Short People and Brief People

Asiri lovers, how una dey? Una know say it haf tey weh i knack una Nkechi Bianze’s controversial posts. Oya come closer, I be wan tell una to buy something but this time around na sit belt una go wear incase the bazooka weh una go jam for this tori knock una out.

I never knew Short people were this hated, as in capital letter DETESTED ni

Nkbaby made a post few days back about short people and her friends/fans turned it into something else, some of them even decided to disgrace their ancestors small.??

She wrote “I  quiver a little whenever I see two short people dating, married or in any other type of relationship that has the possibility of procreation.

Yesterday at work, this couple came into my work place to make an order, and I couldn’t help noticing their heights. To make matters worse, she was heavily pregnant, and I couldn’t help thinking “poor child didn’t ask to be born so *vertically challenged*”. ?

Nothing against short guys but the ONLY physical attribute I consider in a potential boyfriend/husband is height, because considering I’m quite “down-to-earth”, I need to help my unborn children’s ministry in life.

I think it’s a crime against humanity for two short people to procreate.

Some people argue that height has more to do with childhood diet than hereditary, but I find it very difficult to believe that. No matter how much beans and egg a child eats, if the first and second generations of parents are all short, your chances of growing about average in height will be slim.


Just in case you think I’ve just said nonsense and you want to argue with me, *”this is just my opinion”*…. I guess I’m now covered from being challenged about whatever shit I’ve written here and henceforth. And God knows this last paragraph isn’t a sub.”

Mavis Ishanqueen Michelini commented “I can’t for the love of life have children with an ugly/short man.

This world is too cruel.”

Amaka Nicholas commented “But u said d truth na! There’s a radio presenter here in the FCT that is still very angry with her parents for marrying each other when both of them are very short, she came out even smaller than her parents. She often makes reference to why parents shouldn’t stick to their kind when it gets to marriage”

Ilavbarhe Bushra said “Lmao,.me I just pity them especially d female folks, cos of d way de struggle with heels like their lives depends on it..thank God am average”

Yemi Rock commented “God knows I can’t be with a short guy. I’m 5’2 so I don’t even have a choice. If I am not ‘looking up’ to my partner, don’t bother coming my way. Also I don’t do fair guys (obviously!!!). I’m not interested in knowing what a yellow John Thomas looks like???. Chocolate all the way…”

Blessing Mary Ochiedo commented “I’ve never been attracted to short men. I’m already short enough for both of us mbok??”

Utibeimabasi Andikan judged them short people, she said “Short men are so aggressive. ???” this got her this reply from Osita Nicholas Tiko “Utibeimabasi Andikan Stereotyping short men. Do you have any empirical evidence to back up this claim?  Pls stop generalising”

Uchenna Ngene commented “This is me baring my mind through Nkechi. As short as I am, wetin I wan do with another dwarf? God forbid 😀 :D”

Oluwafemi Az Oladipo disgraced his ancestors with his comment, he said “That’s a great idea, help human evolution, let short people die off so we have a world full of only 6ft people, 100years later, anyone shorter than 7ft should not be allowed to marry, they die off too, rinse & repeat. Just my opinion! Okay bye. ???”

Jacqueline Ifeyinwa Ibeh finished them kpata kpata “To short men: NOTHING PERSONAL but I can’t date you guys! My two kids 15 and 12 are already taller than me and you so I  should coman marry a short man? What will I tell them????

Short men don’t exist in my bloodline. My mother is the only short woman married into my father’s family, so you see I’m not going to be the back sheep ooh!

In fact when I see a short man, I SMH! ?but a short woman is manageable cos most have asserts? that I also admire.

But the worst are short devilled arrogant people, pls what do they want to achieve in this life with their wickedness fa???????”

Kosi Ugo commented “In case you are looking for a tall guy to help your ministry, then look no more, I’m here for you!

6ft6, weighs a 110kg of pure muscles. Kindly apply via inbox.

Note: must reside in Anambra and not more that 25 years and I forgot to add, you must be from 5ft11 upwards too!

I can’t date someone short ?”

Oluwawendu Reuben replied him “which kind winch be this one, na selfishness dey worry you???” and he replied “Reuben I can’t deal. ? ?”

Oluwawendu resorted “You better start dealing.

I’m 5ft 3… I can’t go below or slightly above.”

Kosi replied her “Reuben 5ft3? Oh lawd!

Can you even walk by my side?!”

And Oluwawendu told him “Capita WAKA???”

And Kosi became twisters association member and carry feminism h-enter the matter, he told Oluwa “Hahahahaha, your profile says you are a feminist. 5ft3 plus being a feminist, I heard such ladies sleep by their partners bed with a knife under their pillows.  Reuben”

Oluwa wasn’t finding it funny anymore and she put the guy man in his place “I don’t understand.

What have been a feminist got to do with sleeping with a knife? Papi dear, I’m not interested in you. I’m simply humouring your comment.

You might have the hight but you don’t have the face.

So please keep your feminist bashing to yourself.

You are welcome”

Kosi wasn’t having it either, he resorted “Smh.

I was also not interested in you, I clearly stated that from the first comment.


Anyone who follows my post would tell you I clearly voice out my support for gender equality.


I’m sorry if you are to extreme to understand a joke and that’s not my problem.  Do have a nice day Reuben”


Daisy Ify narrated how she left a guy because of his shortness, she wrote “I am a tall girl. Almost 6 feet.


I did not date short guys. I couldn’t!


One that was average height that I dated small suddenly started complaining about my high heels!




I called it off sharply!


As tall as I am, I love to rock high heels. I love to sashay into the room and have heads turn around to look at me!


So when I decided to marrry, my apologies to all but short guys were not considered Biko. I quietly went with someone taller than me….someone I can look up to (pun intended).


My kids as young as they are are already giants in their class!


I have nothing against short men. I just don’t want to give up my high heels or be looking down.”


In fact 99% of those that commented on that post were chanting short men this short people that(even those weh their brothers/bobo short like engine for real life follow dey finish brief people, ok o?) only a few persons disagreed with Nkechi


Me ayam here wondering who go come marry dem brief people? Nawa o


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