Rape is Not a Child’s Play

You see this life eeh, e get as e dey. E dey one kain and its really annoying how people will just open their mouth wide like one of them Canal’s found in Lagos and begin yarn absolute correct NONSENSE! 

Early this morning, Mazi Ugonna Ufere reposted a very extra extra long post made by one Chibuike Joseph Chukwudum, a medical doctor on his wall. Oga is using style to justify the age long believe that a woman being raped indirectly caused it because of her dressing?


Ugonna wrote “What a post??..long but pls read Chibuike Joseph Chukwudum wrote :



R A P E : Are There Risk Factors?


? NB


What I’m about to write on may earn me unprintable names. It may affect my “social media reputation,” and who knows even my life outside this mirage. But I will still go ahead and write it anyway, hoping that you good people will not misread the intent, and twist it out of proportion, like we seem to have the penchant for these days.



I love the science of medicine. It knows that for [virtually] every disease, there’s a risk factor. So, while the science of medicine won’t blame you for coming down with an illness, it makes known to you the risk factors, of the said disease, so that you can CONSCIOUSLY avoid them, the much you can.




Stealing is a crime. One for which there’s NO JUSTIFICATION. Absolutely none!


I left my room open the other day, to go buy fuel for my generator set. On coming back, I discovered that someone had gone into my room and made away with about 10k. I know the person must have had criminal tendencies before, and in fact is a criminal, and that there’s NO JUSTIFICATION for what he did. However,  I was also quick to identify the preventable risk factor here, which was that I left my door open.


Now it would be insensitive, and outrightly wrong, for anyone to blame me, for giving a criminal the opportunity to steal from me. I mean, that I left my door open wasn’t an invitation for him to come and steal from me, was it? Hell no; it wasn’t! Besides, he could have still broken the door, even if I locked it. Worse still, he could have come with a gun, and still take the money with me around, rendered so powerless by the threat of a gun pointed at my head, that it would be as if I wasn’t around.


Sound logic. Still doesn’t negate the fact that me not locking the door, was the identifiable risk factor in the index case [because let’s face it, chances are that he may not have had the willpower to go through the stress of breaking the door if it was locked]. I have learnt to lock my doors before going out, so as to INCREASE MY CHANCES of being safe; and of not being robbed again. This is the same reason why I won’t be caught dead on the road in some places in Onitsha by 10pm. The same reason I avoided some “hot spots” while in school. Same reason why, while I may leave my luggage at the boot, while travelling in a public bus, I would rather have my money with me. All is for MY OWN SAFETY, and for that of my valuables.


Now, I understand that a criminal is still what he is, namely criminal: someone who steals what doesn’t belong to him. And that arguably, he doesn’t need any reason to steal; he just picks his victims to satisfy the evil within him. That no matter what precautions I take, even if I don’t get robbed, robbery as a crime will still continue, and people will always get robbed. But my concern first is what I can do to protect myself, to minimize my chances of being robbed, seeing that I DON’T HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE EVERY CRIMINAL OUT THERE, nor do I have the power to delete traces of the tendencies for the crime of robbery in the human genome.


Faced with this reality, therefore, I have two options;


1. Try to identify the risk factors that would make me MORE VULNERABLE,  and MORE LIKELY to be robbed. And do what is within my power to minimize those risks.


So I would learn to lock my doors. Learn not to be carrying money around carelessly. Learn to be using complex pin codes to secure my financial accounts in this age of internet/mobile banking. These, to a reasonable extent, would make me a less vulnerable target for robbery.


2. Alternatively, I could decide to lie to myself; or sincerely, albeit ignorantly, believe that the popular opinion on social media– that there’s absolutely no risk factor for being robbed, is true-to-fact in the complex world of REALITIES. And that admitting that there are risk factors for being robbed is tantamount to justifying robbery, and encouraging and enabling thieves to carry on with robbery.

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These two are the OPTIONS I have. While neither of those two options aims to transfer the blame of being robbed to me, and absolve  thieves of their inhuman acts; one would minimize my chances of being robbed. And if I were a wise person, that option I would choose.




Yes, you guessed right: the analogy could be applied to RAPE.


We often say that there are ABSOLUTELY NO RISK FACTORS for rape, and any one who dares to talk about possible risk factors is usually shouted down, and accused of excusing rape, encouraging the “rape culture,” and indeed labelled a rapist.


While I agree, UNEQUIVOCALLY, that there’s ABSOLUTELY no justification, or excuse, for rape; I disagree that there are no victim-predisposing risk factors.


Yes, a rapist is a rapist, and needs no excuse to rape, nor does he need any form of “encouragement,” from the victim, to rape. However, in the way he/she picks his/her victims, we can see a pattern. And in that “pattern,” my friends, lies the clues to the predisposing risk factors. The REASONS why he/she left A and B, and raped C, and the CIRCUMSTANCES surrounding it, are the risk factors.


