Rape is Not a Joke

When is Dee Zucker shutting down Naija community version of Facebook? The bile on here is alarming, I can bet anything that the real world is more peaceful than Naija community Facebook world. Oginidi na afio ife a? Chayee!

Early today, Mike Ile posted “The increasing trend of rape of minors, children, is alarming.

Not just rape. Violent rape.

Rapists are not getting punished. We are also not talking much about it on social media. We prefer gossip.

I hurt. She was just 10yrs old. The aggressor was their neighbor. She called him “Uncle”.

Yet he lost his conscience as he pummeled her fragile insides and altered her life forever. He was violent. He showed no mercy. He was very brutal.

She needed surgery. I went inbox to raise funds. She needed another procedure. I tried again. Called friends. Went inbox. Begged like a beggar. Could not raise it all……

Well…..it does not matter. She didn’t make it. She didn’t.

The parents insist on privacy. They don’t want a case and they don’t want stories.

I must respect this. Spent all night trying to convince them otherwise but they are very calm and adamant. I respect their pain.

This country needs to become very decisive about this evil. We need to speak more about this rather than gossips that tend to put people down.

Rape is evil. Rape of minors is demonic.

I pray that the “Uncle” never gets to be with another woman in his entire life.”

People were commenting their disgust, cursing the said rapist and asking why the parents of the dead girl would conceal such a devilish heinous crime

One of the commenters, Milly Milly took the post to her wall and added her thoughts to it, she wrote “Each time we refuse to press charges, name and shame these pedophiles and rapists, we empower them to do more!

We need to keep talking about these things, we must shun the silence culture, we must shun victim shaming.

God won’t come down from heaven to make things right, we must help ourselves.

Cursing the abusers is not the solution either.

Your family name is not more import than your hurting daughter.


The government must take rape and child molestation seriously in this country.

We should nolonger pretend that it doesn’t happen, it is getting worse.

Our daughters aren’t safe anywhere even in the home.


Many grown up women are still dealing with the demons of the sexual abuse and rape the suffered as minors and young adults.

Child sexual abuse is evil, rape is evil.

The scare never fades, the wound never heals.






Drama started when one of her Friends Emmanuel Obike commented thus “We can’t expect the government to take serious what we don’t take serious.

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Even if the family decides to cover this crime, we that have knowledge of the crime should not make ourselves accomplices to the crime by covering it.

Let the Idiot and the family be exposed to the world.

Covering one act of rape is an empowerment to the rapist and other potential and existing rapist.

Who is this Uncle, and where is he now?”

Milly replied him “You are right Sir.

Please inbox Mr Mike Ile, He has their details.”

Oga Mike came and commented “I must respect the confidentiality the family have entrusted me with” (isi gini? Jesu!☹️)


And Emmanuel replied him “Okay…this confidentiality borders on a crime. Knowing about a crime and keeping it confidential makes you an accomplice. In that case, we have no need crying Hoax!”

Ada Ibeanu Ezeadum resorted “You HAVE NO fiduciary duty to both the accused or his parents! Mike lle, if you don’t produce the needed information, I will make sure the Law comes after you! Don’t think the society will sit down and let a rapist with a homicide case roll free! At least I won’t!

So please provide us with the information needed! Name of the accused and place of residence. Thanks”

Milly also added “Please Mr Mike, all people want is the name and location of the rapist.

He must be punished. That girl deserves justice. The parents won’t get closure till he is punished. Please.”


Mike went ballistic o, he replied them “I don’t know if you are joking or otherwise. But you really should be a little more careful with the stuff you write @ me. The cases where parents did come out, how many of them did you help? You threaten me now? Something is wrong with this country.  I wait for your action.”

Ada resorted “I hope you understand criminal law and what accessory after the fact is? You are knowingly aiding someone who committed a crime!

Don’t put yourself in a position where you obstruct justice.”

Emmanuel also told him “Mike Ile, I am tempted to say this rape case is a hoax raised by someone to make money from unsuspecting philanthropic and humanitarian minded individuals.


That is the only explanation that I can find for your current response on this case.


And it also means, you are being make part of a fraudulent​ act or you are engineering a fraudulent activity.


From your last comment, I conclude that No Rape took place.


Somebody has just made some money smartly.”

