Sancta Nwaegbe Holy Nweje

Who else agrees that Facebookers body too dey hot? And there are those that are always saints in everything they do? As in dey no dey sin at all, for every kind of situation, they will be Saint Nwegbe for the matter, bashing and castigating others?


On Sobrams Awah’s wall yesterday, it almost turned in to a full brawl between Sinner Mba Beulah and Saint Adaobi Uju Tessy.


Sobrams posted “You came to your bf’s apartment and when leaving, spread your panties in his bathroom?


Well, did he tell you that his bathroom is a Lingerie shop? So I can’t visit my friend’s place and make use of the restroom again without looking at multi coloured stuff everywhere?


Young lady, please respect yourself!”


Mba Beulah commented “Is it your bf’s house??” Era Oalind replied her “It doesn’t matter if it’s her boyfriend’s house. If he doesn’t hang his boxer in her bathroom, then she can’t be spreading her undies in his bathroom laaaidat!”

Mba replied her “Is it your boyfriends house? You make your rules in your house and your house alone. Who said she can’t? She is nau, go and take it down. Abi her boo was complaining to you or sobrams?”

Era resorted “Na common sense jaaare! As a woman, I never done such act. I don’t even leave my toothbrush in my boyfriend’s house back in the days. That just me…other women’s act that’s on them das all! You said it already…her boyfriend’s house…not her house…end of discussion!”

Mba replied her “Exactly, live and let live….they ain’t complaining. I don’t leave either but i see nothing against it”

Sandra Chinonyerem chipped in “Nne do whatever you like in your own boyfriends house. I’m a member of the association of ‘panties spreaders'”


Adaobi Uju Tessy commented “Women sef..they wan occupy space for their mind..after the man no go marry them…I have seen many of them…they will be asking me if this my particular brother love her, I will tell her I don’t know.”

Azu Happiness Ezinne commented “It’s to establish ownership naa??”


Chidimma Umetiti chipped in “Even animals mark territory… How much more humans???” Sobrams replied her “You see your life?  Do  we(men)  mark territory in your apartments?”

Chidimma told him “ don’t know?? “A lady’s house is “her” house whereas a man’s house is “our” house ” ???”


Era Oalind commented “They call it marking her territory…when in fact it is stupidity! Some women just don’t think sometimes! Lol?”


Ebihor Deborah asked him “Where she for spread am before.I will appreciate if you suggest an option please. We must wash pants and spread them o” Sobrams replied her “???when yo dey go, carry your stuff dey go.”

And she resorted “I brought clean pants.there’s no way I will be returning with dirty ones no way. You can’t hide a co fornicator. A full human being,I must leave footprints.

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Bros.leave the pants to dry well Abeg”


Kay Solar Kolawole commented “Including their shower cap and even sponge ooooo, I tire for dem!”

Sinner Mba Beulah replied him “You want me to be carrying it upandan each time I’m coming??”

Saint Adaobi Uju Tessy also replied Kay “I saw one in my brothers house in Enugu and I throw it outside…once they are around,..they don’t stay in family house…if I go their place, I dey fling every property I see there…and no one go ask me anything…they no well. I don’t leave property in a man house why will anyone leave in my brothers.. What if my mum comes there out of a sudden.” (Your mama never see panties before abi? Ana akonu)

She still went ahead to comment “Women funny.. I dey carry my property go after visit….I go wan clean and i will be seeing bra and pant flinging..the girl no go ask me sef, except she wan break up with my brother..I hate that thing..carry your property..a man that loves and marry you will”

Mba told her “You shaa haven’t tried that with a girl like me, not to crown it if he loves me. Sister i go permit your visit before e happen, if na family house then understandable, but  his personal house? Learn your boundary. Break up ke” (erm, you are exaggerating with that permission to come thingy shaa)


Ada resorted “Nah, she can’t keep her pant there…not a family house too…she can’t…my brothers don’t even date hideous girls..they have strict rules…no be babies..they will remove it themselves…our second born that will get married soon, his fiance never leave pin for his house na ordinary gf, I will fling it myself and lock gate…when I go to people house whether family or not, I take my property and respect myself…wetin the girl dey fight, person wey never marry you.. Most men hate such women sef, except the man is not principled…”


Mba fired back “If the man hates it, then understandable, i don’t leave my stuff in my Man’s house, we share most stuffs even the same cream, so i literally don’t really carry anything extra, i use his. But if the man no get problem with am, what’s your headache?

It shaa depends oooh, cos none of my man sis fit even try am with me, boo would send you out that night sef, you dey mad?


