Same Sex and Homophobes

Some people go just dey, devil go begin use them anyhow. Nigerians and hypocrisy are Siamese twins, both can’t do without each other. They read the Bible, chose part weh suit them wella, dump the other part and begin wreck havoc and hate speeches on those that commits sin just like them! Walahi talahi, ayam tired of una o


Remember Chibuihe Obi? The writer that was kidnapped after his article about queer-phobia was published on brittle paper? This is what a ‘right’ thinking human being has to say about it, an individual I am sure as hell is just a sinner like me and you o. Hey God!??


She reposted from the original writer “Benny Umoren wrote and I agree a 100%


Can we just stop supporting nonsense. Laws and order of the land are meant to be obeyed. Nigeria doesn’t support gay. Homosexual is against Nigeria law, coming out openly to practice and promote it is wrong. In as much as we preach tolerance we should also speak against working against the law of the land.


Be your gay and lesbian in peace privately if that’s what you’ve chosen to be, don’t dare the authority and cry foul when the law caught up with you. Now I know why Bobrisky is a celebrity and a role model. Smh




Benny did you hear he was going campus to campus delivering lectures that promote homosexuality??? I sure say some students don cook porriage for am……lol.”


Queen Muna asked her “So of all the things happening in this country, it’s what two Adults decides to do with their body that is your headache.”


Aunty Fifie agreed with Queen “Exactly. It is even appalling that we seem to be tacitly supporting the kidnapping of a young man who only writes queer poetry.


He is not gay, just chooses to write in support of them.”

Jewel resorted “Its criminal in Nigeria, you can make it public if its legalized”

Aunty Fifie tried educating her “But the kidnapped young man is not gay.


And your comment on this thread is scary. Sorry, but that’s just the truth. There is absolutely nothing wrong with anyone who chooses an alternative sexual orientation and in case you are not aware, Bobrisky is still walking free.

A public cross dresser.


The young men that were kidnapped and in one case brutalised, only wrote queer poetry.

And for that they should be manhandled?”

Instead of assimilating the better advice, she ranted “I’m totally against the kidnap but you don’t come support a crime. Is like me writing in defence of Arm robbers, or supporting rape….. I’m totally totally against gay…. And for boborisky aswear, if I were to be govt dude will rot in jail” (Jeez!?)

Queen told Aunty Fifie “Aunty Viola don’t mind them. They celebrate Bobrisky but want to cut this guy into two, guess it’s because he is not a celebrity. Even with you telling her he is not gay, she still stands with her opinion. Hypocrites everywhere”

Joshua Richie chipped in “If he’s not gay, then he was foolish to decide to publicly speak against the laws making homosexuality a crime in Nigeria. I heard the dude was doing this from campus to campus. He should have concentrated on his facebook posts.”


Other people tried borrowing them small sense but instead, they came for their head, back to back kwa o? 


When the heat became much for her, she ranted thus;


Her fellow haters lent their voices too, brandishing their hatred upandan


Me I am just wondering how out of all the problems in this country, our wahala is what two people did consensually with their sex organs? And wait o, I thought Christianity means Christ like? And Christ is love? So this lynching this children of h-anger are doing is what Jesus would do? Y’all need to go back to Christ mehn!?


Mbok ayam going o, this people keep reaffirming that this toxic zone is not my own fa??‍♀️??‍♀️

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