Mike wasn’t having any of that and he let them know “Lol….until you show me how many reported rape cases you have taken part in helping victims as well as prosecution, you are saying nothing I want to hear. You don’t know me so calling me a fraud is laughable. But then, you own your keyboards. Type away. Last year, while I was in Lagos for business, a rape case was reported to me. I mobilized Keykerr Bamgboye and Abanifi Phoebe Ijeoma and we chattered a taxi to Ota, Ogun state.

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I spent money to obtain the medical report as signed by the doctor. I posted it here. I also went to the police and spoke at length to the IPO and his superiors.  Let me not speak about how much I spend on these cases. Often, I even borrow funds to push them.


The father of the victim, a 10yr old, insisted he would not go to court. He threatened to divorce his wife for divulging the story to me. The police said they were powerless since he went to court to sign an (affidavit?) that he had no interest in prosecuting the matter.


Take note, that was his second daughter suffering rape. The first one was 2yrs old when it happened.

I posted all of those facts here. That case died. All these overnight activists did NOT raise a finger.

Now you come and preach to me? You are jokers. Everyday we read stories of rape here. Some victims are brave enough to come out. How many have you ever helped? How many court cases did you travel to be a part of? How much succour did you ever provide for the victims beyond writing posts here?

Today everybody wants to tell me about the law and confidentiality. Go to hell.

What do you know about why some parents do what they do? Sit in your home and send me threats again and it is you who will be hearing from me.

If you care so much about rape victims, show it by helping out with those who have been bold to come out and speak up. Don’t be making noise here.


Turn up.”


Emmanuel wasn’t having it either, he replied Mike “Please go back to your main story and put a caveat on it.


“This Post is only for those who have evidence of helping rape victims and prosecuting rape offenders”. Until then, the whole story is fraudulent. You made an attempt to fight against rape, and you met a brick wall.


Then you turn to a Protector of Rapists and an indirect Promoter of Rape, and you think you can justify it by being emotional here.


Please…Save us this tantrums.


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What doesn’t work out today might work out tomorrow.


That is why people persist in a chosen course.”


Milly told Mike “Mr Mike, this is not your wall remember, all those posts you are talking about I didn’t see it and Emmanuel and Ada didn’t either because they are not on your list.

I recently became your friend here please.


Let’s not deviate unnecessarily.

We are not here to fight but to find a way forward.

There is no need for unreasonable sentiments.

The post you just made about this discussion is wrong.

People are trying to help a victim find justice anyway they can and you make them look like the enemy?


Ada is a lawyer, she can help.

Emmanuel is an Admin and member of the Due process advocates.

He can use his influence to help catch that rapist.”


And Mike replied her “Milly Milly stop telling me it’s not my wall when my name is being mentioned and I am being threatened. If you want me gone, I will go. But I reserve every right to defend myself when spurious allegations are being made and you are silent about them. But thanks for the reminder. I am leaving your wall while waiting for the dogs threatening me here.”


Asiri lovers, they kept going back and forth, trading words until Mike blocked Milly Milly and ran to his wall and made this post “I have had to drop my post since I am now the object of threats by idiots who have never prosecuted one rapist their entire lives. If you don’t know what confidentiality means, you have no sense.


While I am in the field, working and begging left and right, you come and make useless threats from behind your keyboard.


Where were you when thousands of rape issues have been reported. The ones where the parents were bold enough to come out, how did you go and help them?


Now you write to impress and you show no respect. If you don’t do that thing you threaten to do, shame on you.

Always playing to the gallery.”

Funny thing is that his friends are consoling him and telling him not to mind them, some even told him to name those people that he should hide people that threaten and blackmail people (*scratches* una see why I talk say there is 10sides to a story? Smh)

As usual na siddon dey look I dey but I must talk my mind small shaa and I get one queshure for Asiri lovers that are lawyers; so it’s now right to play the confidentiality card in matters concerning rape and life? Akant mehn! Ayam tayad ?

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One Thought to “Rape is Not a Joke”

  1. Vicky Nwogu

    It’s a real shame how we play with serious crime in Nigeria. I’ve said it before, the victim or their family have every prerogative to forgive the offender but they must not in doing so, obstruct the course of justice.

    As for the Mike Ile and co. FB battle, it follows a pattern I’ve seen on social media where instead of focusing on how to pool efforts to address a situation people engage in territorial contests over who is best positioned to act and of course, the one with the ‘confidential’ information wins. If our law enforcement are not overwhelmed and inept some would understand better the implications of their high prized access to the inside story on crimes.

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