Different strokes shaa

Live and let live….simple

Sobrams asked Mba “Wait oh, Beulah as a gf, you would be the one to permit your bf’s sister visiting her own brother? A aaaaaaahhh”


Adaobi said “Well, my brothers don’t put gf ahead of me…I know my boundaries with wives…I don’t even get why a gf will be stressing herself over what stays in her man house..I can get a fiance….na me dey decide who enter that compound or not…most men disregard their sister and mothers cos of gf not my brothers…na those wey no dey use eye see girls..girls plenty sef, they even buy me things while coming.”(I think your brothers have had desperate girls as girlfriends all their lives, or the type that will pretend to stomach your excesses but will put you in your place once they marry them?)

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Mba replied Sobrams “You don’t know what you ain’t into, if she won display like adaobi nau, we go face am. What you see is what you know”

Adaobi told her “Mba, lol..if you happen to date my brother.. I will tell you your place..any other action will make you guys break up…they no dey use me only me they get”

Mba resorted “Nne, if your brother happened to date me, i will tell you your place, no be mouth. Breakup? Even parents can’t darln, depends on the level of love….. Try and see”

Adaobi fired back “They don’t even date such girls na one stupid girl wan do that thing…she is the one I throw her thing out….my brother got tired sef, even his fiance no dey leave pin for his house..and na fine girl..they will soon marry..I see that thing as stupid act”

Mba jejely tell am “Live and let live, that’s all I’m saying, face your family let others face theirs, you know your brothers, i know my man.



Ps, no one should mention me again…. I’m done” (well said girl!??)


And Adaobi just carry the matter enter henteen fas fas, she told Mba “Lol, you can’t even date any of my brothers…you are not their type sef..they hate girls that are stuck up.”

Mba fired back “Your brothers from a to z can’t date me, they ain’t my type, they definitely can’t get my number, the door is open you can send them to try?”

Adaobi replied “They will break by themselves..your bf dey try o..even as a girl I hate stuck up guys.”

Mba fired back “You don’t know my bf, none of his sis is like you, pretty girls to the fuck, but they respect themselves….. Not running upandan looking for who to breakup with their bro, not controlling, they face their life and they are busy and fucking dope….we all are close, you don’t want me to mention one, you no near anyone of them half. So carry your busy body and remain with your brothers, na there e end, you no fit cross una gate bab, i tell you?” (chayee?)


Adaobi told Sobrams “Sobrams Awah, na men wey no dey take eye see woman or suffer see brothers that if they park for Awka, ten girls go rush car.” (Na women stupid women naa, oburugodi na fa bu gold okwem na edi. Mtschew?)

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When Sobrams asked her “Hahahahah.  But you self, how you go come throw her things out? ????” , she replied “Why won’t I? Na her house…I respect myself bf and gf now…when I was still with my ex …upon say he get money…I don’t leave things to mark territory…that does not mean I no love am..I don’t get..I don’t do that.” (Onye ka aga aju o?) and she told Mba “we don talk finish Nne”


Mba wasn’t having any of it anymore, she put her in her place “You don’t do that, others do and their men ain’t complaining, then who are you? You pipo can’t just let people live their lives the way they deem fit except it’s in same box with yours. You don’t need to get, their life, their headache…. I  don’t leave my stuff, you leave, your wahala….. This thing of live and let live you people don’t get it? To think oga sobrams made a post the other day that he now understands leaving people to live….smh


Like i said shaa, na for your house your rule end. Two adults in relationship are mature enough to know what they want….the guy on this post I’m certain he didn’t complain to Chisom, so how’s it your headache? I don’t get.


I head to my bro’s house, i see his girl’s stuff, i respect myself and mind my business. Na only busy body wey dey frustrated dey enter dey troway wetin no concern am, who born you to try am for my man house? Are you that jobless?


Ps, I’m an only girl, so no talk about that “them no dey carry me play” cos me, they can kill you cos of me, i mean am.


It’s called knowing your bound and respecting it.


Daalu nu?

Ka chi buo?” (Mba baby??)


And Adaobi replied “I didn’t even read this …I am done with you NNE..I just realise I was wasting my time since..I don’t do Facebook barter..have a nice one. Desperate women leave things in their bf house …desperate sick women..i don’t get why a reasonable person will leave her property to mark space…


It explains who you are and I am so guttered to say the least…this type of girls no dey near my side…na Facebook nah..mouth bullet..may God protect my brothers from hideous girls, they can kill” (nawa o, nawa?)


Hmmm! I don’t think I want to be with a man that has this Adaobi as a sister though. Her own too much o but that’s me shaa. Ayam going?



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  1. Victoria Nwogu

    Bottom line: Many Nigerians are a few pennies short of a good upbringing. No respect for boundaries, privacy and such. No self respect or respect for dignity of others. Hypocritical to boot.

  2. ChidiO

    People can’t just mind their business mtcheww

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