One of the most-suggested risk factors is  “indecent dressing.” The shallow argument usually put up to “prove” that it’s not a significant risk factor, is the fact that women wearing Hijab also get raped! With all due respects, anyone who has used this line of argument obviously does not understand what the term “risk factor” means. Obesity is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Does the fact that slim people can also suffer from type 2 diabetes negate that? A variable is considered a risk factor for a constant, when its presence increases the likelihood of the constant to more than what is observed in the general population. If we are to put sentiments, and political correctness aside, we all know that in a community with equal numbers of women on Hijabs, and hot bum shots, the incidence of rape would more likely be higher, in exponential proportions, in the group wearing bum shots.


If this likelihood is found to be true,in this hypothetical scenario, then “indecent dressing” would be a risk factor for rape, irrespective of whether some members of the group wearing Hijab were also raped, or not, in the said hypothetical society.


That said, I agree that knowledge of such “risk factors” should only be used for self-protection, and should only be discussed on neutral grounds, for such purposes — the purpose of using it for self-protection, that is. Once rape occurs, the focus of the conversation should automatically change: the act, and the perpetrator of the act, should be condemned without any reservations, IRRESPECTIVE of the “predisposing risks;” while empathy should be shown to the victim, without silly questions of “where were you?” “What were you wearing?” Or “How did you encourage him?” The victim should NEVER be blamed, or shamed, even if he/she literarily “brought it upon himself/herself,”  just like I “brought on myself” the robbery incident, by leaving my door wide open.




None. I meant EVERYTHING I said. It now depends on your interpretation of it. PEACE.”


I trust women on Zuckerville, they put him in his place but surprisingly, some were defending him saying we are twisting his words and defending the indecent dressing risk factor (twisting which words? Words that are as clear as day light? I hear una o)


Vera Chidera told him “Made no point really. In this context and out of context, NO POINT.”

Omalicha Bernard commented “All this nah big big grammer..he should go to the north and tell it to those little, naive children or the little 3months old baby that was raped to death..what the hell was indecent about them..I thought he’d be bringing a tangible argument but he brought risk factor!!.what yamayama risk factor?..would you apply risk factor to theirs too?, please stop reasoning from the anus..Gosh where do they bring people like this from? He shouldn’t have said anything..nobody brings rape on themselves by dressing how they want!”

Vivien Adaeze commented “So someone went an extra mile to write a long post with the intent of sounding intelligent and ended up not making any sense. Make I go sleep. What do I know sef”

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Osariemen Uwaila Ero commented “I see. So when i go shopping for an outfit I must put into consideration the risk factor level of that outfit in respect to rape?. ??????. Hmmmmmn. Makes sense. Me thinks fashion houses and stores should put up notices indicating the level of risk factor for every outfit. Will save some of us who love to shop for clothes the stress. ??.”

Miranda Buba-atare analysed it “The initial assumption on which he built assumptions and theory seems a bit flawed. Keeping the money in the room predisposes you to theft, whether you lock the door or not. Just like being female/vulnerable predisposes you to rape whether you dress in bum shorts or not.”

Kese Antia told him “I have said this time and time again. There’s no excuse for rape, the rapist is the only reason that rape occurred.

This is one pile of thrash, yes I get it, it’s someone’s opinion but it stinks.”


Michelle Angus for dem supporters club commented “Well, this is me keeping it real : Yes, Rape will never cease being a crime,  but I am darn sure that I will not go rocking  a Chanel purse, an expensive tech phone or a complete set of diamond jewelry in a slum in Ajegunle…specially at odd hours ….neither will I stroll out in a lingerie to go buy say, recharge card down a ‘rough’ part of a street in Ojuelegba at night….where I am likely to run into pockets of Igbo/cocaine high street urchins. I am not about to mortgage my safety by concluding that they already know that I did not come out to be sexually assaulted. We aren’t ALL gonna be (and never will be) rational beings. The degenerates will continue to exist within and amongst us. I will wear what I like however, but will also keep in mind where and what time of day I should have them on.

*I know that my opinion on this might seem a little bit ‘unpopular’ (especially on here) and may sound politically incorrect, but it remains my opinion.

Again, Rape REMAINS A CRIME against humanity.” (#yawns?)

Kese Antia replied her “And the poor and innocent toddlers abused and raped were also brandishing their gold and vaginas in Ajegunle. The pregnant woman who was raped in her home was raped because she flaunted her feminism by being pregnant.

