ends up feeling used and worthless.

That kind of rape is worse than the normal kind because here, your body betrays you. Your mind rejects it but your body falls for it. Before being a wife she’s first of all a woman. A human. There are places you’ll be touched and your body kicks in. Autopilot. Whether you want it or not. Just the way you’ll be mad yet someone will tickle you and you laugh.

It is NOT the woman’s fault. She was raped. A man would still climax if he was raped.”


Chill less Team right members trooped in to say their own, Collins Prime lamented

“The lady this Nigerian man sent packing might be the kind of lady with a very strong self-control…”

Really, bruv?


A woman who can’t have self-control over her moaning when forced into sex at gunpoint by robbers is a woman with little to no self-control. The same way women fake orgasm is the same way they should be able to pretend not enjoying sex even though they indeed enjoy it, especially involving armed robbers who have guns pointed at your husband’s forehead, forcing him to watch them rape his wife. Moaning under such circumstance is really a disgusting thing to do. Shows disrespect and lack of self-control.”

Incase you missed it: Powerful Tips to learning what triggers your partner. What to know about DESIRES.


Ifey replied him;

“So, if  a woman rapes  you,  your dick stands,  then you have to fight to keep yourself from ejaculating? Wouldn’t that be a hard thing to do? Imagine when it is even someone like Beyonce who came to rape you… Lol. And if u didn’t yield,  you’d be killed”

Benyin Ogar supported Collins, he/she commented:

“But Ifechukwu, it is different with guys… it is hard to have control over your organs… I agree with Collins…. women fake orgasm, why can’t you fake non-enjoyment in such a case… her husband already feels bad enough he had to share his wife with armed robbers, then has to also deal with the fact his wife was enjoying it…”

(see as your sense small, have you asked yourself whether this woman don fake orgasm before? You know whether she dey for group of those weh dey quick cum?  Efi?)

Ejovwoke Mary wasn’t having it, she lashed out “Collins Prime!!!

What are you not saying?

May you never be attacked by armed robbers at gun point…

Like seriously?

At that point you forget about everything and just pray for survival…

Those thieves were armed o..


Self control on top what?

What if she was acting so they could just do and go?

Haba!”(good question, that one no go cross their mind o )

The Ogbeni resorted:

“Lol. Mehn I get your angle. Of course when a woman is naked and stimulates my dick, whether raping me or having mutual intercourse, it’s natural for me to have a hard-on. And of course I might eventually cum. Same for women too, it doesn’t mean because it’s a robber’s dick their vaginas won’t accept it. Point is, even if it were Beyonce doing the raping and she’s with a gang of criminals pointing guns at my wife and making her watch the whole shit, I won’t go moaning in wild pleasure and making expressions of approval. I would keep my mouth shut no matter how much I enjoy the sex.

Take this example into consideration: have you ever had a crush on a girl in your class in secondary school and a teacher calls you out before the whole class maybe for doing something wrong and starts flogging you, would you openly cry even though the cane hurt you so badly? No, you wouldn’t because of the girl. It’s the same thing, bro. I wouldn’t moan moan, grunt or pant in pleasure no matter how much I enjoy sex if it’s a rape and my wife watching at gunpoint.”

Mary lectured him “Did you say you won’t go moaning?

You may never know your exact reaction to some situations, not until you are put on the SPOT…

Oh well…” (loud it babe!✌)

Kayz Tha Traffic another team wrong member, came with a conspiracy theory “What if the armed robber is her lover whom she arranged with to come have sex with her at home through robbery…??

#Curious” (the wife adventurous much? Hian!?)

One girl like that Anne Nnebedum blasted the woman to pieces, she commented “But why would the woman be moaning? There is something wrong jare

If you don’t put your mind to having sex you will not enjoy it…

If you hate someone no matter how the person touches you it will in still irritation or pain depending on where or how!…

That means the woman was wet on top!!!


???? she should be ashamed of herself see as she embarrassed herself outside


As for the oyinbo man

He is mad madder maddest!!!


Incase you missed it: Powerful Tips to learning what triggers your partner. What to know about DESIRES.


Well my take rape is still rape! The man shouldn’t have divorced her….


His kind of wife are those psychotic women who pray for rape because they enjoyed there last encounter…


Well nothing surprises me again in this world ??? I have seen and heard it all” (wawuest wawu! Coming from another woman? Damn that’s cold!?)

They kept going back and forth there, I kuku carry myself waka o?

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One Thought to “Rape Enjoyed by Victim: A Case study of a Nigerian Family”

  1. Somtoo

    Haba! He shouldn’t have sent her packing! I don’t know the reason she chose to moan while being raped, but we should know that after the rape, comes the trauma. She may have moaned because she couldn’t help it or because her mind is messed up.

    …All in All, the husband should not have sent her away.

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