Single Motherhood

What won’t I see on this Facebook? People posting crazy stuffs just to trend without direction, I don even taya to dey call them Oponu General (if you sabi any other name weh befit them, mbok teh me o)


Floxy Alaneme, Chairperson Oponu General Association decided she will spew hate today and of course ndi Otimkpu world wide Facebook version, decided to cheer her own.


She wrote “Motherhood is not about having sex , getting pregnant and bringing fourth a baby after nine months

Motherhood is about loving someone and putting him/her ahead of all choices..

Single parenthood is an anomaly.

No child was conceived by a single parent

Every child has a mother and a father

Every child deserves to have a home with the a mother and a father

Let’s say



Let’s encourage every parent to be responsible and  do the right thing for the sake of THE CHILD


Otimkpu WW members took it up and started encouraging this pure hatred

No 1 member aka first commenter Oguntimehin Olawale Ibitayo commented “PROFOUND!”

No 2 member Kelvin Botchman gave her a thumbs up

No 3 memeber Chris O. Nwaorah commented with a love smiley

No 4 member Sam Nwosu praised her “FloxyAlaneme, I am very impressed with your thought process, most of the credit I give to your parents especially your mother, they raised a fantastic human, I appreciate your  husband too, I believe your children are being raised to become  good citizens who will be beneficial to society. Your advice is a timely intervention because I have noticed the society gradually being infested with the new and abominable fad of single parenthood,  especially now that our  young entertainers are making it look like the in-thing. The biggest problem confronting the African American society in the US is the scourge of “baby father” where men and women has accepted the  exception as the norm, we must discourage it in our society.”

No 5 member Nnaemeka Ephraim commented “I concur with you hook line and sinker” and his fellow otimkpu Karlxon Obasiuba concurred with him “Seconded, our african parents have to draw from the well of wisdom; knowing fully well that we owe our african society the african norms and values which SINGLE PARENTHOOD can not satisfy. Its not in our character raising children as a single parent, but it is done by only those who have lost their value system, but deepest in their heart when fully grown as grandma/pa they always advice thier Children not to follow their part in life, having realized their flaws while trying to satisfy their desire as young people.”

Otimkpu Victor Ezeh Obimba said “Good observation thoughtfully analyzed.”

Another one leg Otimkpu(this one dey confused?) Ugo Igwilo commended her and asked her a question “Wonderful, as usual. I marvel at thy wits. However, permit me to ask: what of ladies that opted to be a single mother – that is, they voluntarily met a man, told him they didn’t want marriage, but a kid. So the man would impregnate them, they pay him off and live happily with the kid. What would you say about such ladies?” (Una see why I said the h-unkle is confused eeh?)

To this Oponu Chairlady madam poster replied “What happiness will ever exist for a child who never met his father ?” And Another Otimpku Victor Ezeh Obimba also replied “Ugo Igwillo, those category of people are the ones this post is talking about.

#SayNoToSingleParenthood. The happiness won’t be completely felt. And, not just happiness, the child/children would be lacking many goodly virtues that should be inculcated into them by the father if he was to be around.”


Elezi Ugochukwu Hilary commented one silly thing “Floxy,they’re reporting themselves but no excuse is adequate enough to justify the pains of an abandoned child.” And Churchill Umoren replied him well “Hillary u sound like a guy with a bad high school diploma. ? make God help u”

Xian Chi for.. (which group again sef? Mbok classify him yourself?) commented “I think that widows, widowers, those whose spouses ran away, ran mad in the head or with their genitals should be excused. Such single parents should not be discounted. Nevertheless, a peaceful home with both parents is better.” And Floxy Oponu replied him with “Widows are not single parents !

In every widow’s home , there is always the late husband’s presence …his pictures , clothes , handworks , his legacy and structures are evidence of his presence unlike a single parent’s home..there is always nothing to remind the kids that the other parent exist”

Hephzibah Onyida gave her a serious clapback, she schooled her properly. She replied her comment with dictionary meaning of single mother “A widow is a single parent…. #saynotowidowhood

That’s how insensitive the hashtag is…”

(Gbam! mbok! Tell her o??)

Kamen Chuks came with a long senseless comment, he wrote “Some facts are sacrosanct and cannot be distorted no matter how much one tries to .

That the society today should be encouraged to imbibe true family values of old and not see events that lead up to divorces and broken homes as the “happening thing” is to say the least of utmost importance.

Even single parents do not wish their offsprings same experience so I really don’t see why the poster should be crucified.

No one is blaming anyone for being a single parent because we all know that the stories and circumstances differ and some were not the direct faults of the affected persons

But the fact remains that were it can be avoided, it should be avoided ……….a perfect home comprising a dad ,mum and the kids is every child’s dream and no matter how you try to twist facts, that child you are bringing up alone is actually missing something and will always envy that classmate or friend that has it all

The question to ask here is ,how many of the single parents here grandstanding actually wishes that their kids end up same way they did?”

(#Yawnsloudly… next!??)

Only a few with voice of reasoning came out and called her bluff;

Helen Umunakwe Ricketts observed “Something is wrong with this post and coming from another woman it is disheartening, our plights and journeys in life are different, and if you understood this, you would have put this in a better perspective

You can’t force someone to father or mother a child, of it not inherent in them, l must say am disappointed at your mind set with this subject”

Eghe Amem Osarumwense asked her “So if something happens to your marriage today either naturally or by any other means, and you become a single parent… What should happen or be done to you?

Please we need to think and see through our words before we speak.

So you prefer those girls who were raped or got pregnant by means of illicit sex to abort the pregnancy because being a single parent is now a sin or big crime?

And you all applauding this post here, how many of you can boost of not taking preventive drugs to avoid a pregnancy or even went as far as to remove that blessed child because of the fear of being a single parent.

This is not what we should tackle. This is like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

We need to be real in our thinking, speech and actions.


What will people say syndrome is killing our society. Nonsense.”

Olayinka Oladoke commented “As much as I am on d same page with everyone here, it is necessary to put this in, some single parents, either male or female never dreamt of being one, until life experiences pushed them in it…any woman, lucky enough to marry a man, who knows d importance of a happy home, will always think she is much perfect, only a victim of abused marital status can tell a full story.  In cases like that, God Himself paves way to support their plights.  Every reasonable n responsible women n men want happiness in their homes, but at times, necessity compels beyond capabilities.”

Kimberly Ada Biafra also lent her voice “Are you condemning single parenthood? Do you know their circumstances that puts them in that situation?  What of if the man was sexually abusing one of the kids, and the court granted parental rights to the mother. How do you reconciled this with your post. We have many great single parent out there doing a great job of raising their kids than two parent home where the couple fought each day.”

And Chinyere Anokwuru said this to her “My dear, pray not to be a victim. We have seen cases of marriages where people started out as a happy couple but along the line got separated either by death,  issues of DV,  or plain abandonment.

Are these the people you are saying “No” to?”

Obia Nuju also commented “Very insensitive post! Varying circumstances make people become single parents. Even if a woman decides to get a donor sperm she could have done so because she is getting old and never got a man to marry her. You are lucky you have a husband and pray nothing happens you him. Single parenting can be caused by rape, divorce, widowhood, choice, nature etc so madam open your mind. There is hardly no one without a single parent because of circumstance. Pray you dont find yourself as one.”

Single mothers una don see am naa, we go soon become endangered species this one them dey say no to us like this??

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  1. George Cayman

    Asiri, I must say, you’re incredibly biased. This is no way to report an event, factual or fiction. We all understand your need to gossip incessantly, but please, do it with all fairness.

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