Please help me out so I know if I need protective wears for my daughters.” And the h-anty replied her “Those are already very TWISTED human beings, girl. They have moved beyond what folks might consider “the regular”. They are SICK. In the mind. Just like when we hear about people having sex with Animals. Or the story I heard some time ago about a certain individual who ‘fell in love’ and actually “wedded” his old model automobile. Just crazy.” Giz Ojiako told her “Then the 88 year old pensioner that sat in her home and got raped by a burglar.  What risk factors did she not observe….oh yeah she should have sat on her roof.  Then the rapist would have probably died trying to reach her” Kenechi Mbajiorgu asked her “‘Moved beyond the regular’? So the regular in your opinion is the rape and degradation of young females who aren’t children or aged?” (Jukwa ya o, apparently we have regular and twisted rapists. Regular for the indecent adults and twisted for dem infants, toddlers, pregnant women and old women. Smh?)

Asandia Hagan chipped in “The ignorance on this thread is palpable. Even with Google and the internet someone can spew out that there’s regular rape and irregular rape? And that if you take precaution, a woman sleeping in her house jejely can’t be raped? My goodness, father grant me patience!” (I follow ask for this patience fa?)


Ojeifo Joy Eghogho lended her voice “I patiently read till d end for the writer to tell me the risk factors surrounding babies that are raped, of course he didn’t. Can he also please justify Rape that happens to vulnerable women and girls at IDP camps, mostly carried out by security officers who supposedly are to protect them? I have said this countless times before, it’s not always necessary to be heard or  seen, sometimes just shut up and stay put. I really don’t even see how stealing of money in ones absence, is in any relation whatsoever with physical abuse. Mtewwwwww plenty Ewu’s roaming the streets, he came only from the angle of indecent dressing inciting rape, NB I’m in no support whatsoever of dressing indecently, however listen to most rape perpetrators, you would find out that d reason for their shameful act is very far from reasons such as indecent dressing. My advice really is that we should be extra cautious, extra careful and very vigilant to at least minimise harmful occurrences. I hope this writer also considers d risk factors for the Rapist, do they ever think what if I contract a deadly disease and die? Enough said, absolutely no excuse for rape”

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Chioma Eze asked “What about girls who are raped by their fathers, brothers or relatives? What about rape by a boss or co worker  in the work place? What about robbers who break in and rape people’s daughters? What about kidnappers? What about men raped by other men? What of the continuous rape of sex trafficked girls who are kidnapped fully clothed by other wicked women?


This post is based on an ignorant persons myopic view of the world.  He obviously doesn’t have a clue.

This is infuriating! ?”

Chioma Metuh tried to clear the air a little “This is really sad. This was never a post about excusing rape. This was never a post about victim blaming. I have read and re read this over again but can’t see what the fuss is about. This is strictly about protecting the victim. This within our control. Even if we dont follow these precautuons and get raped, it is still not pur fault. The evil is still the rapist and is 100% at fault. Even if we follow these precautions, we can still be raped. Nothing is absolute. Its just to take back some form of control. Rape has risk factors. This post aims to let us know there are risk factors. I specifically saw in this post where he said whenever rape occurs, the risk factors should be thrown out the window. This post is null and void. This is simply to protect victims and for educational purposes. People just focused on indecent dressing. Maybe that was a poor example. It doesn’t make sense for someone to be raped because of what she is wearing but we aren’t dealing with rational beings. You don’t like it. I hate it too but the fact is that it is a risk factor. And some people are talking about pedophilism which is different from rape or a different form of rape. That’s another evil perversion altogether. The evil person is the rapist. This post never changed that. I still don’t get the fuss.” And Linda Nnanna replied her misyarning “Women especially love to shy away from the truth. That i know. The writer already knew his post will be misinterpreted and twisted, yet we claim to be very sound with comprehension.”


Ihuoma Alaka Okereke another supporters group member commented “??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

I don’t understand why the women are whining. This write-up is all true but some people have chosen to ask unreasonable questions about father/daughter rape, child rape, etc.  Did you not read this write-up through? As in the case of obese people being more prone to type 2 diabetes even though slim people can still have said disease; in like manner, indecent dressing/behavior predisposes you to rape MORE even though women covered in hijabs and children get raped too.Why is this write-up so hard for people to swallow? Dress decently and do same for your children. Stop giving excuses. There is never a good reason to rape and the writer kept echoing that. Why don’t you wear show belle, bum and breast dey wake everywhere naw. There’s a reason why that’s called indecent dressing.

Now feel free to abuse me ??”

Chisom Ezendieze Ekechi replied her “You have justified rape and blamed the victim by your comment.


“why don’t you wear show belle, bum and breast dey wake everywhere naw”.


We will not stop saying this: rape is 100% the fault of the rapist. Humans are not dogs, and have the capacity for self control. No matter how a person is dressed, nothing justifies rape.”

Uba Chinaza also replied her “It’s interesting to see how we always go around to shame the victim. If you probably see a rape victim, your eyes will rove round her body to see what she was wearing and and you will probably say ‘there is no reason to justify rape but you shouldn’t have worn that.’ Well done Ma.”


Well, na siddon dey look I dey. Indirect Justifiers of rape, una wehdone o. I just pray the insanity no reach una dormot even after wearing 10 hijabs at once.

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