Sherikoko And the Boyfriends of Tomorrow

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Bobo jam baby for supermarket, nah so dia own super story begin… small small, like turn to love, friend turn to honey, e nor teh dem gree to jam again for house make dem fit to play night soundtrack take pepper dia neighbours but dat na only de season 1.

As season 2 start, baby dey complain say bobo nor too dey shake body again like before, dem go close door for night, bobo body nor go dey sweet am like before. Oya! If you done tell ya friend dis kind super story before, draw chair come near make i gist you sontin… you done ready? Okay nah, lesgodia!

Sherikoko! Shebi dat day for dat supermarket, nor be you wear miniskirt? You paint ya lips red like atarodo, dey smile like say you just get bank alert, even ya skin dey shine like who mosquito dey strike for hin house. As your honey see you dat day; body nor sweet am? Dat day wen una first sabi una sef wella for Mr. Biggs, Shebi nor be you dey laff for all hin yeye joke, dey plait hin bie-bie, carry catwalking enter toilet go rub foundation for nose; as you come siddon back, him body nor dey hot like wia mama basira light firewound?

So na wetin you come dey complain about nah? Dis days your honey go carry konji reach ya house you go wear de same parachute of since last week siddon for parlour dey watch BigBroda… if nor be say you go work, you for kukuma nor worry yasef to baff for morning. Agidi-jollof wen you chop for afternoon still dey ya teeth, bedsheet wen una sweat ontop yesterday you nor change, you make hin ojolo-jolo saulte you abi? Ya mama norbtell you say before mouth, say na eye dey first chop?

Nah so bobo go carry para come begin go house, agro go hol am reach tomorrow but no wahala… wen e go say make e try him luck again, house still dey as e liffam for sake of say as you dey complain give ya  frenz, na dia sleep carry you go reach tomorrow. You don chop okpa reserve small for ya teeth again, as you don rush do akamu for morning with bread, ya sink don full dey throw way, as you sweat finish for work, you just tear ya jeans comot enta the same parachute come dey wait bobo with afrocinema… if nah you nkor? Body go sweet you?

Make we say na bobo house you go, but as una love wantinti don dey pass two weeks, you don stop to wear high heels and tight skirt… afterall, dis ya honey house take style far, it is well! You wan dress like Aunty Ajobi, come pass him neighbours domot still dey expect say bobo go follow you disturb dem with una soundtrack for night? You don peep as dat neighbour baby take dress as e first you come dat evening? Abi you just wan ya honey hand? If you like; cook beta egusi for am, wash hin boxers, mop the whole house, nah you sabi! Bad as e be, if hin neighbour ask bobo go talk say na Iyaa, iyamide come clean house. “My babe? Nooooo! It’s just my cleaning lady” “ she should have gone since nah, but i sha asked her to hang around incase light comes so she can iron the clothes for me” finish!

You suppose done sabi say beta guys nor dey like carry last nah! If you truly mean am say you wan make ya honey dey fall fer you de way you want am, you nor go allow over sabiness dey make you dey lazy. Bobos dis days dey first carry eye taste women before dia ojolo-jolo go gree put mind. If ya bobo suddenly begin cool down, you suppose to increase heat if you really really want am.

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