Simi Thief Thief

A show down is about to happen, and this one don pass Zuckerville’s area o. Aunty with h-experience aka Money making beebi (in my omata man’s voice??) Linda nwa Ikeji don go find Nkechi Ika Bianze’s wahala (unknowingly though but na copy copy dey cause am) and if care isn’t taken, kasala fit burst cause Nkechi don talk say she go sue am??


Make I chill fes, rewind back to the tori weh cause this wahala so


Last week, Nkechi made a very applaudable post (I loved it to pieces??)


“My Dad always sounds it in my ears “Nkechi, you must be tough. Being girlish and being ladylike is not an excuse for weakness”. This he still says to my sisters and I till this very day.


All the children were raised to do the “masculine” as well as the “feminine” tasks.


My sisters and I started winding a 15KVA generator as soon as we got one. I learnt how to wash a car (internal and external) before the age of 16.

I started learning driving immediately after secondary school. My Dad told me that before he allows me drive out independently, that I must learn to change car tyres.

I remember I was forming ajebuter and my Dad said to me “If you are driving on a lonely highway and you need to change your tyre, what would you do? You will have to get down and change it…. that’s the common sense thing to do. It’s a survival skill for drivers. Car tyres are not changed with a penis, so you don’t need to worry about not having one”.


My brother?

He started washing the dishes as soon as he could reach the sink and handle the dishes. He started cooking simple meals before the age of 10. He started washing his socks and underwears before the age of 7. He started handling his laundry before the age of 11, when he had to go to boarding school.

In my house, the rule was (still is) that anyone who eats must be able to get involved in the kitchen, when required.


My father tells me I can be president, not first lady. There is nothing wrong with being a first lady, but there’s also nothing wrong with being the husband of the president. Thus, if you tell your son that he can be president, you should also tell your daughter that she can be president.


The hidden but significant psychology behind this is that telling your daughter that she can be president pushes her to be great, while telling her that she can be a firstlady pushes her to aspire to marry a great man, and probably reduces the needed inspiration to aspire to exercise her maximum potentials.

We need to stop teaching our girls to believe that the best they can be is to exist under the success of a man, their husbands.


It is disfavor to humanity to raise your son with the impression that he is better than other females just because he owns a penis. Raise your daughters to understand that they are not inferior to males.


Teach your sons to be as domesticated as your daughters, and push your daughters to attain financial independence as much as you push your sons.

This way, we will raise a less entitled and more responsible generation, equipped with all vital survival skills, and with less handicaps.


Charity begins at home, not in the offices or work places.




Go tell it to the world, over the hills and everywhere.


Written by Nkechi Bianze”


Post gathered over 2k likes, 600 shares and 300+ comments, it equally gathered plagiarists in quantum. People weh go thief without acknowledging her, those weh go tief and attach copied like say if they attach her name dey go quench and the badoski of all be the the thief weh tief and replaced Nkechi’s name with Simi???(I know say e no dey funny but….chipu ochi biko??)


Na that Simi own weh break the Camel’s back, the thing begin dey waka group by group. In fact e trek reach WhatsApp sef, people were sharing it with ‘Simi’ written in place of Nkechi. She don scream scream tire cause water e haf pass garri??


All was forgotten for some days now until Aunty Linda go lift post as usual and this time, e lift Simi’s version. Nk baby wasn’t having it so she took to her wall to vent her anger. She wrote “Linda Ikeji has published my story in Simi’s name. How can I contact her?


I need her to take the post down IMMEDIATELY and copy from my Facebook page, if she must.


The ONLY reason I’ve sued no one so far for plagiarism is because those who plagiarized me are poor. In the case of Linda Ikeji, filling a law suit will be very worth it.


Whoever knows her should take this message to her.”


Some people are busy defending her on the post while those weh want her head are dissecting her like oke Oyibo undergoing laboratory drug trials??


For defenders association, Amara Chukwudum Anichie wrote “Unfortunately, you can’t maintain an action for theft of intellectual property against Linda. She didn’t pass of the work as her ‘s, she referenced her tweeter source.

It is Simi and her likes that should be the fall guys, but like you said, they are broke.

It hurts really. I remember the day I chanced upon a crook who was reproducing whole chapters of my father’s book on Facebook without referencing or acknowledging him. The crook was even basking in the accolades. Would have strangled him if I could lay my hands on him. I threatened him that I would track him down and deal with him legally. I knew he won’t have much to his name, so I wanted him prosected. He apologized publicly and pulled down the post.

Contact Linda, have her attribute the post to you.”


Meg Chinelo Egbunonu commented “Now… this is downright irritating.


Your claim is against Simi. But you should send LIB a message to take it down, with proof it was plagiarised.”


Yemi Odunaike said “The Simi is the one to sue since Linda gave her the credit I think.”


Favored Chinwe commented “She just shared what someone posted on twitter and she acknowledged her source. Go after the person who stole your post not Linda.”


Jennifer Monye commented “She wouldn’t know the post is originally yours because she has published in Simi’s name. The fault is Simi’s. Linda does not know that Simi stole the post from another person and if you approach her she will be sorry cos she knows the gravity of plagiarism.” And Chimezie Joseph Uchechukwu quickly rushed and called Linda a shameless lazy thing(Eeh? Yudontmeaniti??)


Nkechi wasn’t having any of the discouraging comments and she lashed out at them “Please you people should take your pessimism to the marine. This is same pessimism that makes all criminals get away with nonsense in Nigeria because you think suing them would be a waste.


Let Linda Ikeji not take my post down, and I will tell you how to sue for plagiarism.


What she did is like a person who bought a stolen good.”


For ‘we want Linda’s head’ Asso, Iyosojie Sophia Iyiewuare commented “I’m very irritated by that linda ikeji lady. To think that an adult like that will not verify her sources before putting up information on her blog goes to show how shallow she is.

She is known for this stupid act and had been previously accused for plagiarism as well.

Well I think you can contact her Nkechi Ika Bianze and ask her to take it down. Again she is a very adamant person and likes to prove she is right…so you might be in for a fight…but i trust you and I know you can hold your own.”


Ebiega Michael Idoko commented “This issue has reach a stage where one have to do the needful.  Linda is making cash from that post so,  what is her reason for not verifying same? Ignorant fellow can be overlooked,  but,  certainly not a big name like Linda.”


Amarachi Oforjamah said “Aishatu Ella John

Nora Oma Patrick

Nkiru Hottsauce Nnaji

Yet another Linda ikeji showdown boiling up. Unrepentant Plagiarist”


And Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan sent Linli to the cleaners, she said “Linda is just disgracing herself.. so she does not verify the source of anything before she posts it. So even generalised Whatsapp posts are linda Ikeji blog worthy.


That’s what happens when you are not a writer or a creative person and you have a blog. You become desperate for material..Anything goes……. Including a recycled WhatsApp post. That’s disgraceful.”



Someone tagged one of Linda’s boys Anusiobi Franklin to the post to comean see what his h-anty dey do and he said “Hmmmmm, the post will be taken down… Igwebuike Pascal E thanks for tagging me … But the post your talking about were can I get the URL link so I can verify things from her naw”


If h-only she will lepent from copy copy or verifying before tief tief, this h-angry facebook shildren no go dey bring mouth reach her side naa




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