Is It Really A Man’s World?

When you were a kid, dad, mum and friends alike gave you a blueprint of living. You were aware of your roles – attending school, making vals day special for your girl, doing your house chores, completing your assignments etc. You finished College/Uni/Poly. You are out here in the real world. Now, what blueprint should you follow?

Apparently, 95% males and perhaps 99.9% females seek an outside voice for a blueprint. Most females heed to their mothers. However, if for some reason, there isn’t a motherly figure they could rely on, they feed on what the media (society) says.

If we look the direction of young men, we’ll find, almost all the time, these young males heed some outside voice (female) and consequently adopt the female blueprint.

My poser to the young male…

How exactly do you rate yourself? Its the ‘Mega Millions Question.’

The Good Boy, for instance, rates himself on the basis of how chivalrous he is. “I’m a truly nice guy!” it gives him so much pride. He wishes he just could be nicer, than he truly is, to women! He’ll always place them on pedestals like goddesses.

The Money Grubber rates himself on the basis of his salary. “See me!” remarks the Banker, working a job that practically steals his life, “Too much money, I earn good pay!” If perhaps a person earns less than him, he is unimportant. If some other person makes more than him then he/she is to be regarded as some demi-god. The society tosses him up as some sort of role model.

The F**k Boy – which is what we love to call the Player – rates his masculinity on basis of the number of girls he has bedded. He requests ‘proof’ plus ‘reports’ of “escapades” from all his guys. And that’s all to him, a life filled with bedroom ratings. Nothing else.

The Twinkling Star is the kind of male that wants a more superior role than others on the social ladder. Being in the news is what he lives for. This guy starts out life being a tattletale. Still, he might end up in Journalism, Politics, Law, not just because its what he wants but rather coz he rates himself on the basis of how others see him. He could bag loud titles in order that he conceals his failings as a man. He gains fame but it doesn’t last for long. Alot of unimportant actors, musicians and artistes belong to this group. Their career success is only for a while. Another reason for his fame is his fall, same way twinkling stars fall.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, what’s the one thing all the four possess in common? Their blueprints are developed around The Woman.


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In the life of a typical woman, she would cycle through the four categories of guys, they all are useful for her in their ways. Easily, The Good Guy is taken advantage of by her or the society. The Money Grubber offers to her gifts and items she might ‘need’. The Twinkling Star offers her a semblance of success. Any need bagging a doctorate if you could get married to a Professor? The F**kboy — is just meant for that, f**k. He’ll oil her engines as she cycles through these categories.

Every one of these guys confess they live happy lives, each one of them says “I am the ONLY person that lives that ‘true’ life. Every other person lives shamefully.” However, time has shown these guys know happiness but no joy. What they derive their happiness from is an addiction, an addiction to the feminine praise. Whenever they can’t get it, they are depressed. All four ‘blueprints’ are basically ways of gaining feminine praise, be it in one form or the other.

The addiction to the feminine praise is triggered by a craving for ego boost. Or, why does the Good Boy suffer ‘love addiction’ if not for the fact that it boosts his ego? But, its weird though, he equally could just wrap up some greens and weed out, that also would boost his ego, won’t it? Lol.

In the past, I’d followed all four blueprints. Each handed me pleasure as well as pain. The pleasure was, being able to please women. At several points, I cycled from one blueprint to the other upon realizing doing so would earn me greater feminine praise.

Some people would argue the objective of the man is sex — to which I say — “OK, can you explain why it is that the Good Boy, who never gets laid, wouldn’t go fawk a prostitute or cheap girls and so on? The answer is simple — his objective ain’t sex, no. His objective is clearly feminine praise. Men addicted to this would become so helpless as they watch their lives delve towards mediocrity.

You know, most of my writings and thoughts emerge not only from day to day observations but also from a lengthy line of ancient and modern history, literature, religious and irreligious thoughts we all share.

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And, this was why I found the start of female based life blueprints with the Philosopher, Rosseau. He laid the foundation that bore matriarchy — a social system in which females take up all primary leadership roles WITH THE SPECIFIC EXCLUSION OF MEN. Today, we’re pretty blind to this happening around us, instead, what we have are feminazis screaming “patriarchy” at the slightest opportunities.

Why do men chase women?

My writings are also inspired by renown thinkers’ biographies, conversations with highly successful figures you probably know (or do not know), and by observing the failures of other people.

So, how do we define failure here? All four characters have diverse views of it. But then, here’s how I define failure – letting down your soul, living another person’s dream, not having a direction in one’s life.

And how do we define success? Success is Love. It is not the love for some chivalrous relationship (Good Boy), neither is it love for the pu**y (F**k Boy) or love of money (Money Grubber). It also ain’t love of glory (Twinkling Star). Rather, Success is true love for living life. Seek that which you love, focus your passions on it. You would be sure you have met the right person not because of your love for same hobbies, rather because both of you love that direction your lives are headed.

If, perhaps, what you want is to live life hustling money, being the good boy to ladies, hustling pu**y or perhaps what you want is to live for the praises of society, then, by all means, go for it. Knock yourself out. The entirety of life is a huge experiment. I can’t be right about all things. However, I’m definitely not on the wrong side as regards myself. And while I’m hoping you would not walk a wrong path, you would definitely know if you are.

Think of this. How would the historical Jesus have felt if he had been cast as the character to play Napoleon Bonaparte? What would have resulted was a divided soul, a classical topic in several literary works, mainly Shakespeare’s Hamlet. (Some good mannered artistic kid cast to play the savage revenge role by the dad?)

Well, before I drift too far, here’s what I propose. Why don’t we develop our structures to be totally non dependent on feminine praises? Perhaps we could chase after our dreams rather than women’s dreams?

And while we ponder on that, bear these in mind…

  • You are at the center of the world you build. She ain’t. Quit wasting your youth attempting to be a ‘woman pleaser’. Invest your time building yourself. And no, she ain’t some goddess you ought to offer up your life to.
  • Having sex wouldn’t make you special. Yes, several women would have sex with you just because they don’t want to bruise your ego. *feminine praise?* Quit believing you are God’s gift to mankind coz of sex.
  • The purpose of life is to live. Live.

My Final Words…

This might sound absurd but sexuality is fast becoming a sociopolitical issue the world over. While the world screams Patriarchy, secondary issues like matriarchy aren’t even being considered. There is a storm tearing through our existence. While far many guys are stuck up with feeding their hard ons, they aren’t leaving the path of this threatening Juggernaut which already is ruining values, family lines, even nations.

Hoping it won’t become too late.


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Being Human Truly Is Beautiful.

Dr. Cum

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